Would You Let Your Toddler Get A Tattoo?

Would You Let Your Toddler Get A Tattoo?

Small children love nothing more than copying their parents.

They want to be just like their mama and dadda.

That’s why they totter about in your high heels when you aren’t looking.

Why they appear with a faceful of lipstick if you leave them alone with your makeup bag for too long.

And why they love playing mummies and daddies.

Would You Let Your Toddler Get A Tattoo?

It makes sense then, that kids would want to copy their parents’ tattoos, too. The trend started off in the US and has spread to the UK, with inked parents getting copycat tattoos for their young children.

Don’t worry, there are no needles involved and the tattoos aren’t permanent; they’re spray-on designs that look like the real thing.

The trend was introduced to the UK by face paint artist Vicky Mcadam from Not Just A Pretty Face. She offers temporary tattoos for adults who want to look cool for the weekend before returning to their tattoo-free desk job on Monday morning.

The craze has become a hit with inked parents wanting to let their kids in on the fun of choosing and showing off a tattoo.

Vicky told The Chronicle: “They are only young but the little kids love getting their tattoos to look like their mams and dads. To see their faces when they look in the mirror is priceless. They absolutely adore their airbrushed tattoos. One of the little lads kept his arm out of the bath so it wouldn’t wash off.”

The tattoos are stenciled on and Vicky’s most frequent request for young kids is a tattoo sleeve. The ink washes off by the fifth day but can be removed sooner if necessary. The ink sleeves are certainly more impressive than the stick-on temporary tattoos from the past.

Some people were shocked to discover the trend, stating it was a bad idea to encourage kids to want tattoos. Others think it’s just harmless fun and another way for young kids to play and express themselves. What do you think? Would you let your toddler get a tattoo?

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