10 Great Things About Having A Baby Girl

10 Great Things About Having A Baby Girl

Some parents-to-be don't have a preference for the sex of their baby, but others may be secretly (or not so secretly) be hoping for a little girl or little boy.

If you've just found out that you're expecting a baby girl (or if you're strongly hoping that you will be handed a little girl by your midwife or partner!), here are some great things about having a baby girl.

Please note that this is a fun, light article, which has not been written to delve into the deeper awesome things about having a girl (that's a topic for another article!). This article is about the short term view of having a baby girl. Many parents get excited about these things too.

Great Things About Having A Baby Girl #1: The Clothes

Definitely, the clothes. Those endless rows of frilly dresses, floral rompers and gorgeous little skirts are yours for the taking. The clothes available for little girls are undeniably cuter than those for little boys. As the mother of a daughter, you belong in those aisles, so go and pick out some adorable vests immediately.

Great Things About Having A Girl #2: Especially The Stripy Tights

There is nothing cuter than a pair of newborn tights. Well, ok, maybe the newborn baby wearing them is a bit cuter. The stripy tights with frills on the bottom are, quite frankly, the cutest items of clothing in existence. They may very well have been invented as a sneaky way of ensuring the human race continues breeding, simply walking past a window display of these tights can cause tingly ovaries.

Great Things About Having A Girl #3: … And The Tiny Hair Accessories

The headbands, and the glittery clips, and the floral crowns (especially the floral crowns) are yet more great reasons to have a little girl.

Great Things About Having A Girl #4: It's Easier To Find A Name You Love

This is a generalisation, of course, but there seems to more choice for girls' names. Pregnant women can often be heard cursing the difficulties of finding boys' names both parents-to-be can agree on.

Great Things About Having A Girl #5: She'll Be Your Mini-Me

There's a reason men often seem to want sons, whereas women long for daughters – it's simply because the idea of having a mini-me is so appealing. You grew up as a girl, so may find the idea of having a girl more appealing – especially if you didn't have brothers or many male friends growing up.

Great Things About Having A Girl #6: You'll Know What She Is Going Through

You have been a little girl, and you have experienced puberty, love and friendship as a little girl. This may make you feel like you are better equipped to relate to a little girl, simply because you have experienced life as a little girl.

Great Things About Having A Girl #7: It's Much Harder For Her To Wee Into Your Wine

Any nappy free time is much less risky if you're dealing with a little girl. Any stray wees will probably end up soaking into your jeans or making a mess on your sofa, it's not ideal, but it's undeniably better than watching the stream fly straight the air and land in your glass of red.

Great Things About Having A Girl #8: She Probably Won't Pee In Your Face

If you have a son, you are likely to end up with pee in your face during at least one nappy change – and he'll certainly end up with it on his. One of the great things about having a little girl, is that she doesn't have the equipment to accidentally pee in your face.

Great Things About Having A Girl #9: She Will Dress Up As You

Your baby girl will see you get dressed every day, and one day, when she's old enough to toddler, she will play ‘mummy'. She will force her tiny feet into your high heeled shoes, slip some bangles on her wrist, and cart a handbag around the house with her. The first time she does this, she will look to proud that your heart will break a tiny bit, as you realise that your little baby girl wants to be just like you.

Great Things About Having A Girl #10: You Will See Her Transform Into A Daddy's Girl

As a newborn, your baby will long to be in your arms. Daddy will be a close second, but you will probably always be first choice. As she grows, however, she may blossom into a daddy's girl. She will want him to read her bedtime stories, play make believe with her and tell him secrets. Far from being jealous, you will love watching two of your favourite people in the world developing such a strong bond, and it will make you love both of them even more (if such a thing is possible).



Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.


  1. Number 10 is definitely my little 14 month old!!! She is in love with her daddy & he can’t say no to her…it’s the most precious thing! Love them with ALL my heart! !

  2. Wow this is the most superficial list I have ever seen.

    Numbers two and three belong with number one.

    How about “you get to teach them how to be a strong woman” or “they are a lot tougher than you might think” or “they will surprise you every day with something new” or “its amazing how much they learned from that Disney movie she watches over and over again.”

    Most of this list is clothes, clothes, clothes. Like there’s no real depth to a little girl, the only thing great about little girl’s is the dressing up.

    1. The article was written by the author to be light and a bit of fun — about having a BABY girl and not a grown up girl. It’s not a long term outlook piece. So many people find out the sex of their babies these days that it’s a fun piece for them — that’s generally what they think at that point. That doesn’t mean they wont have hopes and dreams for their daughter.

