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thread: VBAC / EBAC Discussion

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    Aug 2004
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    Shannon - just realised that I haven`t updated my info with you, could you take off TTC #2 and add pregnant with #2 Ta

    Good luck Snowy with your VBAC, I`m also hoping for a VBAC there will be just under 15 months between my two, it hasn`t been discussed with my OB as yet as I`ve had a very worrying time with bleeding and miscarrying one of my twins so it`s already a high risk/fragile pregnancy before we even start looking at the birthing side of things but I`m still hoping if all goes ok with this pregnancy that I`ll have a VBAC. Keep us updated 8-)

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    kirsty Guest

    Hi guys I asked a little while ago to be added but may just have been overlooked at the time.

    Here's my details again, thanx.

    Forum Name: Kirsty
    Pregnant with: pregnancy #3, hoping to have baby number #2 out of this pregnancy.
    How many previous caesars: 1
    How many previous EBAC's:
    Obstetrician/ Midwife: hoping Dr Chris Beaton ~ but not 100% confirmed yet
    Hospital/ home: (where/ which hospital) at this stage we are planning on South West Health Care in Warrnambool
    Birth plans to help with an EBAC: uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm none yet

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    Hi girls, welcome, and good luck for your future births
    Snowgirl, do as you Dr says, and chill!! You are lucky, I think we are a bit backwards here in Oz, as its actually a myth about uterine rupture, more common if youve never had a bubs before, and are chemically [email protected]!!

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    Sanna67 Guest


    Would love to join this post, please add my details as follows:

    Forum Name: Sanna67
    Pregnant with: Baby # 4
    Prev Caesars: 1
    Prev EBAC's:
    OB: Dr Michael Koutsoukis
    Hospital: St John of God Geelong
    Births Plans: Working on one at moment
    Notes: First 2 deliveries normal vaginal - slow progression 22hrs & 17 hrs
    3rd - Emergency caeser, meconium in waters +++++, fetal distress.

    Thanks and look forward to gathering lots of info to help with my birth plan.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi could I be added please........

    forum name:kirsty77
    pregnant with:currently ttc#2
    prev c/s:1
    Prev ebac's:
    Birth plans:Thinking about it again.Am going to stick to my guns next time round!
    Notes:was induced as I was 7 days overdue.1 lot of gel and 23 hours of labour.Couldn't get past 9cm dilation due to they say small pelvis and Gemma's head bouncing around on my cervix, I say I was to stressed resulting in emergency c/s.


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    Feb 2005
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    Ladies I cannot stress this enough, to have any real hope of a vbac you need to research, find out the facts ( google it ) and go armed to your OB with the FACTS not the myths, and supposes. OFP also helps as well as a VERY supportive team ( not just DH's as they get scared KWIM)

    Good luck for all your empowered births, oh and congrats akeesha for succeeding, fingers crossed for all the expectant mums!!!

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    And don't forget that even if you attempt a VBAC you are still empowered and still successful! I think there is nothing worse than women coming out the other end of a VBAC that may have ended in C/S feeling as though they are some how more of a failure because it didn't happen the way they intended. I know for me I'd feel pretty awful if I felt that others would judge me on that... and I'm sure thats not going to be the case. I will be giving it my all, but regardless of the outcome it WILL be an empowered birth


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    Feb 2004

    Hi all!

    We're going to be TTC again in April so I thought I might pop on over here. Alot of you might already know but I won't be attempting a VBAC this time around. However, after reading Cailin's description what I am going for is an EBAC.

    Ebac is Empowered birth after Caesarean. It means basically whatever birth you have after caesarean, whether you try for a vbac and have a vaginal, try for a vbac and have an emerg c/s, choose another c/s. So long as you are empowered by your decision.
    I never imagined I would end up having a caesarean in my wildest dreams, but well that's what happened. It took me while to get over the fact that I hadn't actually failed, that things just happened the way they did & there was nothing else I could have done.

    The thing that really hurts even now is that I have no idea what happened in the first hour or so of my baby's life. I have no idea what needles he had, if he cried, who dressed him, who held him, if he slept at all and it really upsets me that I missed out on it. Yes Aaron was there the whole time, I made sure of that, but it's just not the same.

    So. This time will be different (and this is the empowered part coming in) as it will be on MY terms, not someone elses. Here are some of the things that I really want -
    * the baby is to stay with me in recovery
    * I want to be there for all needles / examinations etc
    * to be able to breastfeed ASAP
    * no drips if at all possible (I have a phobia of them)
    * if I need a drip, I want it removed ASAP (I had it in for 3 days last time)
    * I will NOT be forced out of bed at midnight after having no sleep for 2 days just because someone says I should brush my hair & get changed
    * I won't be pushed into taking pain meds when I'm not in pain, just because *they* think I need them

    I won't be going to the same hospital as last time. The actual c/s was fine, no problems there but my treatment afterwards was atrocious & I won't deal with that again. I suppose I'll have to find somewhere that will accept what I want and I'm not sure how hard that will be. But I am not budging on the first three things. I will not miss the first hours of any more babies.

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    Sarah - I so know what you mean by feeling like you`ve failure, it has taken me a very long time to realise that I haven`t myself and at times I still think perhaps I should have just told my OB I`ll try VB and go from there, the midwives at my birthing hospital didn`t help there either, they all seemed to look down at me for having a c/s, I was just doing what I was told was the right thing to be done by my OB.

