A GoPro + First Day Of Kindergarten = Gorgeous [VIDEO]

A GoPro + First Day Of Kindergarten = Gorgeous [VIDEO]

The first day of kindergarten is a big one for both children and parents.

It’s the very first step your child takes towards formal education.

It might be the first time you’ve left her in such a setting, or perhaps she’s been in daycare for years now.

Either way, as she says goodbye and runs into school, you’re likely to be feeling a little emotional.

As the door closes behind your child, you’re left wondering what she’ll get up to.

Will the other children be nice? Will she make friends? Will she like her teacher? What sort of activities will she be doing?

You won’t find out the answer to these questions until you pick her up at hometime. And even then, trying to get sense out of a kindergartener isn’t exactly easy, so you may be left in the dark. Unless, that is, you stick a GoPro on her.

Heartwarming GoPro Footage Shows What Kindergarten Is Really Like

That’s what Craig Elementary in St Louis decided to do this year. One lucky little girl, Adrianna, was given a GoPro camera to wear for for her very first day of kindergarten, and the footage was used to create a heartwarming video.

Adrianna starts the day like many others, excitedly jumping around her house shouting, “It’s the first day of kindergarten!” Far from seeming anxious, the little girl seems excited to be starting this new chapter in her life. Once she’s ready, it’s time to go and catch the bus.

A group of emotional looking parents wait tentatively by the side of the road, armed with cameras, as their kindergarteners board the iconic yellow school bus. Luckily for Adrianna, a friend has saved her a seat on the bus.

The new kindergarteners arrive at school to be greeted by their head teacher and plenty of bubbles. The head teacher high fives all of the kids on the way in, and then the children find their classroom. One thing that is really apparent when watching the video, is just how small kindergarteners are. Teachers and older kids tower above Adrianna as she makes her way to her kindergarten room.

Once her bags are put away in their place, it’s time to get to business. And the business of the day is, of course, colouring in. At the end of the video, we see other children joining Adrianna at the colouring in table. The video is set Taylor Swift’s Never Grow Up.

Good luck getting through it without crying, especially if you’ve recently dropped your own preschooler off for that all important first day.

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  1. Awe I cried! It’s so touching to see your little one go into a big school and everything is so new! My little man is starting kindergarten this year and how I will miss him! Though I am excited for him I am also nervous!!

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