Stunning Photography Shows How Babies Fit In The Womb

Stunning Photography Shows How Babies Fit In The Womb

When you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s not that difficult to imagine how your baby might fit in the womb.

After all, your baby is only the size of a lima bean, grape, or avocado, so there’s plenty of room to spare.

As your baby grows, however, you may be left wondering how on earth it all fits in there.

Even as your bump expands, there doesn’t seem to be enough room for your stomach (heartburn, anyone?) or bladder (aka, your baby’s stress ball).

Once you’re nearing the end of the pregnancy, there isn’t much space for your baby to stretch her legs, and you’re unlikely to feel the fetal acrobatics you did in the second trimester.

Once your baby is placed into your arms, and after going into shock that you managed to create somebody so perfect, you’ll wonder how it’s possible that this fully grown baby was inside you just moments ago. There just isn’t enough room, surely?

Stunning Proof – Babies Really Do Fit

Dutch birth photographer and midwife, Marry Fermont, has the answer. She has photographed over 100 births, and has a pretty unique selling point. As well as the traditional birth shots you might expect, Fermont likes to snap a shot of the baby to show how she fit inside the womb.

At the very first birth she attended, the photographer was present when the midwife showed the new parents exactly how their baby had been positioned in the womb. This unique perspective allowed the parents to see just how the baby fit in there, which is pretty hard to imagine once they’re out. Ever since then, Fermont has been photographing midwives holding newborn babies in this way.

Sometimes it’s the new dads who get to recreate this pregnancy shot, with a little help from the midwife.

Stunning Photography Shows How Babies Fit In The Womb

The Miracle of Pregnancy

These photos not only answer the important question ‘How did the baby fit in the womb?’ they also pay homage to the miracle of pregnancy. These stunning photographs are a beautiful keepsake of pregnancy, showing the position baby would have been in just hours before, safely nestled in the womb.

It’s also a great way of bridging that gap between pregnancy and motherhood. After nine months of battling pregnancy symptoms, it can be a shock to finally have your baby in your arms.

The photos are beautiful, and don’t the babies look adorably squishy and soft, expertly held in the caring arms of their midwives? Many women feel supported and cared for during labour, and this photograph is a great way of remembering your midwife too. Though the photographs featuring the new fathers are probably the best simply because they capture the overwhelming love and pride on the father’s face.
Stunning Photography Shows How Babies Fit In The Womb

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  1. It’s beyond amazing that you are able to capture these moment’s you have noted such remarkable photo’s I wish I could have you at the birth of my baby girl so I could account for every moment well keep up the good work in showing one how beautiful and amazing child birth really is

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