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Thread: VBAC Experiences?

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    Smile VBAC Experiences?


    Just wondered if there were any ladies out there who had attempted a VBAC and if they would like to discuss how it went?

    Many thanks
    E's Mummy

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    E's Mummy - Hi I had a VBAC in November 2006. It was so empowering, amazing. Have a read of my birth story, I'll find you a link


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    Default Two successful VBAC's

    Hi there,

    I am happy to say that I have had 2 wonderful VBAC deliveries. DS was born via c/s as he was posterior and presenting face first. After nearly 24 hours of labour he was going into destress and so obviously the best choice was a c/s. That said, the whole experience left me feeling like I was a failure and like I had let him down somehow.

    When I found out we were expecting baby 2, I thought that I would be needing a c/s as "once a c/s always a c/s". At about 26 weeks I was booking in to the hospital when the midwife suggested that I should try for a normal delivery and though I was scared I was also very excited. I read as much as I could and only told the people I knew would support me about my plan for a VBAC.
    I went into labour 2 days before my EDD, and laboured at home for 2 1/2 hours before things hotted up and I felt that I would be more comfortable in the hospital. We arrived for what I thought would be a long labour, but an internal found be at 7cm. When only 2 hours later I felt the need to push I started to panic as this is where things went wrong the last time. This is where support people are invaluable, as they helped me get past the fear and only 40 minutes later I was holding my baby girl. It was such a healing experience and filled me with confidence. People kept saying "you did so well" and I would answer "yes I did" as I felt like I had conquered the world.

    11 months later we were expecting again and I could not wait to experience labour again (I know it sounds silly). This time I knew what I wanted and I knew my body could do it. Two weeks ago we had our second baby girl. My labour was slow to start (I had mild pre-labour all day), but once it got established it was 3 hours and she was born. As far as labours go this would be one of the easier ones as I was still waiting for it to get worse when it was over. I am sure that along with my body knowing what to do, my confidence and lack of fear had a lot to do with the ease with which she came into the world.

    I hope you find this helpful and inspiring. I want to encourage you (and other women) that your body was made to deliver babies - it can be done. Also the worse that can happen is needing another c/s and you have already been through it and survived, so it is definately worth a go.

    Good luck.

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    E's Mummy,
    Hi there,
    I have had 2 successful vbacs after my first breech baby was born by c section. My second pregnancy was induced by breaking my waters to see if labour would start as my amniotic fluid was on the low to normal level and I was told if I didn't deliver that night I would be up for another c section. After having my waters broken (I was luckily 2 cm at 39 weeks) and a cervical sweep( ouch) my contractions came on FAST!! I was hooked up to a monitor through my labour until the end but it was so quick it wasn't a bother. My daughter was born in 1 hr 45 minutes, with no intervention, drugs or a tear. The recovery was so much better.
    The second vbac I went into labour naturally, but with full labour straight away, it was a rush to get to hospital. By the time I got to a bed I had two nurses trying to prep me for a c section just in case, fiddling around with an IV they were going to put in my arm ( for antibiotics for strep b infection) when I screamed "it's coming" . sure enough the baby almost flew out, I didn't need to push. Again laboured for 1 hour 45 minutes with no intervention, drugs or tear.
    It can be done, and now I'm going for VBAC3.

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    Hi E's Mummy
    I am very happy to say I had my VBAC just 4 weeks ago today!! or 1 month ago tomorrow....on the 8th Feb.
    My 1st baby (jacob) was posterior and in distress so off for an emergancy ceaser we went.... I didnt have to many bad feelings about it... my cervix did... but thats another story!
    So when preg with #2 considered the C section very closly.... weighed it all up and thought "well either way there can be complications" Lets go for natures way

    So Thurs night 7th feb... pre labour ALL DAY from 3am!!!
    about 11 pm the real thing hits me like a punch in the face!!!
    Off to hospital at 11:45... get there...... Midwife tells me that baby is posterior and that she is going to call theatre to see how busy they are!!!!!!!....
    I started vomitting just from the sheer dissapointment and fear of ending up on that bloody table again! She said she would come back in 15 minutes to check dialation as contractions were all over the shop... 7 min apart... then 1 minute apart...
    I was sooo bummed out............
    She comes back to do a S & S....... She smiles afterwards and says we might get your VBAC after all!!! You are 6.5cm!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!
    So I jumped on the gas and sucked it down for approx 2 hours.... then they MADE me get off the gas .. my DH has to pry it out of my white knuckled hand! he he he.... as babies heart rate nad spiked and now all of a sudden I was putting her to sleep with my hogging of the gas.......
    Turned out she has turned YAY YAY.... and after she did that she relaxed and went to sleep!!
    So off the gas... .10cm and ready to go!!!!!
    Pushed and pushed for about 30 minutes and the midwife was up me saying "Your not giving me your all... you need to push harder... everytime you push your babies head is crowning and when you stop it goes back up... do you want to see it"
    "MY OATH" i said
    So she got me a mirror and put it "down there" and I did an almighty push to see her little head crown...... As soon as I saw that I went super animal like and screamed and grunted and a moan or 2 and had her out in 4 contractions!!!
    Had skin on skin with my baby... she suckled on the boob... then daddy cut the cord.
    They then stitched me up with 12 stitches with 2nd degree tears... and the WHOLE time I had this stupid ear to ear smile on my face!

    You know I didnt even feel the skin tear at the time... that part didnt hurt at all... even her coming out didnt hurt.... it was just AWESOME!!!

    Sorry to the big ramble but I hadnt got my story down in writting till now! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME!!
    Good luck with your VBAC if you are going for one!

    Luv and hugs

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    I've had 2 VBAC's now. Both of them at home.

    I will link you so you can read my stories.

    Abbey's Birth and Abbey's Montage

    Tehya's Birth and Tehya's Montage


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