Photographer Captures The Moment Babies’ Heads Are Born

Photographer Captures The Moment Babies' Heads Are Born

Once you’re holding your newborn baby in your arms, gazing down at those beautiful big eyes, it can be hard to believe the baby came out of you.

If it wasn’t for that all too real memory of crowning and the associated burning sensation, you might not believe you birthed the baby at all.

Not many mamas get to see the moment their baby’s head is born, after all, it would take some pretty impressive flexibility to be able to see down there at nine months pregnant!

Marry Fermont, a professional birth photographer from the Netherlands, has created a photo series capturing the exact moment babies’ heads are born.

Fermont wrote on her blog, “When I was just starting out with birth photography in 2011, I was terrified of missing something. I focused on the parents’ emotions, and everything else I could get on camera was a bonus.”

Capturing The Moment Between Womb And World

The turning point came in 2012 when the birth photographer was able to get a clearer image of a baby crowning. A baby was born was the cord wrapped around his neck, and the midwife chose to cut the cord when only the baby’s head had been delivered. This allowed Fermont and her camera to capture an amazing image of the baby being born.

When Fermont shared the photo online it sparked an intense debate about whether or not the midwife had made the right call. Fermont says of the image, “I loved the photo so much, that I decided I wanted to take a photo like it far more often!”

Speaking to BellyBelly, Fermont said: “This is a moment that just happens. Most women don’t even realise their baby is born, they are in a different place. To have a photo like this and to really look back at this moment is very special.”

Photographer Captures The Moment Babies' Heads Are Born

The intimate nature of the photographs mean Fermont isn’t often able to share them online. She told BellyBelly, “Normally I can’t share these images because a lot of women find this a really personal moment, although you don’t “see” anything. But this moment is magical. This is when you actually realise there is a whole baby inside that belly! It’s also the moment that you are ‘almost there’, in most cases: one more push and the baby is born. Technically they’re are not born yet, they are born as soon as the shoulders have appeared”

The photo series has given a veil of anonymity to the women featured, allowing the photographs to be shared with the world. The stunning photographs capture that moment just before a baby is born, as they enter the world for the very first time.

Photographer Captures The Moment Babies' Heads Are Born

Birth Position Controversy

There has been some controversy about the images, with some people complaining that all of the births seem to have taken place while the mamas are lying on their backs. Fermont told BellyBelly, “It would have been nice to have more photos of women birthing not on their back! Unfortunately, that’s still something you see often here in the Netherlands, although it’s the worst position to birth your baby.”

Upright positions are generally better for labour as they allow gravity to play a part in helping the baby to travel down the birth canal. You can read more about the benefits of upright labour here.

Photographer Captures The Moment Babies' Heads Are Born

If you love Marry Fermont’s work, check out her photography series showing how babies fit inside their mother’s wombs.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.


  1. Wow this is beautiful! I wish I had a picture like that of my son. But I don’t think it’s possible with a water birth… But these are amazing photos I’m sure those moms cherish

    1. It is possible with water birth. With a waterproof camera, when I was pregnant my sister took some beautiful pictures of my partner kissing my belly

  2. Life is a beautiful thing to see happen. As long as it is done with the permission and respect of the parents. Please do not take offense but if it is legal to have porn sites, showing the life of a new person shouldn’t be a problem. Honestly if you disagree with the photography don’t pay attention. Photography is an art so is bringing a life into the world. Pictures like these are much better then most you see on the internet.

  3. I personally think these are awful I have children and I don’t believe they would of appreciated me doing this either each to their own but what a disgusting thought

    1. Its not “disgusting” its different. A better, less harsh term to use if you, yourself, are not used to it.

    2. Sorry but “disgusting” ? I guarantee yoy watch porn… I bet you like that?! This is nature. Your comment is harsh and ignorant.

    3. Speak for yourself and keep your negativity on a low if you’re not used to an idea of how others want to express art…this is amazing and so different.

  4. I was lucky enough that my exes mum was able to capture this moment for me when my daughter was born.. I think its such an amazing thing to be able to look back on.

  5. i love these pictures, and wouldve lobed to habe had one taken, i actually did get to see her head come out, it was amazing.

  6. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s amazing and beautiful! I’m currently unmarried and not looking to have children anytime soon, but when that time comes this will definitely be taken into consideration. I would love to have a photo like that. I just hope I would be able to find a photographer who would be willing to do it.

  7. These are lovely pictures, it’s so special to think that they won’t hav even taken their first breath yet, but you can see their little face! My mum and partner were at my birth and when my little boys head came out it was propped up by his little hand! Mum n my partner couldn’t believe it n I was jealous that I couldn’t see too! I’m glad they got to see it thought because I know it’s a lovely memory they will never forget! Xxx

  8. I love this too! Coming from a mom who had one natural and one c-section this was very nice and inclusive. I kept reminiscing as to how my sons both came out and the beauty of life. So wonderful and there is nothing gross about this. its how we ALL got here!

  9. I would have loved a picture of my girls crowning. But at both times, my birthing partners (1st time: my mom, grandma and auntie) thry were helping me through my first birth and taking turns holding my hand through contractions. And tge second time (my mom and boyfriend) were also helping me, as i didnt get the epidural until i was 8cm dilated. Lol. But oh my gosh… I can only wish

  10. These pictures remind me of how strong our bodies are and how truly miraculous and beautiful the birthing process is!

  11. So grateful to be fortunate enough to share in the beauty here. I’ve assisted at a few friends births as well. I’ve never understood people who are grossed put by birth. I find it to be the most power events I’ve witnessed. The emotion, the work, the strain, the love. Such over flowing love <3

  12. Gross.
    I don’t think it’s appropriate at all. It’s a very intimate thing that we don’t exactly need to see unless it’s in a book for learning or if you’d like to have your own pic for your OWN photo album.
    I clicked because i was curious. But I don’t think it is right.
    Don’t need any negative comments. Thanks.

    1. That is your opinion, which you are untitled to I guess but the majority feels it’s a beautiful moment captured!

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