Missed Period – Am I Pregnant?

Missed Period - Am I Pregnant?

It’s the million dollar question when you have a missed period – could I be pregnant?

If your period has given you a no-show, it’s just one of several possible signs of pregnancy.

It doesn’t automatically mean that you could be pregnant.

Firstly, lets look at some cycle basics, assuming you haven’t taken a pregnancy test as yet.

Things To Consider After A Missed Period

#1: How Many Days Have Passed In Your Cycle?

If you don’t track your cycle (and I highly recommend you do – check out BellyBelly’s article on charting your cycle) then you may not know the answer to this one. But if you do track your cycle and know the date when your period should have be due, you should have an idea if you’re just a few days off, or quite a bit off. Your period may be late for various reasons – including a possible miscalculation in your cycle days.

#2: Have You Had Unprotected Intercourse While You Were Fertile?

Lets say you’re about four weeks out from your last period, and you ovulated around day 14. Did you have unprotected sex approximately two weeks ago? If you’ve not had a period for five weeks, did you have unprotected sex three weeks ago? And so on…

Not sure how to tell if you’re fertile or not? See our article about cervical mucus, ovulation and your fertile period.

#3: Do You Have Any Pregnancy Signs Or Symptoms?

Here is a great list of pregnancy symptoms worth checking out.

If you can relate to some of those, this may strengthen the case for being pregnant.

10 Reasons Why You May Have Missed Your Period — But Are Not Pregnant

If you’re not sure if you may or may not be pregnant, and assuming you haven’t miscalculated your cycle, here are some possible explanations of a missed period (or no period).

#1: Are You Taking Any Medications Or Are You On The Pill?

The pill is notorious for masking any underlying reproductive problems.

While it’s usually a reliable form of contraception, it’s not 100% fail-proof, nor does it come without its fair share of side effects, and it can cause missed periods. Taking the pill can hide any reproductive issues requiring attention, which could be the reason why your cycle may be off the rails.

It might be worth asking your doctor for a blood test to find out if there are any issues with hormone levels. Acupunture is commonly used by fertility patients with great results, so consider seeing a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who can help to diagnose any issues, regulate your cycle, and let you know when you may need the help of Western medicine.

See BellyBelly’s article on why the pill might be prescribed and what effective alternatives you have available to you.

#2: Have You Been Sick Lately?

Illness can cause a missed period.

Even if it’s been just a short illness, it can still effect your hormones.

This shouldn’t occur on an ongoing basis and it’s definitely still worth checking with your doctor if you’re concerned.

#3: Stress!

Stress can create inflammation in the body and havoc on hormones. Have you been under any intense stress of late?

When we’re stressed, hormones can prevent ovulation and even your period. If you have been stressed, it’s best to look into some ways in which you can decrease your stress levels and regulate your hormones. Some of the best things for stress relief include:

  • Exercise – try and get out for even a short walk every day. It helps to clear the mind and boosts happy hormones. Its one of the best things you can do for depression and anxiety. Vitamin D from the sun is a great mood booster too.
  • Get a good night’s sleep – if you’re not sleeping as long as you should, this needs to be made a priority. If you’re having trouble sleeping, exercise early in the day/morning opposed to night time is a good way to help promote restful sleep.
  • Acupuncture – Chinese medicine has been around for a heck of a lot longer than modern medicine and it does work. In fact the World Health Organisation recommends its for a treatment for over a thousand conditions. It’s not only effective, but relaxing.
  • Boost your vitamin intake – If your diet isn’t great or you in case you need a boost, get a great multi-B supplement and magnesium to help replenish these vitamins that fall victim to stress! Fresh veggies of all colours are a great way of boosting vitamin and mineral intake too. Check your iron (ferritin) levels too, which can make you feel tired and stressed when they’re low.
  • Massage – great for relieving tension and relaxing tense muscles. Massage isn’t a luxury, its a must with lots of benefits to your mind and body.

#4: Are You Overweight?

If you’re overweight, this can alter hormones and prevent your period. This doesn’t mean you need to lose a drastic amount of weight to get your period again, but you may need to shift some.

If this is the case, cutting out as much sugar and processed foods (especially wheat products) as you can, will make a big difference. Aim to get some exercise each day. If you feel quite unfit (as many of us have at some point in our lives!) start small. Even a walk around the block each day helps, and you can build up from there. Doing something will result in a difference compared to doing nothing.

To help with weight loss, BellyBelly members love the iPhone application, My Fitness Pal. Pop in your current weight, goal weight, and it gives you a target calorie intake per day. You enter in the foods you eat (like a journal) and it deducts the calories for you, so you can see exactly where the calories are going. However, the most important thing is to reduce the calories from sugar and processed food intake.

