The Single Dad Teaching Other Dads How To Do Their Daughter’s Hair

The Single Dad Teaching Other Dads How To Do Their Daughter's Hair

Hair. It’s either one of the things you’re good at or one of the things that strikes terror into your heart late at night.

You’re either a whizz at knocking out an Elsa plait, a front braid and a fishtail plait. Or you just had to Google fishtail plait because you’d never heard of it before.

Obviously, you’ve got to this stage in your life just fine without worrying about hair. Maybe you have none, or perhaps you go for a more casual look, but that all changed when you got daughters.

All of a sudden, your daughter wants to have an impressive hairstyle each and every morning for school. Not only does that mean you need to get up even earlier so you can fiddle around with hair bands and clips, it also means you need to enrol in a class at hair school. Oh, if only such a thing existed!

Enter Philippe Morgese.

This awesome single dad didn’t want to let his daughter down, so he taught himself how to do hair. Not an easy feat, when some of us struggle to manage even a decent ponytail. Morgese wanted to learn how to do hair, and he didn’t stop once he’d managed a simple plait. Instead, this single dad took his hair skills to the next level.

Since becoming the soul guardian for his daughter, Emma, when she was just one year old, Morgese has mastered the art of hair. He can do fishtail plaits, he can do buns, he can do it all. And, remembering that feeling of helplessness and confusion he himself had when he first sat down to try and do his daughter’s hair, he decided to share his newfound knowledge with the world.

The Single Dad Teaching Other Dads How To Do Hair

The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory was born from Morgese’s awareness that other dads were just as clueless as him. Other fathers would often ask him for hair advice, wondering how he managed to do such elaborate styles in his daughter’s hair. Morgese realised he could make a real difference by getting a group of these guys and their daughters together and running a hair class.

Morgese organised a free class at a local beauty school. There was plenty of interest in the class, and the attendees learned how to brush, braid hair and even do buns. Goody bags were given away containing hair products, hair bands and clips.

For young girls who love having their hair done, being able to do hair provides their dads with yet another way to bond with their growing daughters. A fishtail plait can take a while, and that provides ample opportunity for quality time.

Morgese set up a Facebook page where he posts tutorials, new hairstyles and news about the project. Other dads can also share photos of their hair successes on the page, allowing for a real community spirit.

For those in Australia, a daddy & daughter hair workshop exists in Perth. Check it out here.

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