Modern Cloth Nappies – Myths About Modern Cloth Nappies

There is a lot of misinformation about modern cloth nappies in circulation amongst the general public. Though false, these rumours can put new mums off the idea of cloth nappies altogether. In an attempt to help you better understand modern cloth nappies, here are seven of the most popular myths:

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #1 – Cloth Nappies Smell Funny

Some people assume that, because they are reused, modern cloth nappies constantly smell like baby poo. I think these people imagine that by the child’s first birthday, they are wearing a nappy that smells as bad as a whole year’s worth of poo. Obviously, this isn’t the case. They smell like your laundry detergent! Like clothes, the nappies go into the wash dirty, and come out clean and smelling fresh.

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #2 – Cloth Nappies Never Really Get Clean

Probably the same people who think the nappies smell, also imagine the nappies stay dirty. I think they probably imagine a hippy mum scraping some dirt off a nappy before whacking it straight back on Junior’s bottom. In fact, that’s far from the reality. After washing, the nappies come out clean, soft and white (assuming you bought white ones, you may not have!). They don’t stain and they don’t look grubby. The modern cloth nappies come in a variety of colours and patterns that will great after every wash.

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #3 – Washing Cloth Nappies Is Such A Hassle

When faced with the daunting prospect of life as a first time parent, many people decide modern cloth nappies are a step too far. They’ll already be changing 3000 nappies during that first year, do they really want to wash them as well? In reality, washing the nappies is easy. It’s just an extra load of washing every few days. If you just read that and thought “But I don’t do washing that frequently,” ha! Wait till the baby is born! With modern cloth nappies, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to buy nappies at the supermarket, you won’t need to worry about spending half of your wage on nappies, because you’ll already have all the nappies you need. All you need to do is remember to wash them.

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #4 – They’re Not As Eco As They Seem

You know those people who always want to undermine everything you do? Well, those people will probably say modern cloth nappies aren’t actually that good for the environment, but they’re wrong. Lifecycle analysis has shown that modern cloth nappies, even when taking into account manufacture and washing, are much better for the environment than disposables. Disposable nappies require lots of chemicals in the manufacturing process, whereas you can now buy totally organic modern cloth nappies. Disposable nappies end up as landfill, rotting and releasing methane gas. Modern cloth nappies are likely to be recycled for years because they will last for quite a few babies!

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #5 – You Can’t Use Them Out And About

This is another popular myth amongst the general public. Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that even if this was the case, you’d still be saving money and the planet by using modern cloth nappies part time. Most importantly though, modern cloth nappies are great for using out and about. All you need is a ‘wet nappy bag’ (these are usually supplied in the nappy kits) and you’re good to go. The nappy bag contains any smells while you’re out, and you simply wash it with the rest of the nappies when you do your next load.

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #6 – Modern Cloth Nappies Leak

You might have heard people saying that modern cloth nappies leak, or you can’t use them at night because they leak, this is simply more misinformation. Modern cloth nappies don’t leak. And, if they do, all you need to do is add in a bumper pad to make it more absorbent. Problem solved! Lots of the nappy brands provide night time pads which are thicker and more absorbent to enable your baby to sleep longer. Don’t worry about them leaking, it’s rarely a problem and when it is, it’s easily solved.

Modern Cloth Nappy Myth #7 – One Baby Won’t Make A Difference To The Planet

When you’re hearing statistics like 900 million Australian nappies a year are ending up in landfill, it’s easy to feel that, as one person, you can’t make much of a difference. But in fact, your baby will use 3000 nappies in the first year alone, that’s a lot of landfill. Don’t use the big problem stop you from making a little change. Your baby may just be one person, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach them to respect the planet from a young age. Every little change adds up, after all.

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