You might also like to use Run Keeper which is a great motivator to get out and about, no matter if you walk or run. You can program your music into it and it keeps track of time, distance, calories and sends reminders to get out and exercise.

#5: Are You Underweight?

If your body fat level is too low, you can get missed or no periods.

Putting on weight usually rectifies this problem, but its important to put on weight healthily or you could have other health consequences.

As per above, the My Fitness Pal iPhone app can help you with your fitness and weight goals.

#6: Are You A Shift Worker Or Have You Been Traveling?

If your body clock is competing against your shiftwork or if you travel across time zones, your hormones can be thrown out of whack too.

Where possible, try to find ways to help make your schedule more body friendly – cut back night work, reduce travel demands, or do whatever it takes to help your body get into a more natural rhythm.

#7: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the result of a hormonal imbalance which interferes with normal ovulation.

As a result, women with PCOS can have very long cycles, painful ovulation, and other hormonal and fertility issues.

Find out lots of great information in BellyBelly’s article on PCOS.

#8: Are You Breastfeeding?

If you’re currently breastfeeding, it may take a while for your hormones to adjust back into normal, regular periods.

Our bodies are really clever – after you give birth, the baby breastfeeding signals the body to suppress ovulation.

Over time, your hormone levels build up enough to the point of ovulating, then menstruating.

For more information, have a look at BellyBelly’s article, Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby.

#9: Have You Had A Baby Recently?

If you’ve just had a baby, your cycle may be irregular at first.

Especially if you’re exclusively breastfeeding, it may take a little longer for your period to return to normal.

#10: Other Medical Problems

There are some other medical problems which can result in missed, irregular or no periods. An underactive thyroid can result in irregular periods (as well as weight gain), so when you see your doctor, make sure this is one thing they check out. A thorough check is needed for an accurate result — make sure they test for T3 and T4 in your blood test.

In some rarer cases, younger women can go through menopause early or there could be some other medical reason for your lack of period.

If any of the above don’t relate to you, its worth paying the doctor a visit so you can find out exactly what your hormones are doing and if you need referral to a gynaecologist. There’s no need to expect the worst, sometimes it can be a simple or unexplained thing that resolves itself.

If you’ve had a missed period, one of the quickest and easiest ways to confirm or rule out a pregnancy is to do a test, then follow up with a fertility specialist (GPs are not skilled in fertility issues, so make sure you get a referral).

If you have no medical problems and have a healthy lifestyle, then you should be well on your way to having a normal cycle again.

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  1. I stopped mid Levora pill pack jan and still had period. Still no pill missing 2 days of period for end of feb/early march. 3 tests negative and I’m 38 almost 39. Last child 31 test right away positive. I have panic disorder on a few meds- could I still be a normal pregnancy if pregnant?

  2. Hi,
    I am just about 19 weeks pregnant I will be getting my sonogram on April 16 (for gender and check baby). Earlier in pregnancy I was told I had a small tear, I also had it with my first born. I wouldn’t usually worry but I have been having lower pressure on my pelvic bone, I don’t quite remember if I had this early wit my first born. I am only 120lbs pregnant and 5’4″ so pretty petite, I was also told by my midwife that she believes I have a thinner uternine wall. I was just wondering if you think everything should be OK? Hahaha I just need comfort I guess. Thank you!

  3. Hey.
    I am 15 and I miss my period and I am having symptoms of being pregnant I took a test is came back negative but when I took another one it didn’t show up but when I put it up to the light there was 2 lines. When I went to wipe there was a brown looking color but now today is fresh blood and it’s heavy. What do I do?

  4. Hi I just have one question I haven’t had my period in almost two months now but I’ve taken some tests and they all say I’m negative but I have nothing else going on no stress or anything so what could be wrong please help

    1. I have the same problem I Even took the medicine 4 periods 2 come but they didn’t. I have no stress at all so if I’m pregent will it effect the pregnancy I’m really confused here plzz tell wht is going on with me reply plzz

    2. This happen to me. All my test was negative even my blood test my last period was 6/25/16 and I had ultrasound done and I’m indeed pregnant

      1. Hi ashley i also have had negative pregnancy tests and negative blood i so want to be pregnant but it would truly be a miracle if i am have missed a whole month now of my period

  5. I had sex with my boyfriend a week after my period a condom broke . So now my periods haven’t came about a week till I told my self I’m pregnant . We had unprotected sex again hoping that I’m pregnant , but the next day I woke up cramping and bleeding but it didn’t last as usually . Could I be pregnant?

