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    Hello, just wanting some information on possible VBAC, does anyone know the success rate of VBAC? We are due with # 2, 3 weeks before our daughter is 2 years old. Would it be considered safe to try for a VBAC given the amount of time between births?
    What happens if I were to go past my EDD? Would I be induced or would they want to give another c-section? (I had to have 1st c-sec due to non progression of labour after being induced 12 days post EDD, and 40 hours of labour)

    I have noticed recently that I sometimes get pain at my incision site of c-section but internally, and am wondering if this is something to be concerned about if I am thinking of attempting a VBAC?

    Your comments will be appreciated.

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    I had 21 months between my c sect and my vbac, they generally recommend 12 months before falling pregnant but it's safe from about 3 months.

    If you go over or have gestational diabetes instead of being induced you would have to have another c sect.

    If you are worried about the strength of your scar an ultrasound can be done to test it. I had a bit of discomfort - burning and hot this time but not for my vbac, ds was lying on it from 34 weeks.

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    I would guess the pain even if felt internally is still to do with the stretching of the skin and is not about the scar on the uterus. Your uterus would have shifted from when it was cut until now. In fact, when they stitch it they have to actually remove it and put it back in, and it is very unlikely that they would have put it back in exactly in the same position, it could be off but a couple of inches either way and then it depends how this baby is presenting, how big baby is etc as to how the uterus has stretched this pregnancy. In other words, the scar on the skin is no indication of where the scar on the uterus will be. Often twinges felt down there are the uterus and tendons stretching in the opposite direction to the ligament (which unlike tendons and muscle tissue doesn't move or stretch the same - which also means it doesn't tear as easily) that most OBGYNs anchor the stitches to. However, if you are still concerned, you can get an ultrasound to check where the scar is and what shape it is in.

    Most hospitals wont (and really shouldn't) induce. Picton and other similar induction agents increase the risks of rupture by 6 fold. They most probably would push for a c-section if you went past 41 weeks (in line with most hospital's policy) but you do have the right to say "no", because EDD are just that - estimates. Also, VBAC success rates are different for each hospital and you will need to ring up each hospital in your area and find out their individual stats. If the general figures are anything to go by, you are more likely to achieve a VBAC in a public hospital than a private one, and more likely to achieve a VBAC in a midwife/shared-care led hospital (usually teaching hospitals) than one that favours OBGYNs. Your ability to achieve a VBAC and your risk of rupture will be relative to your own physiology and how quickly you heal etc.

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