30 Weeks Pregnant | Your Body And Your Baby

30 Weeks Pregnant | Your Body And Your Baby

You’re 30 weeks pregnant — around ten or so weeks to go!

Though up to this point, you may have been feeling like your pregnancy was dragging by.

But from this point forward, most mothers-to-be feel like time flies!

You’re very pregnant, from the way you look to the way you feel. Getting restful sleep can be tricky with multiple nightly visits to the bathroom. You might need to find time for an afternoon nap.

Now’s the time to focus on getting everything you need for your birth and when baby joins you.

Getting your birth bag and things together will also help you feel more ready on an emotional level. Taking care of the practical stuff allows you to just focus on growing your baby and preparing yourself for the peak experience of birth.

30 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Getting those items on your to do list checked off may be easier said than done. You’ve probably been fairly energetic, but now the extra weight and the aches and pains of pregnancy may be taking their toll on you.

Heartburn may be especially bothersome between now and the baby’s birthday. That’s because the same hormone that helps your muscles to relax so your baby fits through your pelvis also relaxes the muscles of your oesophagus. This allows stomach acid and food to creep back up, causing that burning sensation. Find out what remedies can provide relief from heartburn during pregnancy.

You may also be having trouble sleeping if you aren’t able to get comfortable in bed and heartburn is more likely to happen when you are lying down. You are more likely to feel tired at the end of the day, so making sure you get as much rest as possible is paramount. A warm bath, a massage and avoiding eating too close to bedtime may help.

30 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Baby’s brain is developing those wrinkles we all associate with how our brains look. Because of her brain development, she can regulate her own body heat better now. She will start to shed the hair (lanugo) that has been covering her skin to keep her warm. When your baby is born she may have some lanugo left on her back and shoulders.

Your baby is also getting stronger. She is strong enough to grasp your finger now, which she’ll do the first time you hold her. Her bone marrow is making red blood cells now.

Your baby’s weight is about 1.6 kg and she is about 38-42 cm long, the size of a cucumber. She will gain about 200 grams each week from now on.

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