      1. I know this is an old post but I am hoping you are still wandering around this sight and can answer my question.
        Did you friend have a regular period or an extremely light period during her pregnancy?

  6. I haven’t seen my prieod 3 months, I have 7 months old girl also breastfeeding, home test result negative, please anyone know what heppning with me.

    1. Its because of the breastfeeding I haven’t had my period for 1 month 2 weeks but no prego symptoms I haven’t took test yet either but I been reading all kinds of things that would cause a missed period & breast feeding was on there!

  7. I am 24 years old. I got a problem with my periods I think it’s 3months now but still no periods at the same time I wanna to fall pregnancy please help me I want to know where is my problem.

  8. Hai I’m 21 it has been 1month I didn’t get my period I was scared that it may be pregnant I had used so many natural tips to for my period bt it was not worked yet I was so scared pls can u give me a solution or an answer weather im being to have pregnancy

  9. Hi I missed my period two weeks ago, I freaked out and got a pregnancy test but it came out negative. I just went to the doctor an had an ultrasound done and he told me he saw something but it looked too small and to let him know if I didn’t have my next period. Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby so I don’t want to get my hopes up but what does that even mean?

  10. Hi!
    I am just wondering how often it happens that you are a week late but showing negative on your pregnancy test? I am 36, stopped breastfeeding about 2-3 months ago, have had fairly regular periods for the last 10 months and had intercourse in the “fertile window”. I’m now a week late and have taken 2 pregnancy tests now both showing negative. I’m not able to see a doctor for at least 3 weeks, so I’m really wondering what’s going on. Last test was taken this morning, day 7 late. Any advice is appreciated.

  11. My period on last month of 19 to 26 last week maybe 5 days ago my nipple biting and swelling and tenderness my breast so now 2days missed my period whats does it means…is a sign that i’m pregnant

  12. I’m 18 and I been of low dose birth control for about 3 months. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and last week I have been experience breast tenderness. Nipple soreness and sensitive. I made an appointment to my obgyn this Friday but I haven’t tooken a pregnancy test because I didn’t miss my period yet.

  13. At the end of last month I got what I thought was my period but it only lasted one day (I googled it and everything says it was possibly implantation bleeding) I’ve had a few pregnancy symtoms but have taken two test and both came back negative. Please any feedback would be helpful 🙂

  14. I’m 36yrs old haven’t ever missed a period and it was 3days late took a test it was neg n the next day me n my hubby had sex n I started my period is there any chance we could be pregnant bc we are trying maybe trying to hard lol

    1. From expierence i think your trying to hard.
      Just sit and have a breather and dont think or talk about it.
      Romantic dinner at home and a few to many drinks ended in naughtiness on top of the clothes dryer (wasnt turned on either lol) and presto 6 weeks later a test come back positive. Now bub is 20 months old

  15. I was having 6months baby passed away .after two months I missed my period for a month ihad an unprotected sex so can I be pregnant pls help m

  16. I am 20years old and have missed my period for about two weeks now and have been sick for a week. I am scared I might be pregnant. plz help

  17. Hai am 23, iv been having irregular periods since I started i was put on and off the pill to make them regular since last year I was on the pill continuously which In February i had a miscarriage at 5weeks and i didn’t know i was pregnant due to no signs. I stopped taking the pill 2 months ago and I haven’t had my periods since, gynecologists say PCOS thou everything is normal i should keep trying. Please advise do you think i can get pregnant?

  18. hi had unprotected sex with partner 2 weeks ago, periods were due 16th October. Could I be pregnant? Getting some spotting!! Please help?,

    Thanks roisin

  19. Hi i am 27 yrs old i have 3 kids that are 4 ,2 and 1 my youngest has a rare brain disorder so obviously have stress but stress has been my normal for years now and it has never affected my period i haven’t had a period for 7 months now and urine preg tests are neg and all hormones and thyroid is normal and i don’t have PCOS does anyone know what could be causing this i do have a lot of cramping pains in my pelvis i have been referred to a gyni but they don’t know how long it could take for me to get seen

  20. Hi there Im 35 yrs old and never missed my period before. My last period was in October (I had it twice) on the 6th and then on the 31st. Its now December 3rd and havent gotten it since. Could I be pregnant? I dont have any symptoms. My bf and I been trying for a while to conceive, and dont use any protection. Any advice?

