Smoking While Pregnant – Myths & How To Stop Smoking

Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking While Pregnant

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with messages about how dangerous smoking can be. During pregnancy, it can make an expectant mother even more anxious about her smoking habit. In fact, graphic, upsetting ads can even be counterproductive, because the very anxiety making her smoke in the first place can be triggered by such ads – which are obviously not effective in helping large numbers of people to quit for good. If you’re smoking while pregnant:

I’m not going to tell you:

  • How bad of a mother you are (you’re not)
  • How bad smoking is for you
  • How bad smoking is for your baby

… nor will I nag you to stop. However, what I am going to do is help to dispel some myths about smoking (and quitting) as well as give you some tips that can help you to quit for good – and its easier than you think. Don’t believe me? Read on…

Can Quitting Smoking Be Easy?

People who discourage you and say that quitting smoking is really hard often don’t have access to the right tools. They may go to their GP and get a script for nicotine patches or other nicotine products, but how can you cure an addiction with the very drug that caused the addiction?

While it works for some people, it really doesn’t make sense – if you’re lucky and combine it with very strong willpower you might just make it… but how long until you relapse? The root cause of the addiction must be addressed because bandaids have a habit of falling off.

It may be hard to believe right now, because nothing else has worked for you so far. But you can stop smoking while pregnant – and it can be easy and enjoyable. I’ll tell you how.

Quitting Smoking – Success Rates

An article published by the Journal of Addictive Behaviours (November 2006) measured the effectiveness of different smoking cessation methods over a 12 month period and the following success rates were found:

  • Cold turkey 3.4%
  • Acupuncture/Laser 3.9%
  • Telephone help lines 5.4%
  • Nicotine Gum 5.7%
  • Nicotine Patch 6.2%
  • Zyban 7.1%
  • Zyban + patch 7.7%
  • Allen Carr’s Easyway Seminar 53.3%

The Allen Carr Easyway to quit smoking has an astonishing 53.3% success rate at 12 months – and that figure increases to 75.8% for smokers attending follow-up sessions (free if the first session doesn’t work). Allen Carr’s methods have helped over 14 million people stop smoking worldwide. That’s gotta be saying something!

Having learnt a great deal about it myself due to having a partner who smoked, I really am a fan of their methods, which are helping SO many people to quit smoking in an equally astonishing speedy rate. This is why I decided to remove my existing article about the dangers of smoking in pregnancy and provide some information that could truly help BellyBelly’s readers. I have not been paid to write this article – it’s just a great program which truly helps others.

I first heard about their methods years ago after seeing a fellow BellyBelly co-worker put down the Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking book after reading it, and never pick up a cigarette again – as well as seeing results from those who have attend the seminars (which I highly recommend for even better results).

The Allen Carr method is the only major smoking cessation program to offer a money back guarantee, and based on the terms of their money back guarantee, their success rate is over 90%. Two independent scientific studies show the success rate to be above 50% after a 12 month period, which is still significantly higher than any other method. This is why I want to share the news with YOU so more women can quit smoking and live happier, healthier lives as a result.

So What Is The Allen Carr Method?

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking approaches smoking from a different perspective. They don’t focus on the negative reasons of why you shouldn’t smoke ” all smokers know this. Instead they look at why you continue to smoke despite the obvious disadvantages, and using a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, they change the way you think about smoking so you simply don’t want to. If you don’t want to, it takes no willpower not to, making the whole process easy and enjoyable. Wait, quitting smoking can actually be enjoyable?! Bet you’ve never heard that before…

The Allen Carr method is the most successful smoking cessation program in the world, and best of all, it is drug and chemical free, and therefore completely safe for you and your baby.

What Makes The Allen Carr Method So Effective For Stopping Smoking?

One of the things that keeps smokers trapped is fear. Fear you won’t be able to enjoy life; fear you won’t be able to cope; fear that you’ll have to go through some awful trauma to be free of it and fear that you’re giving up our friend or crutch. By changing the way you think about smoking, the Allen Carr method removes the fear, and once you understand how the smoking trap works, it becomes easy and requires no willpower.

Even celebrities swear on the Allen Carr method:

“His method is absolutely unique, removing the dependence on cigarettes, while you are actually smoking. I’m pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends and my staff.” — Richard Branson

“It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction. Like my friends I found it not only easy but also unbelievably enjoyable to stay stopped.” — Sir Anthony Hopkins

“I went to see Allen Carr… it took no willpower, I didn’t even gain weight… I don’t miss smoking at all… thank God I am free!” — Ruby Wax

Can Quitting Cold Turkey Harm My Baby?

