A Father’s 11 Promises To His Daughter – A Must Read For Dads and Dads-To-Be

A Father's 11 Promises To His Daughter - A Must Read For Dads and Dads-To-Be

A few years ago, Brene Brown (a long time researcher on shame, guilt and human connection) brought parenting manifestos into the international spotlight, after writing a parenting manifesto that made Oprah cry.

But parenting manifestos aren’t a new fad, and they’re not just written by mothers either.

Many years ago, Graham White decided to sit down and write a manifesto for his first born child, who is now a beautiful young woman.

What compelled him to write such a thing?

“Before my first daughter was born, I felt like I had failed – failed to create a life I wanted, failed to achieve my potential and failed to create security for my family. I was determined that I would do whatever it took be a success as a father. I knew that it took more than positive intention. So I began to read, study and think about the areas of life a father touches and is responsible for in the life of his children. I refused to fail at this part of life. It was this which was behind the promises I made,” Graham explains.

Forward to today, he’s a father in a blended family of seven amazing children, aged between 7 to 24.

Here are the 11 promises Graham made to his daughter in a touching manifesto.

A Father’s Promises

I promise to teach you the importance of doing the difficult things first.

I promise to support your talents and interests and help you discover the special gifts you have to offer this world.

I promise to encourage you to take risks and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities.

I promise to participate with you in a healthy lifestyle and live a life of social grace & emotional intelligence that you are inspired to model.

I promise to support you in discovering your purpose and sharing that unique value in a way you find personally and financially rewarding.

I promise to exemplify the way a man should treat a woman by the way I treat the women in my life.

I promise to remember that you have your own valid feelings and inner guidance.

I promise to set firm boundaries and hold you accountable for your actions, but give you enough room to learn to make your own wise choices.

I promise to be there when you suffer loss and celebrate with your success and to tell you the things that I am proud of you for.

I promise to attend your events, find activities we enjoy together and to spend time finding out what is important to *you*.

I will allow you the freedom to fail, I will forgive your mistakes and apologize when I’m wrong.

Simple promises like Graham’s significantly help to create a loving, connected relationship, sealed with trust and safety. What promises will you make to your daughter – or son?

*** Graham will be doing a Facebook Live session discussing how to raise great kids on BellyBelly’s Facebook page, today Wednesday the 25th of January at 1pm AEST. This converts to Tuesday the 24th of January at 6pm Pacific Time or 9pm Eastern Time. See you there – and bring your partner! ***

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