2 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body and Your Baby

2 Weeks Pregnant | Signs and Symptoms

Ok, so you’re still technically not pregnant yet!

But as we know, pregnancy gestation is worked out by counting from the first day of your last menstrual period and adding 280 days (40 weeks).

This of course assumes that your period arrives exactly every 28 days and you ovulate mid cycle on day 14.

This is one of the reasons why estimated due dates can be inaccurate, because the timing of ovulation, and therefore conception, varies from woman to woman.

2 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Progesterone levels in your body begin to build and your body has been preparing for the possibility of a fertilised egg by forming a blood rich lining in your uterus. Eggs in your ovaries are beginning to ripen in sacs called follicles and one of them will be released later this week and swept into the fallopian tube.

Unlike a man who produces new sperm throughout his life, a woman is born with a lifetime’s supply of eggs already in her ovaries.

An unfertilised egg will only survive for around 24 hours after being released, while sperm can survive for around 72 hours – healthy sperm in the right environment can survive up to 7 days!

Timing is pretty important so aim to have sex sometime between 3 days before and a day after ovulation. Maximise your chances of becoming pregnant by knowing which sex positions can encourage egg-meet-sperm.

Every month your chance of becoming pregnant is about 20%, and about 90% of fertile couples will achieve a pregnancy within 12 months. So if it doesn’t happen this month, it’s still possible next month.

2 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Fertilisation usually occurs within 12 hours of ovulation, so if you know when you ovulated, you can be quite accurate with the date of conception and have a better idea of the estimated due date of your baby, bearing in mind that 280 days is the average length of gestation.

So, when you’re 2 weeks pregnant, you’re not quite pregnant just yet! But don’t worry, you almost are!

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