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    Akeesha Guest

    VBAC questions

    Hi guys,

    (posted this on the vbac discussion forum too..but wanted to repost it here incase no one was looking at the other)

    I am having my second baby in the beginning of January and am hoping and praying its gonna be a successful vbac.
    My first birth was 5 years ago (next week) and I was induced due to being over by 11 days and after 6 hours they said..oh fetal distress and took me for a c/s. Meanwhile my daughter was born with no signs of distress. I am really upset still with the fact that I had to have a c/s thats why this time I am so determined to have the vbac.
    My ob seems pretty fine with me going for do his midwives...and when I had my hospital booking appt they told me that they commended me for trying naturally. I wasnt looked upon by anyone for it being risky or weird or something I cannot do.
    I am terrified this may change..and they decide not to support me in the end..or I get a rotten midwife.
    What are some of the things I can do to increase my chances of a successful vbac? I already changed doctors because my last doctor told me once a c/s always a c/s..and I wasnt buying it! I am also going to a different hospital. Werribee Mercy if anybody knows it? (melbourne) And from what I hear they are VBAC friendly.
    I will have a birth plan written with some specifications I need..and will also make sure everytime from now on that I go into see my ob..he knows just how serious I am about this.
    Also..I have been thinking lately about having a homebirth. I am pretty sure I have left my run a bit late. I guess the main reason I think it would be better is that my options for having vbac are wider if I birth at home. No hospital policy etc. I will probably opt for labouring as long as possible at home..before actually going in to the hospital.
    Also..if the nurses/doctors etc tell me I cannot have a certain request..or try to impose things on me..can I refuse? For instance..I dont mind being monitored..but refuse to be immobile so might go for regular monitoring.but not constant. If they try to make me have constant..can i tell them I dont want it? Those sorts of things.
    I am going to be using Peter Jacksons hypnobirthing techniques too. I havent done his class (cant cos its interstate) but a great friend copied her notes for me and some cd's and sent them over to me to help me. I assume this will only help the process rather than hinder right?
    I will probably have loads more questions over the coming few weeks..but might leave it at this for now.
    Thanks in advance


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    Akeesha Guest

    Just bumping...

    Can anybody please shed some light for me??


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    Melinda Guest

    Lisa, unfortunately I don't have any answers for you as I haven't been in the position of having a VBAC.

    I really hope that someone who has been in this position sees your post and can give you some advice!

    Good luck!

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    Have you thought about having a professional support person? Even if money is tight, students like myself (finish in November) do births gratis even if we've already had experience. Having a professional support person there will help you be as informed and enpowered as possible, so that you can hopefully get the birth you want - and your chances are great.

    No-one can force you to do something you don't want to do. What will they do, not treat you? It just wont happen. And if they try to do something you don't like, e.g. episiotomy and you don't want it, you can get them with assult. So don't dismiss your power and rights - you have all of that.

    A midwife could be a great option for you, they do book out quickly - I am part of some midwifery email lists, if you email me some details including where you are I can ask some midwives if they are available or can even talk to you about it all happening.

    Trust me, I have been able to manage spots in with people who were supposedly highly booked last minute - sometimes people can fit you in even if you're almost due depending on the circumstances.

    So email me if you'd like that, but otherwise, you have all the power. You can say no. Use BRAN - what are the benefits of doing this? what are the risks of doing this? are there any alternatives? and does it need to be done now? Good luck chick - you'll be perfectly fine - YOU CAN DO THIS! Also check out the birthrites website - its full of inspiring info for VBAC'ers.
    Kelly xx

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    Lisa, maybe check out Trish's birth story, here. She had a c/s for her son who was breech 3 years ago & then in March this year she had a home waterbirth. It'll give youa positive VBAC story to look at. Her computer is down at the moment, but when she's back I'm sure she can tell you all about her experiences.

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    Hi Lisa! I'm in the same boat and only a couple of months behind you. It sounds like our daughters were both born unders similar circumstances. I chose to go with a really good OB who has a fantastic rep for successful VBAC's. I am looking into hypnobirthing CD's for VBAC from birthrites, I also wanted to make sure that my ob would allow me to have the C/S birth I like (if I do happen to have to go down that path) and my ob is fantastic, he's even had photographers at C/S birth.
    I don't really know much about homebirths, but I agree with kelly about having a support person. And also doing as MUCH reading and research as humanly possible between now and then. Prepare your mind, and empower yourself through the decisions you make and your perspective and outlook on the birth of your baby.

    Goodluck! And I look forward to sharing this journey with you


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    Akeesha Guest

    Thanks guys

    I didnt mean to be rude bumping up the's just that I wondered if anybody could help.

    I will email you belly belly..thanks


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    Akeesha Guest

    Cailin..I didnt see your post til I had already replied. Sorry dear.
    Just wanted to say thanks to you too.
    I am doing stacks of reading and research..and at the moment feel pretty empowered..just trying to gather as much info as I can. I am hoping it lasts through the labour. Thats what I am nost worried about I think.
    Its great to see the things on these sites..such as what bellybelly mentioned before..about not having to do anything I dont want to do. Thats a big thing for I always worry about what I should or shouldnt do.
    I have been given (by a good friend) a huge pile of notes on calmbirthing/hypnobirthing and some cd's as well. I havent listened to the cd's yet...but have read the notes and am practicing with them most days. I think they will be very helpful.
    I have also recently found out the hospital I am going to be having the baby out is very vbac thats a good sign..and my ob has not once suggested..nor wants me to have c/s.
    Well I really hope that we both get the VBACs we want..and we will probably see more of each other through the site too.
    How far along are you Cailin?

    Thanks again

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    Akeesha Guest

    doh..Its on your ticker..dont mind me..I have a serious case of placenta brain..fused with the fact that I am new to the site..and the format ect lol

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    Akeesha - that's why I mentioned a Birth Attendant/Doula to you - they will be alert at all times for the goings on around you, to help you 'hold the space' of your own birth and wishes... obviously you will be busy focusing on the birth so it's hard to see everything going on around you. A professional support person can liase with the medical staff to re-inforce your birth plan, suggest more alternatives that might avoid unneccesary interventions and basically be on your team. Of course, medical staff will only take instructions from you, but having a professional support person there to keep on the ball for you and talk through your options with you is most worthwhile - even if it needs to end up as a caesar - they'll help you through.

    Many studies from around the world have proven the benefits of continuous care during labour, from another woman who is trained and experienced in childbirth. These benefits included:

    * The use of pain relief reduced by 31%
    * The use of oxytocin to stimulate labour reduced by 50%
    * Forceps reduced by 34%
    * Caesareans reduced by 45%

    I'm definitely going to have one for my next birth
    Kelly xx

    Creator of, doula, writer and mother of three amazing children
    Author of Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know
    In 2015 I went Around The World + Kids!
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