Modern Cloth Nappies – What Are The Benefits?

Modern Cloth Nappies - What Are The Benefits?

If you’re currently pregnant, then you may already know what I’m about to say.

If you don’t, then reading it is quite likely to make you cry, scream, lock yourself in a cupboard, or all of the above.

I almost don’t want to tell you, in case you freak out. But, since this is the internet, and I won’t actually have to watch you having a breakdown while heavily pregnant, I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

A baby will need approximately 3,000 nappy changes in the first year alone.

I’m sorry. I had to say it.

It’s ok, really, it won’t feel like anywhere near that many. You’ll be so exhausted you’ll probably sleepwalk through most of them.

At least you’re not having twins! Oh, you are? Well, what’s a few more nappy changes between friends?

What Are The Benefits Of Modern Cloth Nappies?

Below are the major differences between cloth and disposable nappies. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the end of the article!

Disposables = A Whole Heap Of Landfill

Doing 3,000 nappy changes is a great deal of work. If you choose to use disposable nappies, you’ll need to buy (and throw away) 3,000 nappies. Not only is that costly, it’s also bad for the planet.

If each baby born in Australia used that many nappies, that would mean almost 900 million nappies going into landfill each year.

Slow To Decompose Disposables

A disposable nappy takes at least 200 years to decompose.

So, the baby having his nappy changed right now, will be a Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparent by the time that nappy decomposes. That is a terrifying thought. And, when your baby’s Great Great Great Great Great Great grandkids are playing out in the patch of landfill they call a garden, they might not be very pleased with how we looked after the planet for them.

A more environmentally friendly option is to choose modern cloth nappies. Even taking into account the energy needed to wash them, these nappies are still much better for the environment. Modern cloth nappies have a very long life before they make it to landfill, because they can be used for more than one child.

Big Savings When You Go For Modern Cloth

By the time your toddler is potty trained, you will have spent just under $4,000 on disposable nappies. Or $4,000 on landfill, if you want to be dramatic. If you opted instead for modern cloth nappies, your expenditure would total less than $1,000, and that includes the cost of washing. Using modern cloth nappies saves you money, and that’s hardly something you can complain about.

A kit of modern cloth nappies will cost you around $500. It might sound like a huge investment, but they will last till your baby is potty trained, and you will even be able to use them on any future children you might have.

And, when you’re finished having children, you’ll probably be able to sell the nappies on and get back some of the money. There is a big market for second hand modern cloth nappies because they’re built to last. In fact, some mums buy second hand nappies, use them from birth until potty training, and then sell them on for the same price they originally paid. Bargain!

The thought of the extra washing might put you off, but don’t worry about that. You soon get into the hang of knowing when you need to put a wash on, and then it’s no problem at all. Really, you won’t even notice it.

Cloth Nappies Have Evolved

When you hear the term ‘cloth nappy’, you are probably imagining a square of fabric with a safety pin.

Luckily, there have been huge advancements since those early days. Cloth nappies are now a similar shape to disposable nappies, and they’re really easy to use. There are no sharp pins in sight!

Cloth nappies now come in an array of bright and beautiful colours and patterns, so you’ll definitely be able to find some you love. There are lots of different types on modern cloth nappies to choose from.

Some fasten with poppers, and others with velcro. You might like to try out a few different brands before settling on your favourites.

You can hire nappies to try out from modern cloth nappy libraries across Australia, this will give you a better idea of which ones are best suited to your baby. Once you’ve decided on your chosen brand, it might be worth buying in bulk to save money.

When you consider the financial benefits, along with the environmental advantages, it’s easy to see why modern cloth nappies are growing in popularity.

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  1. I used disposables for the first 8 weeks, I brought 6 BBH MCN and fell in love, I now have a large stash of BBH and cc’s, at first my partner couldn’t see the sense in it, but we have it down packed, we don’t buy disposables or wipes, we love it, I have out laid around $400. I have around 100 MCN’s 🙂

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