7 Types Of Mamas You’ll Meet At Prenatal Class

7 Types Of Mamas You'll Meet At Prenatal Class

Prenatal class is a chance for you and your partner to find out more about birth, and beyond.

The lessons will provide you with ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss areas of interest with the course leader.

The lessons should help to prepare you for birth and parenthood, while also giving you an opportunity to meet other expectant couples in your neighbourhood.

Mamas You’ll Meet At Prenatal Classes

Here are just a few of the types of mamas you’re likely to meet at your prenatal class:

#1: Geek Mama

This mama knows everything there is to know about pregnancy, birth and childrearing. She considers herself an expert and won’t hesitate to correct the course leader if any mistakes are made. She’s done so much research she could be leading the class herself. In fact, she’s considering prenatal class leader as her potential future career.

She knows the pros and cons of each and every type of pain relief commonly used during labour. She’s already memorised what’s normal when it comes to baby poop, so there won’t be any nasty surprises lurking in her baby’s nappy. If you ask the course leader a question, Geek Mama is pretty much guaranteed to be the one who answers. She loves to share her newfound knowledge, but not in a show off way; she just genuinely loves to share information.

#2: Age Gap Mama

Most of the mamas will be first time mamas, petrified about what motherhood has in store for them.

But not Age Gap Mama! She already has one baby under her belt, but it’s been a few years and she feels that a refresher course will be useful. She isn’t terrified of the unknown – she’s simply scared that she’s forgotten everything. Those newborn days are little more than a distant memory for her. She can just about remember the smell of her first born’s head, but she can’t for the life of her remember how to change a nappy, settle a baby, or breastfeed. That’s why she’s here. You might look at her as being the wise and experienced one, but she feels just as clueless as you do right now.

#3: Earth Mama

This woman is Relaxed with a capital R. She’s looking forward to the birth, and expects it to be a pretty empowering experience. She’s planning on giving birth at home, surrounded by her loved ones. She’s made a playlist of obscure instrumental music to help keep her calm during contractions. She shakes her head gently whenever the course leader mentions pain relief, and explains that she plans on being able ‘to really feel what’s happening down there’. She winces each time the course leader talks about pain, and will probably have a private word with the course leader during the day, and ask that words like ‘surge’ and ‘wave’ be used, rather than negative terms like ‘pain’.

#4: Horror Story Mama

This mama is terrified of the impending birth, and of motherhood. Her mind is filled with upsetting tales of complicated births, poorly babies, and postnatal depression. She has a horror story for every possible topic connected with pregnancy and birth. She’s probably not doing it on purpose to annoy you (although no doubt it is annoying you a lot); she just can’t rid her mind of all this worry. With any luck, the course leader will politely tell her to zip it, and expertly lead the discussion in a more positive direction. If there’s one thing pregnant women don’t need to hear, it’s horror stories.

#5: Clueless Mama

This mama hasn’t spent even a moment researching her birth options. She sees the prenatal class as a crash course in all things baby. She’ll turn up without any prior knowledge, wanting to cram as much learning as she can into the class, and then forget all about it until the birth. She wants an epidural and all the drugs she can get, so she can give birth upright in a birthing pool. Just hearing her nonsensical birth plan will give Geek Mama the sweats; but don’t worry, the course leader will soon set her straight. By the time she leaves the class, she’ll have acquired enough information to get her through the first few months of motherhood without too many hiccups.

#6: Not Ready Mama

Nine months might feel like a long time to be pregnant, but it’s nowhere near long enough for Not Ready Mama. She’s not ready to give birth, she’s definitely not ready to change a nappy and she’s not ready for the responsibility of being someone’s mama. Simply put, she is not ready for the next stage of motherhood. How can you tell? Because she’s likely to cry her way through the antenatal classes. Even the stress of pretending to care for the plastic doll during the lessons will feel like too much pressure, sending her spiralling into an overwhelming panic.

#7: Helpful Mama

Helpful Mama is one of the most organised mamas in the class. She won’t be the one forgetting her spare nappy when you all meet up after the births. In fact, she’ll be the one carrying enough spares for the rest of you. She might be a teacher by day, and she will be the course leader’s star pupil. She won’t allow for any uncomfortable silences in class; instead she’ll chime in helpfully to save the course leader from having to stand awkwardly in front of the class. She’ll be the one who instigates the phone number swap at the end of the class, and will be the first one to arrange a meeting at her house once all the babies have arrived.

Which mama are you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.


  1. Too funny. I was definitely the annoying Geek Mom. I got really frustrated when the leaders gave false information and I felt the need to correct them…

  2. I’m definitely Earth Mama, especially while pregnant with my first. I still choose no pain medication with the following two. The hypnobirthing classes and the book, Hypnobirthing the Mongan Method helped tons! I got to move around the whole time during labor. And had all three without an episiotomy, the first two where at birth centers with state certified Midwives and the third was supposed to be as well, but we couldn’t make it there in time.

    Really pleasant experiences giving birth, the last one was a little stressful because it didn’t go according to plan but I got through it and he and I were healthy.

  3. And then there’s #8 – but you won’t meet her. She’ll be at home cringing at the thought of making small talk with new people, not in a bad way. Mama #8 is a complete introvert and the idea of sitting in a room full of people is very stressful, so she does most of her research online and by watching YouTube videos. Mama #8 is me.

  4. I’m definitely the earth mama, planning a zero intervention homebirth. It’s my first time so hopefully it all goes to plan! I’m doing a hypnobirthing class the week after my prenatal class so hopefully I’ll be well prepared.

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