10 Great Things About Having A Baby Girl

10 Great Things About Having A Baby Girl

Some parents-to-be don’t have a preference for the sex of their baby. Others might secretly (or not so secretly) hope for a little girl, or particularly want a little boy.

If you’ve just found out that you’re expecting a baby girl, or if you’re strongly hoping your midwife or partner will place a little daughter in your arms, here are some great things about having a baby girl.

10 Great Things About Having A Baby Girl

Please note this article is meant to be a bit of fun. It’s about the short term view of having a baby girl; it doesn’t set out to delve into the deeper awesome things about having a daughter – that’s a topic for another article!

Here are 10 great things about having a baby girl – things lots of parents get excited about.

#1: You Get To Raise The Next Generation Of Rebel Girls

It’s true to say you won’t be raising your daughter in a gender-neutral, sexism-free world, but this doesn’t mean it’s all bad. In fact, now is a great time to be a woman.

Women are breaking through barriers. They’re achieving more than ever, and levelling the playing field in careers, and in politics. You can raise your daughter to be a part of that.

You can teach her to work hard, to challenge the system, and to seek out equality. The days of women being restricted to domestic duties are long gone.

You can encourage her to find her voice and not be afraid to use it. Teach her to question what she’s told, to speak out against injustice, and to fight for what she believes in.

The world won’t change without the help of strong women who are willing to stand up and be heard. You get to raise your daughter in a world where women can achieve anything.

#2: You Can Play A Part In Ending Mean Girl Culture

There are few things more tedious than hearing women tear down other women. This in-fighting begins early, when little girls start leaving each other out and vying for popularity in the playground.

As the parent of a little girl, you can teach her kindness, inclusivity and empathy. You can teach her to befriend everyone and to make sure nobody feels left out. And remember, the best way to teach this is by modelling the behaviour yourself.

At playgroup, seek out new mamas to say hi to. Reach out to other women and include them in your conversations. Don’t talk about people behind their backs. Be the change you want to see in the world, and your child will follow your example.

#3: You Can Be Lorelai & Rory #motherdaughtergoals

Fans of Gilmore Girls will tell you their main goal in life is to replicate Lorelei and Rory’s close knit relationship.

Now that you have a baby girl, you can set the wheels in motion for a lifetime of Friday night movies, breakfast at Luke’s diner, and over-sharing to your heart’s content. What more could you want in life?

#4: The Clothes

Ok, so this one might be a little more superficial than the whole ‘rebel girls’ thing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Clothes for baby boys just can’t compete with the stripey tights, floral Peter Pan vests and cord dresses the baby girl department has to offer.

There are frilly dresses, floral rompers, and Mary Jane shoes just spilling out of the aisles. It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping. And don’t worry, it’s not all about pink; you can get some gorgeous colourful outfits for baby girls. Plus there are tights with ruffled bottoms. Go on, buy some.

#5: She’ll Be Your Mini-Me

There’s a reason men often seem to want sons, whereas women long for daughters – it’s simply because the idea of having a ‘mini-me’ is so appealing.

You were a girl, so you might find the idea of having a girl more appealing – especially if you didn’t have brothers or many male friends while you were growing up.

#6: You’ll Know What She’s Going Through

You have been a little girl, and you have experienced friendship, puberty, and love as a growing girl. This might make you feel better equipped to relate to a little girl – simply because you know what life as a girl is like.

You know what it’s like to get your first period, to buy your first bra, and to have a first crush, because you’ve done all of those things yourself.

Of course, it also means you know what’s ahead during your daughter’s teenage years. And that isn’t exactly fun, from a parental point of view – just ask your mum.

#7: It’s Much Harder For Her To Wee Into Your Wine

Any nappy-free time is much less risky when you’re dealing with a little girl. Girls simply don’t have the equipment to ‘spray’ you. Any stray wees will probably end up soaking into your jeans or making a mess on your sofa. It’s not ideal, but it’s undeniably better than watching the stream fly straight through the air and land in your glass of red.

Little boys are born experts at peeing in things. They pee in your wine, in your dinner, and even in your face. Your baby girl is much more likely to pee all over herself than on you. It might not be ladylike, but it’s a much better option than having your makeup stripped off with high-flying urine three times a day.

#9: She Will Want To Be You

Ok, maybe not during the teenage years, but when she’s a toddler, you’ll be the epitome of perfection to her. She’ll follow you around the house, stomp around in your high heels, and play babies with her dolls.

You’re her very first sneak peek of what her life will be like. She’ll spend hours perfecting her own mini version of you.

#10: You Can Break Stereotypes Together

“Oh, little girls, they’re so nice and sweet and gentle”, people say. But they’re only the people who don’t have daughters of their own. You’ll soon realise little girls can get just as muddy, shout just as loudly, and throw just as many tantrums as little boys can.

Apart from peeing standing up, and a few other things, girls can do anything boys can do. And you can take great pleasure in teaching your daughter this truth. Teach her to dare, to climb, to leap, and to trust herself, so she can smash through any glass ceilings, and be the strong woman you help her to become.

So, go forth, and start work on the next generation of independent women!

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve read so many articles talking about typical “girly” roles. It’s not me, and my daughter will be sure to know throughout her life that she can and will be anything she sets her mind to. Bring on the drums, playing in the mud and being a strong, independent, intelligent human being.

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