8 Must Do Daddy Daughter Dates

8 Must Do Daddy Daughter Dates

If you ever met a little girl that’s had a daddy daughter date, well you’ll never hear the end of it!

Why? Because little girls love a special date night with dad.

Every child enjoys one on one time with their parents, but there’s just something exciting for a little girl about a special date with dad.

Dad plays an important role in his child’s life. We know that close contact the day baby is born is beneficial for both dad and baby. We know they have a huge impact on their child’s development.

So it’s important for dad’s to be involved and find ways to really connect with their children.

8 Must Do Daddy Daughter Dates

A wonderful way for dads to connect with their daughters is to organise daddy daughter dates.

You don’t have to plan an extravagant night to connect with your child, but sometimes going all out can create long time memories and connections.

Here are 8 must do daddy daughter dates:

#1: A Fancy Dinner

Your five year old is years away from dating. But now is the time to show your daughter she’s worthy of being treated to a special night. You can start laying the groundwork for her to see how a woman should be treated by someone who cares about her.

And dating aside, because that’s far from the most important thing, everyone enjoys a night that’s all about them. If she likes to dress up, it’s a great night to wear her fanciest dress.

If she’s always sneaking her mama’s make-up, a little lip gloss while going out just might make her whole night.

If she’s not into dressing up, that’s fine too! A night about her means a night where she can be comfortable and excited.

Let her order the fancy Shirley Temple beverage and order for herself if she wants to. One on one time is a great time for children to practice social skills and independence while having the guidance of a parent who isn’t distracted.

#2: Go For A Hike

There’s something about being out in nature, free from distractions, which helps people really connect. Don’t focus on distance or speed. Just take time to explore nature with your daughter.

Being fully attentive gives your child time to chat with you. The more you listen, the more they chat and the more you’re able to get to know them.

Sometimes we spend so much time near our children that we don’t realise how little we’re actually engaging and getting to know them.

#3: Visit A Museum

A museum is another quiet place free of distractions, making it easy to connect with someone. If she enjoys science, check out a science or medical museum. If she’s a budding artist, try an art museum.

When parents show interest in their child’s favorite topics, it can encourage them to continue to pursue an activity or career field they’re drawn to.

If your daughter’s younger, try a children’s museum. Certainly it won’t be quiet, but it’s a fun activity you can do together.

#4: Go Out For Coffee

Daddy daughter dates don’t always need to be a big production. What makes daddy daughter dates special is one on one time and the enjoyment for a child to do something they don’t always get to do.

Going out for coffee together is a great way to connect. Don’t try to enjoy the coffee shop’s wifi, take the time to focus on your daughter.

Let her lead the conversation, order a fancy beverage (I’d suggest decaf!) and take the time to enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop.

#5: Enjoy The Performing Arts

If you live near a city with an array of performing arts, a special night at the theater can make a wonderful daughter date night.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot or make the drive into the city to enjoy the performing arts together.

Check out your local high school’s drama club performance or a community theater production. They’re typically inexpensive and kid friendly. Your daughter is likely to remember the fancy theatre or the high school production as equally exciting because it was a special night with dad.

#6: Have A Day At The Beach

Not everyone has a beach close by, but if you do, it makes a great daddy daughter day. Just like a hike, there’s something about being outdoors and free of distractions that helps you connect.

Soak in the vitamin D together, play in the water and then enjoy some ice cream to cool off.

#7: Jump On Trampolines Or Enjoy A Rock Gym

What better way to connect than to let your daughter meet your inner child? Trampoline and inflatable bouncy house gyms are popular kid destinations and parent friendly. You might look silly joining your child at some activity places, but you won’t look out of place at these.

Going rock climbing at a gym is an easy way to introduce your child to a great activity. All the climbing equipment is there and instructors are available to help you.

Perhaps you’ll find a new hobby for the two of you to enjoy on a regular basis.

#8: Anything Your Daughter Likes

Every child has unique interests. These are popular daddy date night ideas, but really the sky’s the limit when it comes to date ideas.

If your daughter is on a sports team, take her to a high school, college or professional game. If she enjoys art, try an art class together. If she’s a budding fashionista, try a shopping trip.

You can turn nearly any activity into a special daddy daughter date. The book store, a special science event at the library, or a walk to the neighborhood ice cream shop.

As long as you’re focused on her and not distracted, you’ll have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with your little girl.

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Maria Silver Pyanov is a mama of four energetic boys and one unique little girl. She is also a doula and childbirth educator. She's an advocate for birth options, and adequate prenatal care and support. She believes in the importance of rebuilding the village so no parent feels unsupported.

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