Would You Turn Your Extra IVF Embryos Into Jewellery?

Would You Turn Your Extra IVF Embryos Into Jewellery?

An Australian company are offering to turn extra IVF embryos into jewellery for couples who want a keepsake of their fertility journey.

Baby Bee Hummingbirds create beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery from extra IVF embryos for couples all over the world.

The company prides themselves on “turning memories into something tangible”.

Would You Turn Your Extra IVF Embryos Into Jewellery?

For couples who have been through IVF, the fertility treatment is often only a part of their long journey to have a baby.

The keepsake jewellery offers couples a way of paying homage to their emotional journey to parenthood.

The company, founded by midwife Amy McGlade in 2014, offers embryo jewellery, as well as breastmilk and hair keepsakes, for women who want wearable art to celebrate motherhood.

Couples having IVF often end up with more embryos than they need. Extra embryos are usually frozen and stored for a set period.

Once that period is up, the parents can choose what they want to do with the extra embryos.

They may wish to use the embryos for another round of IVF, but for those who don’t, they can donate the embryos either to other couples struggling with infertility or to research facilities.

Baby Bee Hummingbirds have given parents another option, allowing them to keep their embryos in a unique and beautiful keepsake.

Writing on their Instagram Page, Baby Bee Hummingbirds says: “The families we craft for are truly aware of the various worldwide options for Embryos in storage. They are informed, educated & loving people who have made an educated decision.”

Sharing the words of a happy customer along with the photograph of her beautiful heart shaped embryo ash pendant, the post reads:

“You have no idea how I felt when I opened this box, pure joy, sadness, a journey finally completed. All those years of pain, anguish, torment and triumph all finally at peace. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tortured myself for months over what I would do with my remaining embryos and this has given me so much comfort and peace. My babies will forever be next to my heart, always loved and cherished.”

The company has come under fire from critics, with some saying the destruction of embryos goes against religion. Most people, however, are supportive of couples having IVF and feel that scientific breakthroughs in the field are a positive thing.

The pieces of jewellery are beautiful and, for couples who have struggled with infertility, they are a perfect way to celebrate their fertility journey.

Want to know more about how IVF works? Take a look at this video.



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