10 Ways You Know Your Sister Will Make The Best Auntie

10 Ways You Know Your Sister Will Make The Best Auntie

The sibling relationship is a pretty special and unique bond.

Your brothers and sisters know you better than most.

They’ve known you forever, they know all of your secrets and, most importantly, they love you unconditionally.

You grew up together and you’re bound together by shared history and the memories of the adventures you had as kids.

They probably have a lot of dirt on you, too, so it’s wise to keep them close.

Finding out you’re going to be an auntie is an amazing thing. While mamas are stuck doing all the bottom-wiping, parenting and tidying away of toys, aunties get a free rein on all the fun.

Aunties aren’t laden down with responsibilities, or exhausted from lack of sleep; they’re just good fun.

Aunties get to swoop in, create a few hours of crazy, messy, noisy fun, and then disappear again into real life.

10 Ways You Know Your Sister Will Make The Best Auntie

You already know your sister is going to be an ace auntie. You probably thought that soon after you found out you were pregnant.

In the solitary moment where you panicked that you weren’t ready to be a mama, you soon realised you’d have lots of support from those you love – including your lovely sister.

And she won’t let you down.

She’s going to create train tracks that run around the entire ground floor of your house. She’ll teach your kids to say rude words and stick their tongues out. She’s going to be as much of a friend to them as she is to you.

Here’s how you know your sister is going to be the best auntie your baby could wish for:

#1: She Knows Before You Tell Her

People have always said the bond between you was spooky, but you’ve never really believed it until now. Before you’ve even broken the news, your sister has rushed over to congratulate you.

How did she know? It’s that magical sister bond the two of you have. She is so in tune with you she’s already picked up on the signs.

#2: She’s As Excited As You Are

That baby might be growing in your belly, but your sister is as excited as you are about the new addition to the family. Heck, she might even be more excited. She is beyond excited.

Expect your inbox to fill up with daily messages asking how you’re feeling. You’ll have endless Facebook notifications of her tagging you in pregnancy memes. And everyone at her office will know all about your morning sickness/swollen vulva/indigestion.

#3: She Goes All Mama Bear On You

She might not be the one with the baby growing in her tummy, but she’s definitely earned her mama bear stripes.

You actually end up feeling sorry for people who say anything insensitive to you because your sister immediately schools them in everything they’ve done wrong.

And God help anyone who tries to manhandle your bump without asking. You have a personal bodyguard – your sister – and she’s not afraid to get physical.

She’ll even shout at your grandma on Christmas Day; that’s how intent she is on protecting you from harm.

#4: She Makes The Baby Something Special

There is something lovely about a handknitted baby blanket, a homemade print for the nursery, or a handsewn teddy bear. And that gift will be even more special when it comes from your very own sister.

The time and concentration that have gone into creating that personal gift are tokens of her love, and a great insight into the type of auntie your sister will be once the baby arrives.

#5: She Never Tires Of The Baby Talk

You know how sometimes you’ll be talking to a colleague from work or an old friend, and you’ll see their eyes glaze over slightly? That’s when you realise you’ve been talking about the baby for the past 45 minutes. Little wonder they’re bored.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with your sister. Not only does she not mind hearing all the baby news, she actually wants to hear it. She wants to pour over the scan photo, discuss name options, and plan your unborn baby’s future down to the most minute details – just as much as you do.

#6: She Throws You A Baby Shower

A baby shower is the perfect way to show a mama-to-be just how special she is and how loved her baby will be. Your sister knows you better than anyone, so it makes sense she’ll want to organise yours.

Pay close attention to her party organising skills; you might want to make use of them for birthday parties in the future.

There is nothing better than surrounding yourself with loved ones who share your excitement about the new baby. It also gives you the opportunity to be centre of attention one last time. Your sister knows all that.

#7: She Never Shows Up Without Cake

You do not mess with a hormonal pregnant woman – and you never turn up empty-handed. Your sister knows that, too, and that’s why she always turns up with food. Ice-cream, cake, chocolate – she brings you all the junk food you could ever want.

And because she’s an awesome auntie, she also brings fruit and other healthy snacks, so she can be sure baby is getting the right nutrients. After all, she wants you both to be happy.

#8: She Calms You Down

Nobody makes it through pregnancy without having at least a few almighty meltdowns. There’s a baby growing inside you, and if that isn’t scary enough, at some point that baby has to come out.

And when he does, you’re going to be in charge of him. You’ll have to work out what’s wrong with him, stop him crying and make him happy. And it’s perfectly ok to have the odd freak out about that during the pregnancy.

And although your partner might not be ideal when it comes to reassuring you – mainly because he’s as terrified as you are – your sister is a pro when it comes to calming you down.

She seems to know exactly what to say to get you through the freak out. She reminds you of all the times you’ve shown your maternal side, and reassures you that you’ll be an amazing mama to her niece or nephew.

#9: She’ll Keep You Busy During Those Final Days

The last few weeks of pregnancy suck. You think they’re going to be amazing, and that you’ll spend them soaking up your last precious bits of free time before motherhood hits.

In reality, however, you spend them feeling uncomfortable, impatient and downright furious. ‘When is the baby coming?’ you wail, in between angry cries of ‘I just want this baby out now’.

Most people will avoid you during these weeks because, truthfully, you’re no fun to be around. Not your sister, though. She will be firmly camped by your side, remote in hand, finding trashy TV to keep you amused and happy while you wait for labour to start.

#10: She Immediately Falls In Love With Your Baby

You will know she’s going to be an amazing auntie when you see the way her face changes when she first sees your baby. She’s going to fall in love hard and fast, just like you did when you first glanced down at your newborn.

She has only just met her brand new niece or nephew and already she is in love. That’s how you know she’s going to be the world’s absolute best auntie.

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