    I`m also the same about missing out on Matthew`s first 3 hours of life, it`s just not fair and just in the last few weeks I got around to asking Mark if he actually gave Matthew his first bath, by the time I was back in the ward my poor Matthew was absolutely starving and beside himself not a good start for a newborn, off course Daddy was holding him but had no food on board.

    I have decided the same as you that if I do have to have a c/s I want Matthew and Mark with me in recovery so I can have skin to skin contact and breastfeed asap.

    Sounds like we`re talking about the same hospital as I do not want to go back to my Birthing Hospital either, like you my c/s was fine I guess because I had my own OB and his team but the care afterwards went downhill until I was transferred over to my postnatal hospital, at one stage I rang the buzzer numerous times for the nurse to come as Matthew was crying and I wasn`t able to get him in the end she never turned up so I pulled Matthew`s crib over to the bed and somehow managed to lift Matthew out, I remember it being quite painfull but what else could I do they wouldn`t come and my baby needed me.

    It`s not until you`ve been through this that you realise you should have done things differently but our first baby is always going to be every woman`s learning curve and we`ve learnt a lot through our c/s as to what we want done next time for our babies, after all we are their Mother`s and the medical staff will just have to listen to what WE want not what THEY want. Of course if baby needs medical assistance everything will be diifferent then.

    Good Luck Sarah I wish you all the best for TTC and your EBAC.

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    Sanna67 Guest

    Hi all

    Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

    I have my 33 week Ob appt tomorrow, so I am armed with questions! As we are new to Geelong and our experiences with the medical fraternity have been less than encouraging (not my Ob though) we are asking lots of questions and attempting to sort out our birth plan as best as possible.

    Ob is fantastic he is encouraging the VBAC, and seems to think that I should have not problems :-k due to the previous 2 VB. But, it is me who is more the contrary as I have slow, non productive labours eg waters break, cervix only dilated 2cm in 12 hours, and ouchies! DS (baby #3) when my waters broke the mec was terrifying, it was horrible and his heart beat dropped and they lost it for some time before deciding on the emergency c-section.

    So we are going to ask if we can include in the birth plan if there are copious amounts of mec and labour is progressing slow, can we just do the c-section, instead of having to have an emergency one when and if the baby finds it difficult? Just wondering if anyone else is having the same thoughts?

    Sorry must stop here, DS awake. Will continue later.

    See ya

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    Most "vbacers" I know do 2 birth plans, one for a vag delivery and one for a csec, so all bases covered IYKWIM.
    I cannot suggest strongly enough, research find out everything so you are armed with knowledge, and OFP should be mandatory teaching for birth!!!

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    kirsty Guest

    We had a fantastic appt with the OB on Tuesday & she actually raised the possibility of a TOS (Trial Of Scar) birth. She said that there was no need for us to make any decisions just yet as for us the actual birth is still miles away but just to be aware that we had a choice. She also said as we are going through the public clinic at a private practice (you see any one of the 3 OB's from the practice whoever is running clinic that day & any one of them may be called for the delivery ~ which doesn't worry us coz they are all fantastic) that any one of the 3 of them would support us in a TOS birth which I thought was fantastic. Especially as our first c-section was not for any particular medical reason except that bubs had stopped moving & as a 32weeker he had to come out now & couldn't risk going through a "dry" birth as I had no fluid left & hadn't had any for a day or so.

    She also laid out the guidelines that they follow when an attempt at a TOS birth occurs, she said they won't let you labour for longer than 4hrs with no progression you will then go on to have a c-section, you won't be induced & will be monitored very closely to lessen the risks associated with uterine rupture. She gave us all the facts about uterine rupture & said it was very rare but she was just making us aware about all our options.

    Was wonderful to hear & settled my mind immensely.

    So here is to us all having an empowered birth however we choose to have our bubs.

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    Kirsty, just a little thing to think about TOS is a very UNempowering term, and the better one is VBAC scars have no problem with everyday wear and tear, ( you wouldnt expect one on your leg to "open up" coz you went for a jog. Well the uterus is designed to contract. DONT LET THEM PUT TIME LIMITS ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to your ob, and say if monitored ( they all insist on this) and the babe is happy ( not in distress) there should be NO time limits, all bodies do there own thing, not as programmed!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I feel as woman we need to know what is true and correct and not let the medical profession B%$S$%^ to us, IYKWIM<

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    kirsty Guest

    Thanx for your input Vanita, I was a little suprised to hear her term it TOS as opposed to VBAC, but in all honesty with me what they call it doesn't mean much to me. The important thing to me is I have found not just one, but three OB's who will support the sort of birth that I would like to attempt this time around.

    But I will have loads of questions for them as time goes on about monitoring & a non-stressed baby.

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    Sorry if I came on a little strong, but us birthing mamas need to stand together, and boost each other against the misguided ob's whom think they know better than us, about OUR bodies, and I dont want you "labeled"

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    hi i was wondering if you can be induced second time round after a c-section, also what happens if your waters break and there is no sings of labour starting.

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    If you are trying for a vbac, induction is out, actually inductions cause more uterine rupture, without past csec, the only thing you can do is ARM.
    If you're membranes rupure, stay home, and walk, keep active ++++until contractions start, the longer you are in hospital the more anxious "they" and you get. most babies the contractions will start after the membranes rupture ( within a few hrs)

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    Vanita - Am I correct in saying that they can only do an ARM if your cervix is soft enough?

    I had problems with my cervix not being ready with my first pregnancy even though I was 6 days over so I`m wondering how long I have to wait this time round for my cervix to be soft and ready for bubs.

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