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Many years ago, organising a child’s party was quite a simple task. The parents would just set the date for the party, make or buy invitations and send them to the guests. Then, all they needed to do on the day of the party was prepare the food and put simple decorations in the house or venue where the party would take place.

These days, organising kids’ birthday parties is getting a tad more elaborate and involves more preparation. Kids these days get a lot more information from all forms of media and the internet. Because of this, kids today have their own ideas on how they want to celebrate and birthday parties have gone up to a whole new level.

Before you begin planning your child’s party, you need to choose a theme for your child’s birthday celebration. But how will you know which party theme is best for your child? If your child is old enough to understand, why not talk to him/her about it? The birthday party theme should be connected to something your child enjoys. It could be a hobby, sports, a super hero, etc. Listen to what your child has to say and talk things out if the birthday party theme ideas of your child may be too difficult to pull off. At any rate, you need to be practical when you organize your child’s birthday party.

There are several different kinds of birthday party themes that you can choose from but some party themes are more popular than the others. Following have been listed as some of the favourites among kids’ party themes:

Most Popular Party Themes for Girls

1. Princess Party

Every little girl wants to be a princess. You can make your daughter a princess for a day. Dress her up in her princess gown and tiara and turn your home into a castle.

2. Tea Party

The tea party is a popular kids’ party theme. Little girls like this theme because they get to put on a nice dress and sit at the table where they get to drink tea from china cups and eat scones just like the adults do. One version of the tea party that has become quite popular is the Mad Hatter Tea Party.

3. Pink Party

The pink party theme is very popular with girls of all ages. In fact, even adult women have given pink parties ” especially now that pink has become associated with breast cancer. The pink party is perhaps the easiest party that you can pull off. All you have to do is decorate your house or other venue in pink and prepare pink food!

4. Ladybug Party

The Ladybug party theme is another favourite for girls’ parties. It is a sweet theme that is commonly used for first birthday celebrations as well as older girls’ birthday parties.

5. Sleepover Party

The sleepover party is extremely popular with older girls. Despite the term “sleepover,” the girls turn this party into an all-night event, watching movies, playing games and just talking non-stop. The great thing about this party is ” there’s usually no need for you to decorate your home. You just have to make sure you have enough food as this usually means non-stop eating all through the night.

Most Popular Party Themes for Boys

1. Pirate Party

The pirate party is the most popular party theme for boys. Most boys want to dress up in a pirate costume, complete with an eye patch and a big pirate hat that has a big skull and crossbones printed on it. Characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy appeal to very young boys.

2. Superhero Party

Every little boy wants to dress up like his favourite superhero. Why not grant his wish on his birthday? It would be great if all his guests could also come dressed up like their favourite superhero.

3. Star Wars Party

The Star Wars saga has become widely popular among young boys as well as adults. It is therefore not surprising that this has also become one of the most popular themes in boys’ parties.

4. Sports Party

A sports party is ideal for young and active boys. Just make sure that you don’t take the food out before the games begin. The kids may get sick or worse, may choke on the food if they eat while playing.

5. Lego Party

A Lego party is also a great way to celebrate your son’s birthday. This party theme is a lot of fun and is a great way to bring out children’s creativity.

Once you and your child have decided on what birthday party theme is perfect for the celebration, deciding on what decorations, invitations and even food to prepare, will be a cinch.

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