10 Reasons To Have A Baby Shower

10 Reasons To Have A Baby Shower

Your views on baby showers may be influenced by where you live.

In the US, baby showers are pretty much mandatory. It’s custom to get all your friends and family together in one place to celebrate your bump.

10 Reasons To Have A Baby Shower

In the UK, however, baby showers are seen as a new trend. Some people see baby showers as a beautiful way of celebrating the pregnancy but others see it more as a way of getting presents.

Whatever your views are, here are 10 reasons why you should have a baby shower:

#1: It’s All The People You Love

There are few things better than having all the people you love under one roof. How often do you get the opportunity to gather up all of your favourite people in one place?

Sure, you could go around seeing everybody individually, but you’re pregnant and tired. Why waste the energy? Just get everyone to come to you instead.

A baby shower is the perfect way to catch up with all your favourites without having to put too much pressure on those swollen ankles of yours.

#2: You Deserve It

You have been heaving that baby around for months. You’ve battled against morning sickness, ligament pains and sore nipples. You’ve been falling asleep on the sofa at 7pm every night.

You deserve some fun. You deserve to be made a fuss of. You will not regret having a party in your honour. You will be pampered, treated and celebrated all day long and you will go home feeling ah-mazing.

#3: Your Baby Deserves It

This isn’t just about you, there is a whole gaggle of people who are just desperate to welcome your baby into the world. These friends and family members who are important to you will want to be just as important to your baby.

Give them a head start by letting them get in on the celebrations early. Seeing the love and excitement your friends and family already feel for your unborn child will make your heart swell. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to celebrate that.

#4: It’ll Be Fun

It’s your shower so you can decide what it’s like. If you’re into games, you can get your friends to plan some hilariously entertaining baby shower games. If you’re not, you can make it a strictly game-free zone.

Remember, this is your shower so you get to call the shots. You’re the pregnant one so you have the perfect excuse to throw your dream party – and nobody can complain.

#5: It’s Likely To Happen Anyway

If you have a friend who loves to organise surprise parties, you might find you end up with a baby shower whether you want one or not. By organising it yourself, or asking a trusted friend to do it for you, you’ll get a say in the guest list and other important details.

You’re unlikely to regret the baby shower you have, but you might regret not having one.

#6: You’ll Get Information

Once that baby arrives, you won’t want advice from anyone. Seriously, not a peep. Right now, however, you’re probably happy to have all the help you can get.

A baby shower is like a gathering of mothers. They’ll tell you everything you want to know about birth, babies and beyond. You can get top tips right from the parenting trenches.

And, you can let everyone know that this is their one window of opportunity to impart advice because once you’re in the motherhood club, you won’t be accepting words of wisdom from anybody.

#7: The Affirmations

This one might not be for you, but if it is, you definitely need a baby shower. Birth affirmations are short phrases you can read and repeat during labour. Things like ‘your body knows what it’s doing’ and ‘you can do this’. They are a tool some women use to help them stay positive during labour.

You can ask your friends and family members to write some for you at the shower, this way you’ll have a decent selection of affirmations ready for the birth.

#8: The Photos

It’s not easy to get good pregnancy photos. You’ve probably spent most of the pregnancy eating ice-cream whilst wearing yoga pants and crying because your skin is stretching. That’s not exactly photoshoot material.

At the shower, you’ll be wearing a nice dress and will have spent some time getting ready. You’ll also be surrounded by loved ones with cameras, so you’re bound to get a few snaps to remember your bump by.

#9: The Presents

If you’re not a present kind of lady, you can have a strict no-present rule. If you’re more into token gestures, you can ask guests to bring a copy of their favourite childhood book for the baby’s nursery. If you love presents, get all the presents. Whatever.

Whether you get huge things or token gifts, what matters is that you appreciate the gesture.

#10: Cake

Yeah, there’s always cake. So, what are you waiting for?

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