14 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body and Your Baby

14 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Your Baby

You’re 14 weeks pregnant! Most expectant mums are past morning sickness by now, though for some it continues into the 16th week.

If you’re still experiencing morning sickness, remember to stay hydrated and eat small and frequent meals.

It’s likely that you’ve identified your morning sickness triggers and can stay away from those things that cause nausea.

Your energy is increasing and you are probably starting to put on some weight.

Your belly will be growing and you may find a pair of maternity pants feel more comfortable, though some women are still comfortable in their regular pants for a few more weeks.

14 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

When you’re 14 weeks pregnant, you may start to have some muscle cramps.

This is because your blood flow is slowing down a little. They are most common in your legs and will often happen when you are cold and at nighttime. Some women find muscle cramps ease if they increase their calcium, potassium and magnesium intake.

Include foods like sesame and chia seeds, almonds, quinoa, avocado, oranges, dairy products, eggs, turkey, and vegetables in your diet, all of which have plenty of the right minerals to prevent muscle cramps.

Heat pads and Epsom salts baths can help ease the ache of muscle cramps.

See our article about 4 great benefits of epsom salt baths during pregnancy.

This is a wonderful time during your pregnancy, as you are feeling great and have the pregnancy glow.

This is a great time to start planning the nursery (or your bedroom if you’ll be co-sleeping), begin pregnancy yoga classes, start looking into your birth support (you may want to hire a doula), take a babymoon holiday or do anything else that helps you to fully enjoy your pregnancy.

14 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

When you are 14 weeks pregnant your baby can make all sorts of facial expressions and is practicing breathing.

Your baby can grasp with its hands and even suck a thumb! A fine layer of hair called lanugo begins covering your baby’s body and is mainly there for warmth, until body fat is accumulated which will help keep baby warm.

You may soon feel flutters which indicate your baby is moving. At this stage, baby is moving quite a bit but being so small, you may not feel the movements. If this is your first pregnancy, don’t be surprised if you need to feel the movement more than once before you recognise it and believe it!

During this week, your baby’s body will begin to grow more than his head. His arms will also be more proportional by the end of the week, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for his legs to catch up. The liver begins to produce bile at this time as well.

When you’re 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is around 9 cms long, weighs about 42.5 grams and is about the size of a lemon.

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Sam McCulloch enjoyed talking so much about birth she decided to become a birth educator and doula, supporting parents in making informed choices about their birth experience. In her spare time she writes novels. She is mother to three beautiful little humans.

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