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I’m Sarah & I’m 24 (25 in 2 days!) My husband Aaron is also 24 and we have been TTC since May 2002. We had a break between November 2002 & March 2003 when we sold our first house & bought another. So all in all we have been TTC for 19 loooong cycles. We just found out that Aaron has a low sperm count, so he is going in for more tests in late April.

Wednesday, 31st March, 2004 – 3DPO

Fertility Friend (a charting website) has concluded today that I am 3DPO after changing it’s mind three times!

There is nothing much to report yet, but I have had a few unusual things happen today.
1) All morning I was getting these weird butterflyish, churning feelings in my belly that I couldn’t really explain. It wasn’t a sick feeling, just a strange one.
2) I have been getting a lot of creamy CM since Sunday (day of ovulation), which for me is unusual as after O I am usually quite dry down there – sorry if TMI (too much information)!
3) I was really hungry all day, but I am putting that down to the cold weather, I mean who doesn’t get hungry when it’s cold!!

So nothing too unusual, but I wouldn’t expect to be feeling much at only 3DPO.

Thursday, 1st April, 2004 – 4DPO

I spent most of today playing practical jokes on my colleagues which helped me not to think too much about how my body is feeling!

Although I did notice last night when I went to bed & again today (until about lunchtime) that I am feeling pretty bloated. I’ve been having a few cramps as well. They are a similar feeling to AF cramps, but in a different place. With AF I always get cramps on my right, down low, but today I have been getting them on my right, but at about the same height as my belly button. Moving around a bit helps them to go away. WEIRD!!

Friday, 2nd April, 2004 – 5DPO

Being my birthday I was spoilt rotten & didn’t have much time just to sit & think about what symptoms are / are not happening, but I did notice the following.

Just a bit of background first – I have very sensitive skin. When I was younger if mum even changed our washing powder I would break out in a rash. Now though, cos I only use the one washing powder, the rash comes out when I am stressed. I mostly get it in the creases of my elbows.

I woke up this morning with an itchy rash on my forearm where my bracelet is & on my ears where my earrings are. I have had my ears pierced for 12 years and my bracelet for about seven, so I’m not exactly sure why they would be causing a rash now. The weird thing is though, I have my navel pierced as well & there was no problem there, but having said that, it’s stainless steel & the others are gold. I keep thinking that maybe it’s a pregnancy symptom……. But knowing my history with sensitive skin I am trying to tell myself not to get too excited over it!

I have still been a little bit crampy, but on both sides now still at belly button height.

I went to the toilet about 6 times while at wok today (I worked for only 7 hours). Usually I go to the toilet alot, but today was heaps more than usual.

I keep telling myself that at 5DPO I can’t be showing all that many signs / symptoms of pregnancy, but my brain keeps saying “MAYBE YOU’RE PREGNANT” at every little thing…..

Saturday, 3rd April, 2004 – 6DPO

My thermometer’s batteries died this morning, so I am not sure if my temp is right or not. It has gone down by 0.2 degrees, which has dropped it below the coverline. My mind keeps going backwards & forwards with the thoughts – “I’m pregnant it has to be an implantation dip” and “It’s dropped because the thermometer is broken”. Either way I am not going to find out in a hurry, cos I have put new batteries in the thermometer – if my temp goes up I will be thinking either “Yup it was an implantation dip” or “It has gone back up cos of the new batteries”. Why oh why does the TWW have to be soooo hard!!

The rash is still hanging around. It is much more itchy than it was yesterday & has also appeared on my left arm (my bracelet was on my right). Yesterday I had taken off my jewellery to stop the rash getting any worse, but I wore a pair of earring out to dinner last night. When I took them off my ears were black underneath. The earring are real gold, so that seems a bit strange, it has never happened to me before.

The cramping is continuing….. It’s moving around though, today it’s higher up on the right hand side, close to the bottom of my ribs.

I am going to my friends hen’s party soon, but I have to be good. I told some of the other girls that I will drive cos I don’t feel like drinking (secretly it’s cos I don’t want to risk drinking if I am pregnant!)