  21. I was on the 3month injection went on it in june was suppose to go bk in September had my normal cycle in August and now its December and still no cycle please help went for blood tests in October and it was negative , please help no sure what to think or do at this stage feels like I’m about to start with the period pains , mood swings , headaches swollen breasts and sore both hubby and I get very neauseas ……….

  22. Hi .I’m 20yrs.old turning 21..I never missed my period before. .my period last November.6-12…its almost 1month and 13 days. ..its December now..before its getting 1month I use pregnancy test.it shows negative.and I use again its already missed my period its negative again. ..I also vomitting but not everyday.and also have headache..could I be pregnant.?please help me madam. ..

  23. i am 33 years old.. i had my last menstruation last dec. 18,2015 until now i don’t have my period and i took 2 pregnancy test and it shows it were all NEGATIVE.. i am always regular in my period… am i pregnant or what??

  24. I saw my period january 12 have not seen my period this month been febuary but have spot 2days ago brown in colour but blood text negative could i be pregnant

  25. my period is 15 days late and i had all the symptons. But im only fifteen and im teriffied. I took a pregnancy test last week but it came out negative now my stomach is getting bigger even though im highly active. I’m also on birth control and i take it perfectly.

  26. My last period was normal after two weeks I have unprotected sex,three weeks later I don’t see my period can I be pregnant. Moreso I later saw my period after three days of my period date. What happened

  27. I’m 3 weeks late almost a full month and my cycle is 28 days and I still wait for my period but I thrown up once but don’t know why, some one help I did have unprotected sex many times with my bf.

  28. I am 17 and i missed my period this month i had protected sex the 24th of January, the guy didn’t cum inside of me and i am not showing any symptoms of being pregnant other than missing my period.
    My period can sometimes be irregular, it sometimes would come earlier than usually and sometimes it would come late. I don’t know what to do and im kind of stressing out..

  29. Hi,
    I am married 4 months ago. I had sex with my wife for having baby. My wife is not having an sign of period from the past nearby one month. Please advice is she pregnant. She is not having any sign of pregnancy.

  30. Hi i am 21 years and i have a thirty day cycle i was sexually active 5 days before my period.i was suppose to have my period on the 2nd of this month but its been three days now and nit seeing it.could it be that am pregnant?

  31. My period is almost four weeks late negative hpt’s.. Me &hubby had unprotected sex but I didn’t let him finish.. Last period was Jan 14 I was supposed to start Feb now almost 4weeks late. I obviously thought I’m maybe pregnant but I have no symptoms whatsoever been testing negative been to two clinics they both made me take urine tests which im not surprised both negative..both denied me a blood test after i told them ive been taking hpt’s all which came out negative. I ask them then what’s wrong with me?!?!? Both believe I’m not pregnant and a negative test is enought to say im not pregnant but they still tell me to test at home some more!!! they say it might be stress I’m tired of them playing the guessing game not listening to my concerns and just blowing me off I want concrete proof I want a blood test done to see if its hormonal or pregnancy.. I’m more nervous cause I hear of women finding out a bunch of weeks later they’re pregnant.. I’ve been fine up until now. All these forums of women searching for answers lol no answers or updates mainly all the same concerns. For now the looong wait! I’m in purgatory limbo I’m going nuts!!!

  32. Hi there.
    On February 13 2016 was the first day of my last period.
    On the 4th, 5th and 6th of March I had unprotected sex with my partner.

    I was supposed to get my period around the 12th of March.
    It is now the 23rd and still no sign of af!

    On the 18th I had some spotting… only when I wiped.
    I also have been having pelvic pain and backaches, I’m always hungry and everything smells a lot stronger. I almost got sick from the smell of onions.

    I took a test today (March 23) and yesterday the 22nd. Both are negative.

    Am I testing to soon or what could it be…
    Could I still be pregnant?

  33. Umm coming from someone with PCOS it isn’t caused by increase of my nsulin but it does CAUSE increased insulin levels I’ve had this problem since I was 9 I’m 27 now never have I been told by my specialist that PCOS is caused by diabetes but the opposite that PCOS causes it… Just getting those facts streaight

  34. Hay my last show date of my period was on 18December and me and my boyfriend we dnt use condom so I want to knw am I’m pregnant cz if my period don’t come it takes only month skipped bt nw since December till nw doesn’t appear cn I be pregnant

  35. I have missed my periods for three months now I have milky white discharge and am not pregnant I had always had regular periods what could be my problem am really worried

  36. I have missed my period for 9 days.
    Supppose to be on 25th May, last Wednesday.

    I am having all the symptoms like nausea at anytime of the day, keep peeing(can’t control at times), breast so tender and full(even trying on my slightly bigger bra it seems full and fitted nicely), appetite super amazing, allergic to certain smell and keep having flu especially after missing my period, tummy feel so bloated especially at the lowe abdomen even before having any meals.

