Batdad: Have You Discovered His Awesomeness Yet? [VIDEO]

Batdad: Have You Discovered His Awesomeness Yet? [VIDEO]

Batdad – An Everyday Family Hero

You may already have heard of Batdad, the vlogging sensation that shares his superhero journey with the world.

Just as Batman uses his genius intellect, physical prowess and detective skills to fight crime, Batdad uses these skills to fight the mayhem of family life.

With four kids, two dogs and a patient wife, Batdad helps to ensure family life runs smoothly by channeling his inner Batman.

Blake got creative in his quest for an easy life when he decided to take a leaf out of Batman’s parenting book (if he had one, that is, which he definitely should).

Armed with a Batman mask, father of four Blake quickly transformed into Batdad and has been uploading hilarious videos ever since.

As the chaos of family life happens around him, Batdad tries to get things under control.

With his special Batdad voice and mask, it’s safe to assume he’s also wearing a full costume though we don’t get to see it in the videos.

Because Everything Is Better With A Mask

Batdad has donned his iconic mask to get his kids to wash their hands, eat their vegetables and take out the trash. It’s not all hard work though, he can also be found complimenting his kids on their drawings, taking them to parties and taking them on adventures. Batdad is everything a normal dad is, but better, because he has a mask.

Next time you’re faced with a parenting conundrum, whip out a superhero mask for some extra strength. With the help of the mask, you’ll be able to do all the things you usually do but with the benefit of putting on an awesome superhero voice. Full costume optional but preferred.

The internet star and superdad recently shared a compilation video on his official Facebook page. In it, Batdad can be seen reminding his son, Ben, to use his manners, wash his hands and get off the table. Ben is obviously used to having a superhero for a father, and is pretty blase about the whole thing. Mimicking his dad’s Batdad voice, Ben often retorts with a growl, it’s pretty clear he’ll be following in his father’s super-footprints before too long. Ben isn’t afraid to tell Batdad off, just like the average kid, Ben doesn’t like it when his dad joins in with a sing-along.

No Need To Lose The Art of Humor

Batdad is living proof that you don’t have to lose your sense of humour when you become a parent. And that it’s totally fine for grown ups to wear masks and pretend to be superheroes. A lesson that is often forgotten in modern society.

So, mask up and go and take charge of the hand washing situation in your own bathroom for the good of humanity (and hygiene).

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