Bump To Baby – 5 Amazing Videos You Must See!

Bump To Baby - 5 Amazing Videos You Must See!

Bump to Baby Videos

Most couples hold on to keepsakes from the pregnancy. Whether it’s the scan photos, diary entries or photographs, it is common for people to treasure reminders of their pregnancy. Professional bump to baby pregnancy photo shoots are now starting to become more popular, too!

Some parents-to-be have chosen to be a little more creative and playful in how they create pregnancy memories. Recently, the bump to baby video craze has taken off, and the results are amazing! Couples are recording their pregnancy with photographs and videos, and creating adorable shorts of baby bumps growing bigger and bigger.

Here are 5 of our favourites:

#1: From Bump To Buzz

Arguably one of the better known bump to baby videos, this sweet video created by McFly’s Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna Flacone created a timelapse video to celebrate the birth of their son, Buzz. Tom provides the soundtrack to the video, a heartfelt song about being ready for a change, and features on screen throughout the video with his guitar. There’s something beautiful about watching a baby bump grow before your eyes, and this video is especially cute because of Giovanna’s proud face when she reappears with Buzz.



#2: Nine Months

This stunning video follows a mum-to-be as she takes a stroll around her neighbourhood. As she walks past brightly coloured walls, disused train lines, and across a beach, you see her baby bump beginning to grow. It’s a lovely video with a fun soundtrack and, of course, a gorgeous sleeping baby at the end to melt your ovaries.



#3: Balloon To Bump

This quirky timelapse video was uploaded to YouTube as a birth announcement. The mother-to-be can be seen inhaling air from a balloon during this fun video. As the balloon deflates, the expectant mother’s baby bump can be seen to bloom. It’s a sweet video with a cute soundtrack, and the happiness on the mum’s face when she reveals her gorgeous sleeping newborn is just intoxicating.



#4: Two Babies!

This gorgeous mamma took a whole pregnancy’s worth of beautiful photos of her growing twin bump. She looks glamorous and excited in every shot, which is pretty rare when you’re battling morning sickness, Braxton Hicks and indigestion. And, of course, the film ends with a few shots of her beautiful twin daughters.



#5: Mystery Guitar Baby

YouTube sensation Mystery Guitar Man posted this cute and funny video filmed during his wife’s pregnancy. It has a fun narrative, and a quirky style that makes it hard not to love. There’s definitely some clever editing going on with this one, and there’s another gorgeous baby at the end.


Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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