10 Things I Love About Cloth Nappies

10 Things I Love About Cloth Nappies

I love cloth nappies. A lot.

And I reckon the fact that you’re reading this article means that you love them too.

I got my daughter from birth to potty using cloth nappies five years ago and now I’m going through it all again with my new baby.

I’ve been trying to savour this baby stage because I know it won’t last long. The wakeful nights, the endless nappy changes, the slobber (like a Saint Bernard, seriously).

10 Things I Love About Cloth Nappies

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it is that makes this stage so enjoyable, and one of those things is the nappies.

Probably not many parents would have that on their list of best bits, but cloth nappies make the baby stage all the more beautiful, and here’s 10 reasons why:

#1: The Giant Bum

Is there anything more adorable than the sight of a baby with a humongous bum? No. No, there isn’t.

A teeny baby with a massive bum is better than all the sunsets, puppies and stylish flatlays Instagram has to throw at me. Cloth nappies are adorable because they give your baby a sizable behind.

This, of course, provides you with ample opportunity to rap along to Sir Mix-A-Lot, should you wish to do so. You don’t have to, but I would strong recommend it.

#2: The Solidarity

I hate the divisive nature of motherhood. The media pits mums against each other and turns everything into a heated debate. I’ve never once seen anyone at a baby group judged for how they feed their baby, but the media cannot stop talking about it as though this is all new mamas are thinking about. Snore.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to find your tribe. Your tribe is made up of the mamas who get you. They know what you’re going through because they’re going through it too. Look out for babies with mahoosive butts at babygroup, they have eco-warrior mamas just like you. Find them, befriend them and never let go.

When I see a baby in a washable nappy, I know me and the mama are going to click.

#3: I Can Be An Eco-Mama

Motherhood has the potential to strip you of the things that make you you. All of a sudden, you are thrust into motherhood and you don’t have time to read books, follow politics or see your favourite bands. Your head is full of baby information and not much else. It’s easy to get lost.

Using cloth nappies helps me to keep alive that bit of me that cares about the planet. It would be easy to silence her and just go with the status quo, but I don’t.

I care about how much waste I put into landfill. I might not have the time to read all about it or the energy to go to protests, but I can keep doing these little things that I know make a difference. Cloth nappies help me to keep my inner eco-warrior alive.

#4: The Colours

Cloth nappies come in every colour under the sun and I love that. My nappy stash is brightly coloured just like the rest of my baby’s things. I have bright pinks, dark greens, yellows, blues. You name it, I have it. Even orange, and I hate orange.

Babies in cloth nappies look adorable because they’re adorned in colourful nappies. Disposable nappies simply don’t look as good.

One of my favourite things to do is stick my baby in a washable nappy and take photos of her, I know I will treasure those photos forever. Even if I have hundreds of them, which I do.

#5: The Prints

I bought a 20 pack of colourful washable nappies when my first daughter was born. Before baby number two came along, I replaced the velcro on the nappies to make them good as new. I definitely wasn’t going to buy anymore because it was totally unnecessary when I already had plenty.

Oh, wait, look at that one with the bikes on. Oh and that zebra print is cute. Eee a fox!

Yep, I’m now one of those hardcore crunchy mamas with randomly chosen nappies in different prints. I don’t know how it happened. They’re just so cute. I don’t need them, but I love them. So that’s ok, right? I might have a cloth nappy addiction, find out if you do here.

#6: The Convenience

The general public seems to think cloth nappies are hard work. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is so easy to stick a load of laundry on when you’re getting close to the end of your stash.

I’ve never run out of nappies at 3am and had to make a mad dash to the 24 hour garage for nappies. I always have enough nappies. I don’t have to worry about whether they’re the right size because they’re designed to last from birth to potty (saving me a lot of money to boot!).

Using cloth nappies is easy peasy.

#7: The Cushion

My baby can sit up, she seemed to develop that skill early and I’m pretty certain that’s down to the nappies. They give her a wide area to rest on and seem to make sitting up so much easier.

Cloth nappies also provide a great crash pad for toppling babies. When they’re cruising but not yet masterful at sitting down again, a cloth nappy will protect that precious behind from bumps and bruises.

#8: The Communication

My eldest daughter was out of nappies long before she reached 18 months. Thanks to cloth nappies, she always knew when she needed to use the toilet. Disposable nappies can retain so much pee that babies seem unaware when they need to go. The cloth nappies I use can hold a maximum of two pees, though I always change after one.

I think this helps babies to learn when they need to pee and definitely made for an easier transition to knickers. My baby can already to communicate with me when she wants changing (by being really cranky, I’m hoping she will develop better communication skills as she ages) and I love this extra opportunity to respond to her needs.

#9: The Lack Of Nappy Rash

The nappies I use are made of cotton. They are breathable and seem to suit my daughter’s skin nicely. On the few occasions we have used disposables, her bum ends up looking a little red. I find that modern cloth nappies are better for her skin.

I also use washable wipes which can be shoved in the wash with the nappies. They’re cotton too and I use water with them so there’s no chemicals involved unlike on commercial baby wipes.

#10: The Smug

Fine, I’ll admit it, using cloth nappies makes me feel a little smug. I’m not filling landfill sites with thousands of nappies that will take generations to biodegrade. I’m actively trying to minimise my daughter’s impact on the planet. I want my kids to grow up conscious of the world around them and I think this needs to start at birth. It’s an easy thing to do yet it does make a big difference to the planet.

What are your favourite things about cloth nappies? My daughter will be starting on solid foods next month, then I probably won’t love nappy changes quite so much. I’m already dreading those nappies.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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