15 Weeks Pregnant – Everything You Need To Know

15 Weeks Pregnant - Everything You Need To Know

You’re 15 weeks pregnant!

The good news is you’re probably feeling much more energetic.

15 Weeks Pregnant – Everything You Need To Know

The tired fog you’ve been living in has lifted and you’re not experiencing ‘pregnancy brain’ quite so much.

By now, morning sickness is most likely a thing of the past.

15 Weeks Pregnant And Your Relationship

Many women feel so good at this point in their pregnancy they experience an increased interest in sex.

This might be a little surprising to you but pregnancy really has a huge impact on your body.

Pregnancy increases the blood flow, particularly to your breasts and pelvis.

This makes these areas more sensitive and you might become aroused more easily.

At 15 weeks pregnant you’re also more likely to start enjoying your body.

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal.

Unfortunately society has pushed the ‘perfect’ body image onto women and we’re often critical of ourselves, even when we’re pregnant.

Some women find their changing bodies so different it’s a challenge to see their beauty and strength.

For other women, their rounder hips and breasts make them feel even sexier.

This is perfectly normal. And it often means women are more interested in sex, and have an increased response.

If you are having a normal pregnancy, it’s perfectly safe to have sex during this time.

Take advantage of this increased interested in sex. It’s a great way to connect with your partner on an emotional and physical level.

If your partner is resistant to having sex while you are pregnant, he might be feeling strange about the baby being so close to the action.

Reassure him the baby can’t feel or sense what is going on.

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15 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Very soon your uterus will expand so much it will outgrow your pelvis.

This is about the time your belly really pops and people start to notice.

Every woman’s body is different so exactly when this happens can vary – especially in first pregnancies.

Women who have already had babies usually find their bodies stretch much faster during second and subsequent pregnancies. 

Right now you might think you look bloated and you’re wondering when your baby bump will show up.

Don’t worry. It won’t be too long before you’re finding it hard to sit down.

15 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms

You might start to experience some new symptoms in week 15 of pregnancy.

A less than desirable effect of pregnancy is an increased number of nosebleeds and bleeding gums.

Thanks to the pregnancy hormones, progesterone and estrogen, your blood vessels dilate more easily.

Your blood supply has also increased.

This puts pressure on the small capillaries found in the lining of the nose, and in the gums.

As a result, this causes nosebleeds, and bleeding gums.

Try to avoid letting your nose dry out, especially if you spend a lot of time in places with central heating.

Running a humidifier in your home (especially in winter) might help.

Lubricating the nostrils can also alleviate the nosebleeds.

A simple ointment like paw paw or vitamin e cream will help prevent the sensitive nasal passage from drying out.

Swollen gums are a common symptom of pregnancy. Your gums become very sensitive and might bleed randomly, or when you brush your teeth.

It’s hard to prevent bleeding gums.

A diet rich in protein, calcium and vitamins C, B and D might help.

It’s important you take good care of your teeth and gums at this time, as you can be prone to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) during pregnancy.

Left unchecked, gingivitis can cause periodontitis (infection of bone and tissues supporting the teeth).

Research has shown this to be a risk factor for premature labour.

Good dental hygiene is a must, so see your dentist at the first sign of problems.

Nutrition Needs At 15 Weeks Pregnant

About this time, you might start to feel a little short of breath.

This is because your growing uterus and your baby are starting to take up more space.

It could be more difficult for your lungs to expand when you try to take a deep breath.

If you’re very short of breath and you are also feeling very tired, you might be low in iron.

A simple blood test will check your levels of iron – both stored and available.

It’s normal for iron levels in your blood to drop as your pregnancy progresses.

This is because your blood volume expands.

However, if you don’t have enough stored iron to cope with lower iron levels in the blood, you might begin to feel the effects of pregnancy anaemia.

You  can read more here in Anaemia During Pregnancy.

Usually low iron isn’t a problem for most pregnant women. It’s a good idea to make sure your diet includes plenty of bioavailable sources of iron, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Find out more here in Iron Intake During Pregnancy – 6 FAQs Answered.

15 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby

When you’re 15 weeks pregnant, your baby moves around a lot.

You might not notice these movements yet but, sooner or later, you’ll feel something that makes you wonder.

These movements can’t be seen from the outside but you might sense very light ‘fluttering’ in your belly.

It feels almost like a muscle twitch or butterflies in your stomach.

It’s quite busy in there, as your baby curls fingers and toes, while kicking legs and waving arms.

Your baby is becoming sensitive to light now, and might even get the hiccups.

Baby’s skin is still very thin and see-through.

Respiratory type movements in your baby’s chest can be detected now.

Your baby is moving about half a litre (one pint) of amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs every day, and excreting about the same amount of urine.

Your baby is also starting to develop what is known as ‘brown fat’.

This fat helps to regulate body temperature and is very important after birth.

Your baby’s legs have now grown enough to be as long as, or longer than, his arms, making him look more proportioned.

And because your baby is growing so fast, you are definitely starting to look more pregnant now.

At 15 weeks pregnant, your baby is beginning to look more like the little person you’re imagining. The ears have migrated to the side of the head, and the eyes are moving from the side to the front.

Your baby is now about 10cm long and weighs about 70 grams. He is about the size of a navel orange.

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