      If you’re a regular reader of BellyBelly you would know that we delve into deep and meaningful topics all the time, and we go where other sites wont go. I don’t care if it’s politically incorrect, but I love all the cuteness and pink that can come with having a girl. Just as I love certain things that come with having a baby boy.

      That doesn’t mean that my daughters will or have not grown up to be strong and independent. My 13 year old, who I have taught so much about life, personal growth and development, business, entrepreneurship etc, has been offered scholarships, gets involved with petitions for issues that matter (for example the over-sexualisation of women). Heck, she’s even currently studying html and css development as we travel the world, because she’s finished studying the entire school year level she is supposed to be in via the Study Ladder program.

      It’s erroneous to assume parents who like the girlie things are going to grow weak and powerless women. My daughter is a force to be reckoned with, and she also looks gorgeous in pink dresses. And blue. And green. 😉 I don’t take her out for spray tans, but I teach her to look after herself when she’s feeling bad. I encourage her to get massages and other things, so she realises self care is important and her responsibility as a grown up.

      How to grow strong, independent women is a topic for another article. In the mean time, it’s fine to get excited by other things, if it floats your boat. We all appreciate different things, this is just one of many angles.

      1. Well said. Who says girls can’t be amazingly bright and beautiful. I for one will be teaching my daughter to look after her appearance as well as her dignity and mind.

      2. Its rather amusing how an innocent “fun” article can get so much rap.
        Ai. people of today. So incredibly opinionated and find it difficult to appreciate small joys in life.
        Amusing, but sad.
        I enjoyed article! thanks for the light read

  3. It’s stereotypes like these that are doing our society an injustice… My son has been dressed up and decorated by his big sister and loved it. He plays with trucks and plays mums and dads with his sisters dolls . Even if he had no sister, I’d like to think I would still have enjoyed watching him put my bracelets, high heels and bras on! He loves skateboarding, basketball and football. He is certainly rough and robust yes, but not resilient nor easy. He is sensitive but very unpredictable, which you say is a girl thing! What’s the point of a post like that, it only makes us homophobic!

    1. It’s not really “homophobic” it’s just stereotypical gender roles which most children learn regardless. It was an article expressing one persons opinion. It was supposed to be a bit of fun and a light read. Some people are way to melodramatic when it comes to this stuff seriously. Get a grip.

  4. My daughter is 3 and she is her daddy’s shadow.IIt’s so fun to watch them play and see them sleeping all cuddled up next to each other. It makes me happy

  5. Oh my word relax ppl this is not a serious article… Geeeeeeeez, some of you just need to ease up, this poor article is just describing the joys of knowing your expecting a girl or wanting a girl, its not that serious up to education degrees etc… Its just that moment joy of having a lil girl it really doesn’t mean your lifes child will revolve around pink clothes and fun all the time… Goodness gracious me

  6. Without wanting to rain on the parade too much there are some assumptions here that there’s only one type of family… Potentially hurtful for mums where a dad may not be part of the picture.

    1. I totally agree with this point. I have chosen to have my little girl alone and she will be a mummy’s girl! But in all honesty you get used to comments like this because nearly every class etc that you go to they talk about the father constantly so you just learn to ignore it.

  7. Aww I just broke up with the love of my life and wanted to have a daddy’s girl for him to come home to and have a little girl to call my own but I guess I’ll end up alone

    1. I feel for you but instead you will have a mummy’s girl who will be raised by a strong woman, to be a strong woman. Good luck x

  8. Honestly this political correctness needs to stop at some point, must every single solve everyone’s problem ???? There is nothing homophobic about this article, if you don’t like the gender selection, dont!, if you do fine! Relax and stop being a kill joy on the comments section :p

  9. I very much agree with everything. And my little 3 year old is the Daddy’s Girl. Seeing them together makes me so happy and lightens my day.

  10. Apart from the fact this is supposed to be light-hearted I get that, what I find worse is the article assumes it’s only going to be read by expecting mums …. 1,5,6,9 and 10 make me feel like an imposter on your site, perhaps have a thought about us dads! we are excited and reading blog posts too.

  11. Wow. When will the comment trolls quit. People just cry and b**** and moan about every single little thing. It says at the top light hearted fun article. People will find any excuse to try and bring someone down. The author was having and with number 10 I know some people won’t have a man in the picture, every situation is different, however in 100 percent of pregnancies it takes a man’s sperm to create a baby so the author was just making a general point.

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