    Have used lots of home pregnancy test kits but all turned out negative. I am stressed up.

    Trying for my so call 4th pregnancy.
    1st miscarriage at 9 weeks.
    2nd successful pregnancy(currently 6yrs old)
    3rd miscarriage at 9 weeks too.

    Please assist and give advice… 🙁

  37. I have regular periods around the 3rd or 4th of each month in June I had my regular on the 3rd and than another one on the 20th never has happen to me before. my doctor put me clomid to help me get pregnant and I been on it for 3 months now and I was suspecting my period for this month July the 3rd or 4th and it still is not came and I feel weird in my belly and staying tired what could it be?

  38. My period is late 10days. Before 1year undergone unprotected sex.. But emergency pill taken within 48hours.I have fear.. Am I pregnant?

  39. I’m so worried! Being pregnant is okay but it’s just not the right time for me. I got my period and then two weeks later I had sex. Then another two weeks after I had sex, I got my period (it lasted 8 days) so I thought I was okay but now my period was supposed to come already and it’s late 10 days! Is it possible I could be pregnant or just too stressed out?

  40. It been 3 months that my period is mess up and this month it 3 week late so I have no idea what going on with me.but I don’t want to test yet.so any idea ?

  41. Hi I’m 27yrs old and suffering from pcos, i get my period twice a month and have never missed a period in my life . My last period was on the 10th of July. Did a pregnancy test and it came our negative. My breast are very tender, getting headaches and feeling dizzy. Could I be pregnant and the preg test isn’t detecting it.

  42. Hey, I’m 25 and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. This is our second month trying, for the last 3 days I have been experiencing spotting (brown) Yesterday Aug 18th I was supposed to start my period and nothing, just a little bit of brown. I was just wondering if there would be a possibility that I would be pregnant??

    Thanks so much!!

  43. I am 1 week late, I supposed to have period last week but its almost the end of the month and I haven’t had my period yet. Could I be pregnant?

  44. Hello I am a girl of 24 I and my boyfriend we have unprotected sex last month and i was to see my period in the 22 and i haven’t seen them and i went to the nearest clinic they did pregnant test says negative and for now I eat a lot ..sometimes feel dizzy and having headache

  45. Hi I’m Carel 24,married …I am so bothered why until now I missed my period , August until now I am not using contraceptives, I took a pregnacy test to detect if I’m pregnant but the pregnancy test shows negative ..I am not overweight ,im not also underweight ,please help me what is the best thing to do? Thank you

    1. My baby is 13 months and I want to pregnant again but I am still not period . I do breastfeeding . Is it possible to pregnant if I am not period? Please help me

  46. Hey, I’m 16 and I had got my period at the very end of July I think it lasted about 5 days maybe and went to August 2. I haven’t got my period since and I have been tested for thyroid problems I’ve also had a vaginal ultrasound and have had urine pregnancy tests done at least 2 times. They came back negative. I have a very very light cramping. I’m also kinda hungry more, and very tired all time. I don’t know what to do I’m lost….. someone please help??

  47. Hey everyone i haven’t had a cycle since August 18 and I’ve taken 4test since a week after i missed and they were all negative . Me and my bf wouldn’t mind another child but i don’t wanna get my hopes up either could someone please give me some advice or suggestions.

  48. I had my period around the 3rd of last month and I had an ultra scan last week and she said I wasn’t due on anytime soon so I was expecting to
    Come on around the 3rd of This month and still not come on could I be pregnant!

  49. i had sex on periods day and now i see no sign of periods its been 9days i had small amount of stops of periods which i thougth were periods but were actually not i had it for an hr only m den it stop my 22 plz help

  50. I have a missed period. Now we had unprotected intercourse, and i want to know that can i get pregnant? If yes then after how many days it gets confirmed?

  51. Hi have a good day!
    Just want to ask, my last period was feb.24 but this month, period doesnt come yet. I undergone a test yesterday PT but its negative.

  52. My period is 3 weeks late but I’ve taken two pregnancy test and both said is negative, but I’ve looked at early pregnancy signs and two-three of them I can relate to do you think im actually pregnant or…

  53. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a few days before my expected period and it’s now been 4 weeks and still no period, i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, do you think I could be pregnant?

  54. I had my period back in November and me and my boyfriend just had sex on December first . And I have Crohn’s diease and I don’t know how that effects with pregnancy I’m truly scared I need answers

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