Girl Who Lost Arm To Cancer Gets A Christmas Present To Remember

Girl Who Lost Arm To Cancer Gets A Christmas Present To Remember

Scarlette Tipton is a very brave two year old girl who had her left arm amputated when she was just 10 months old after being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer.

Her fluffy sidekick, Doc, is an adorable three month old kitten who had her right paw amputated after a car accident. Christmas bought the two amputees together and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The duo are best friends and the Tipton family were thrilled to welcome another gorgeous amputee into their family. Scarlette first met the grey and white kitten around Christmas, and the cute kitty joined the family permanently on 30 December.

Writing on the Smile for Scarlette Facebook page, Simone updated followers about the kitten’s progress: “We are so in love! She slept between myself and my husband last night, and continuously curled up, and plopped herself on our chests and faces.. she’s so adorable! She is extremely active and loves to play with toys.”

Mama Simone told KTLA5 a bit about her daughter’s rare condition: “She’s actually the only one to ever have her exact type of cancer documented on earth.”

Though the brave toddler is now cancer-free, she still has a number of procedures ahead of her. Her parents hope that Doc will offer support and hope to Scarlette as she undergoes her remaining treatment.

The family drove two hours from their family home in California to meet the sweet little kitten who amazed doctors by surviving her injuries. When the kitten first arrived at San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus with life-threatening injuries after becoming trapped in a car fan belt whilst trying to stay warm.

The vets at the shelter didn’t think the kitten was going to make it, but she’s a survivor and is now well on the road to recovery.

Simone told KABC that Scarlette immediately recognised the similarities between herself and the kitten. The clever two year old pointed to the kitten’s missing leg and said, “Owies,” before pointing at her own amputee site and saying the same.


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