Sunday, 4th April, 2004 – 7DPO

Halfway through my TWW… YAAY

I got the new batteries for my thermometer yesterday & as I thought my temp has gone up again, from 36.5 to 36.9 which is a big jump. So as predicted I am thinking hmmm is that from the new batteries, but I am hoping it’s an implantation dip!

I went to my friend’s Hen’s Night & got home at 2.45am but woke up at 5.00am. I was hot then cold then hot again, my belly ring has been itching, the breakout of pimple on my face has increased by another two (I don’t usually get any) and I felt really nauseus but hungry at the same time if that makes any sense! Then during the day my BBs have been really itchy, but there’s no rash there ????

One of my friends at the Hen’s Night told me that she had a dream that one of our circle of friends is pregnant, considering I am the only one not on contraceptives it had to have been me. So I am hoping her dream comes true. crossing fingers She also said to me (she knows we are TTC) that my hips look a bit wider than they did when she saw me two weeks ago – hmmm not sure what to make of that one!

Monday, 5th April, 2004 – 8DPO

My temp has stayed up at 36.9 again today, which is making my chart look triphasic (which can be a sign of pregnancy!).

I also had minor cramping today, lower down where I usually get AF cramps.

The main thing today was when my mum had her lunch today (we work together) the smell was making me feel sick and it was something I usually would like. Also later in the afternoon I asked her if she could smell something like off chicken & she said no, I was smelling it all afternoon & it was YUCKO! I forgot to mention that yesterday I was smelling licorice in my kitchen when there was none in the house. I asked DH if he could smell it & he couldn’t…. When we did our shopping later yesterday I just had to buy some. Hmmmm things are getting interesting!

Tuesday, 6th April, 2004 – 9DPO

Not much to report today…

My temp has dropped a little this morning – 36.8 but it is still the second highest I have had this cycle which is good. A little bit of cramping on my lower left hand side this morning and I’ve been hungrier than usual lately – wanting lunch by 11.00 even after I’ve had my usual breakfast.

Wednesday, 7th April, 2004 – 10DPO

My temp has dropped again today to 36.7 making me a bit worried. It is slowly going down, so I am starting to feel like this is not our month after all. I felt like crying when I looked at the thermometer this morning even though my temp is still above the coverline. This morning I felt like it’s never going to happen for us.

But now this afternoon I am much more positive. Back to the philosophical “it will happen when it happens”. I had a bit of cramping today, but that was it. Maybe AF is on the way, maybe I am pregnant – I don’t know, but I hopefully will know by the end of the long weekend.

Thursday, 8th April, 2004 – 11DPO

My temp has stabilised again at 36.7 so hopefully it won’t go any lower. I have been crampy again today & my nipples are still very sore. Still the right one is worse, but the left seems to be catching up pretty quickly!

I am so tempted to do a HPT tomorrow morning. If my temp doesn’t drop I think I will do it. My LP is usually between 12-14 days so testing on 12DPO should be okay I think! I was determined to wait until Sunday, which is one day before AF is due & I just don’t think I can make it. Besides that, tomorrow is good Friday & I would like to make it a super fantastic Friday instead. Sooo we will just wait to see what the morning brings. If my temp stays stable at 36.7 or goes up HPT here I come. If it drops again I will wait until AF is actually late.

Or at least that’s the plan!!

Friday, 9th April, 2004 – 12DPO

Today I feel totally not pregnant. My temp dropped to 36.4 which is the second lowest so far this cycle & I have started to feel AF type cramps, yup they are different to the ones I was feeling earlier in my TWW. sigh I cried on my DH’s shoulder for a little while saying that it is never going to happen and he said it’s not over just yet, we’ll wait and see.

So I decided to be philosophical about the whole thing – maybe our baby just isn’t ready to be conceived yet… If I think of it that way it seems to make things a bit easier.

Saturday, 10th April, 2004 – 13DPO

5.45am – AF has arrived, 19 cycles still not pregnant…..

I’m not so upset this morning, maybe because I got it all out yesterday. At least I can have a drink at the two weddings I am going to next weekend! LOL

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