9 Ways To Be A Powerful Parent [Video, Humour]

9 Ways To Be A Powerful Parent [Video, Humour]

How To Be A Powerful Parent

Let’s face it – most of us want to be powerful, impactful parents.

We aspire to raise our kids to become a shiny reflection of the endless valuable lessons we’ll teach them over 18 long years.

We daydream about our kids giving their 21st speech, gushing over how wonderful of a mother or father we were. How lucky were they to have us as their parent!

If you want to sharpen your powerful parenting skills in time for that 21st speech, these fantastic tips from JP Sears will definitely result in you having that Super Mum or Super Dad medal in no time.

Only, this is a sarcastic video.

However if you listen carefully, there are some very valuable messages in there. Make sure you don’t miss them!

The very funny (and deeply wise) JP Sears talks us through his top tips for being a powerful parent, which are:

#1: Live Through Your Child

#2: Use Shame To Control

#3: Practice Good Nutrition

#4: Assert Your Dominance

#5: Put Your Child In The Middle Of Fights With Your Partner

#6: Punish Your Child By Ignoring Them

#7: Don’t Take Care Of Yourself

#8: Stay Together For The Kids

#9: Be Self Righteous When Other People Talk About Parenting

Of course, most of these things are the complete opposite of what we should be doing.

Listen to how crazy some of the examples sound and see if you can see any of yourself in there – even if just subtely. You’ll see what messages you may be sending to your children that you’re completely unaware of.

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