There is no evidence to support any claims that quitting suddenly could harm your baby. It is completely safe for you to stop smoking immediately without using any medications or substitutes. Once you see that you receive no real pleasure or crutch from smoking, it won’t be stressful to stop and you’ll feel wonderful as a non-smoker during your pregnancy. Allen Carr’s Easyway gives you the know how to achieve the right mindset, where you won’t feel vulnerable about returning to smoking.

What About Nicotine Patches and Medications?

Champix (Varenicline), Zyban (Bupropion) and nicotine replacement therapy are not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because of the effects they can have on the baby. Even for someone who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding, taking these products can have many side effects including the following:

Champix – constipation, diarrhoea, feeling bloated, indigestion, wind, vomiting, stomach discomfort, headache, dizziness, sleepiness, abnormal dreams, depression, feeling tired, increased appetite, changes in taste.

Zyban – Headaches, difficulty sleeping, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting and constipation.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy – Headaches, nausea plus other digestive problems and difficulties getting to sleep.

There are no negative side effects from using Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. In addition to this, nicotine replacements keep you hooked on the drug and therefore wanting more of it, but the main issue with these approaches is they don’t change the way you think about smoking. If you don’t change the way you think about it, you go through life feeling that you’re making a sacrifice or giving something up, which leaves you feeling deprived, that you’re missing out on something and therefore vulnerable.

How Quickly Does The Allen Carr Method Work?

It will work as soon as you put out your final cigarette. The seminar lasts for around 5 hours and you can smoke during the session. Believe it or not, by the end of the session you’ll be chomping at the bit to smoke that final cigarette and will feel a sense of relief and freedom when it’s done.

I’m Worried About Missing Out On ‘x,y or z’ If I Quit

When you stop smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway, the only thing you’ll miss out on is bad breath, stained teeth and fingers, coughing, wheezing, lethargy and the mental anguish of being a smoker! You’ll enjoy life so much more as a happy non-smoker and will not feel deprived.

I’m Worried About Putting On Weight When I Quit

Weight loss is not safe in pregnancy, unless under strict medical supervision. However, those who have done the Allen Carr Method tend to find that they lose weight rather than gain weight! When smokers stop by using other methods, they feel miserable and deprived and often turn to food as a substitute to end the empty feeling. Using Allen Carr’s Easyway you’ll feel free and liberated and won’t need any substitutes.

I’m Worried About Failing And Am Finding It Hard To Get Motivated

It’s natural to feel this way, especially when previous attempts haven’t worked for you and you hear the struggles that other people have. But once you understand smoking in a new way and the light bulb comes on, you’ll see things quite differently. Ever found out something you didn’t know before that became a complete game changer? Something that you wish you knew sooner? This is one of those things.

But Smoking Helps To Calm Me Down When I Am Anxious Or Stressed

What do non-smokers do to relax or relieve stress? Smoking gives the illusion of calming you down but the reality is it increases your heart rate and blood pressure whilst starving your brain of oxygen, so physically it’s impossible to feel more calm and relaxed after you light up.

This is just another of the clever illusions of smoking, but once you understand how the confidence trick works, you’ll feel much more calm and relaxed and be able to handle and enjoy life so much more.

But Nicotine Is Addictive! Some People Have A True Addiction And Its Not That Simple

Its true that there is a physical addiction to nicotine, but the symptoms are so slight that most smokers do not even realise that they are always ‘in withdrawal’ in between every cigarette, even during the night. It’s an empty, insecure feeling only. There is no pain, no cramps, no sweats, and no rash – it is similar to a hunger pang or ‘that feeling’ smokers describe as needing something to do with their hands. The misery and difficulty for most smokers attempting to quit (using the usual methods) is the anxiety and fear of life without cigarettes – the belief that they are making a sacrifice or losing their best friend or crutch. This is purely a mental attitude or belief – they can even go into ‘grief mode’.

Yet, smokers can go on long flights or even enter health retreats and never experience any physical effects… but the minute they are back in the real world, they again believe that they need them.

Quitting smoking is not about willpower, but about acquiring a new mindset – the same mindset that non-smokers have. The Allen Carr method can help smokers to achieve that, for most smokers, in just one 5-6 hour session! 90% do not opt to use the guarantee, because the first session worked. Its just learning a new way – what you don’t know, you don’t know!

What Should I Do If I Want To Stop Smoking?

Call Allen Carr Australia (available around the world) on 1300 848 028 for a no obligation chat or visit the Allen Carr website to read more. Every single Allen Carr therapist was once a smoker themselves who found it easy and enjoyable to quit smoking, so we do understand how you might be feeling. They know because we’ve been there. With their genuine money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose just everything to gain.

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