7 Conversations You’re Guaranteed To Hear At Mothers Groups

7 Conversations You're Guaranteed To Hear At Mothers Groups

Attending a mothers group (also known as a baby group) is a great way to enjoy some adult company, meet other mamas who know what you’re going through and widen your social circle.

You’ll have a guaranteed captive audience to provide sympathy when you tell them how tired you are, and your baby will get to spend some time surrounded by his peers.

Oh, and there’s usually tea and biscuits (okay, maybe cake) to be had.

You probably won’t hear much in the way of lively political debate, unless you’re counting the fierce battleground of mamas proclaiming their allegiance to either puree or baby led weaning.

In fact, the conversational topics at baby groups can be pretty predictable. As a new mama, you probably have a one-track mind at the moment (no, not in that way), so it’s no wonder you want to talk to other new mamas about all of your triumphs, battles and fears.

Conversations You’ll Hear At Mothers Groups

Here are seven conversation you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear at mothers groups:

#1: “I’m SO Tired”

There hasn’t been a mothers group in the history of mothers groups where this sentence wasn’t muttered at least a billion times.

There is no better place to find sympathy for your exhaustion than a room full of new parents who have also been awake all night thanks to parenthood. You won’t be judged for being too tired to string a sentence together here, oh no, instead you’ll be welcomed into the collectively knackered bosom and encouraged to enjoy the brain fog that sleep deprivation brings.

In need of an icebreaker to start a conversation with a mama you don’t know? Go with how tired you are. Always.

#2: Toilet Talk

You won’t get through a baby group without mentioning your baby’s bathroom habits at least once.

Whether you’re telling a hilarious story about getting baby poo in your eyebrow or stressing about the colour of your baby’s poop, your groupies won’t judge you.

It’s surprising just how much time a person can spend obsessing over the contents of a nappy, and wait until potty training, then your baby’s toilet tricks really will feel like a fulltime job.

#3: Breastfeeding

As soon as the first mama whips out a boob to feed her child, the breastfeeding chat can commence.

Breastfeeding mamas will share their hardships, victories and tips for a better night’s sleep. For those who have stopped breastfeeding, now is the time they may want to relive the anguish and emotions of their breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding is always going to be a topic of conversation for new mamas, both for those who are doing it and those who aren’t.

#4: Birth Stories

It may take you a while to emotionally recover from the birth. Some women feel empowered by their birth experiences, but others may feel hurt or traumatised by the birth of their child.

However you feel about the event, you may find yourself keen to share your experience with others. A chat over a cup of tea with some understanding new mamas could be all you need to debrief after the birth.

Every birth group features a small circle of women sharing their birth stories with one another. For ideas of what you can say, check out this article 9 Things To Say When She Didn’t Get The Birth She Hoped For.

#5: Word Of Mouth

All new parents become experts in all things to do with babies. After all, you spend approximately all of your waking time intensely studying your baby, about three hours a day researching baby matters on Google and hours each week canvassing your peers for their parenting wisdom.

With all that background work, you can officially class yourself as an expert, and that leaves you ideally placed to share your newfound wisdom with others. Of course, all other new parents feel the same way, so you will spend a lot of time together giving and receiving advice, product recommendations and sharing top tips.

If you’re wondering which nappy rash cream works best, which toys your baby will go crazy for and which clothing shops have a sale on in their babywear department, head to your local baby group to find out. Someone will know.

#6: The Obligatory Moan About Partners

It has to be done, doesn’t it? No matter how committed, helpful and wonderful your partner is, you can still be excused for having a little moan about the way he stacks the dishes in the dishwasher, puts empty food packets back in the cupboard or gets the baby all excited before bed.

You’re bound to be irritable when you’re surviving on minimal sleep, and having a quick moan at baby group might stop you going crazy at your partner for something insignificant. It might not feel insignificant now, but remember that you haven’t slept for more than two hours at a time for the past few months.

#7: First Date Proposals

Nope, don’t worry, baby groups aren’t seedy places where new parents go to have affairs. These aren’t romantic date proposals, they’re new mama friend first date proposals. You see, once you’ve found that mama friend who shares your sense of humour, brightens your day and seems genuinely interested in your baby, you won’t want to let her go.

It’s all very well seeing her once a week at baby group, but pretty soon you’ll be ready to take things to the next level. Yep, you need to ask her out. You can invite her round to yours for the afternoon, meet up for a coffee or suggest a picnic in the park. This is your chance to take your friendship to the next level.

Don’t be nervous. Remember, she’s probably just as desperate for decent adult company as you are.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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