Can A Woman’s Orgasm Increase Chances Of Pregnancy?

Can A Woman's Orgasm Increase Chances Of Pregnancy?

No matter if you’re a man or a woman, an orgasm certainly feels great and is very beneficial for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

However, while a woman’s orgasm is not essential for conception to occur, many people wonder if it actually has a role to play as far as conception goes.

The ‘up-suck’ theory is popular amongst some experts, who believe that uterine contractions resulting from a woman’s orgasm actually assist the sperm’s journey to the egg.

While an Australian study concluded there was no direct correlation between orgasm and conception, reproductive and women’s health specialist, Dr. Andrew Orr, says, “Having done so much work with statistics, you do have to be careful of taking on board just one study. Especially when there are plenty more studies to prove otherwise”.

“There are several benefits of female orgasm that assist with conception – specifically the increased blood supply and hormone production, which increases the chances of pregnancy. Many studies have proven that it isn’t about helping the sperm. An embryo needs blood supply to live. How do you get blood flow into the pelvis? Sex and climax during which, the hormones oxytocin and prostaglandin are released to further assist implantation. We also know that orgasm helps to regulate the menstrual cycle in much the same way “ and sperm actually may help trigger ovulation,”says Dr. Orr.

So what are you waiting for?!

The below video from The Human Body is a must see if you’d like to understand how orgasm assists conception.

Professor Robert Winston is the world’s leading fertility endocrinologist, who shows us exactly what happens in the human body during orgasm.

From approximately 9:32, the video begins at ovulation, and at approximately 13:41, you can actually see climax happening, with the cervix dipping into the sperm to pull it upwards:

Additional Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Conception

Other ways you can increase your chances of conception include charting your cycle, observing your cervical mucus and having sex on fertile days.

Something that is very important to be concious of is maintaining connection and intimacy in your relationship. Avoid turning loving, nurturing sex into baby-making sex. Be informed, but don’t let your cycle rule your sex life, which will no doubt become stressful and build resent “ which is an effective contraceptive.

No matter if you have an orgasm or not, make sure you’re both looking for ways to connect with each other in a loving way on a daily basis. Too much pressure to orgasm or perform may result in no-one having any orgasms at all “ and the last thing you want is for a brick wall to be put up between you.

Recommended Reading For All Things Fertility

Below are some books I recommend for those wanting to know more about or taking control of their own fertility. Many of these books also rate very highly with BellyBelly forum members. Make sure you have one in your library!

1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

For any woman unhappy with her current method of birth control; demoralised by her quest to have a baby; or experiencing confusing symptoms in her cycle, this book provides answers to all these questions, plus amazing insights into a woman’s body. Weschler thoroughly explains the empowering Fertility Awareness Method, which in only a couple minutes a day allows a woman to:

  • Enjoy highly effective, scientifically proven birth control without chemicals or devices
  • Maximise her chances of conception or expedite fertility treatment by identifying impediments to conception
  • Increase the likelihood of choosing the gender of her baby
  • Gain control of her sexual and gynaecological health

2. Plan to Get Pregnant: 10 Steps to Maximum Fertility by Zita West

Having a baby is one of the biggest life-decisions that a couple can make together. Plan to Get Pregnant tells you what you need to do to maximize your chances of conception, and breaks the process down into 10 manageable steps. It not only talks you though getting pregnant, but it also offers guidance on how to stay pregnant, especially through the, often difficult, first trimester. From how to know when you’re both ready to become parents and what to eat for maximum fertility, to embarking on IVF treatment and beyond, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to start a family.

Zita West has numerous fertility books and I highly recommend her work. Other books from Zita West include:

3. Natural Fertility: The Complete Guide to Avoiding or Achieving Conception by Francesca Naish

Many women have problems with their fertility at some time in their lives. Solutions and preventative advice here will contribute to womens well-being, and help to overcome problems with contraception, infertility, reproductive and hormonal health. Includes:

  • The natural approach
  • The unnatural approach
  • Cervical mucus changes
  • Basal body temperature changes
  • Rhythm calculations
  • The lunar cycle
  • Synchronising cycles
  • Sexual expression in fertile times
  • Charting and co-ordinating the methods for contraception
  • Natural remedies for hormonal and reproductive health
  • Natural, healthy conception

You Can Purchase These Books From

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  1. Hello Kelly! This article made me want to share my experience of viewing a video many years ago! The camera recorded what was taking place in the vagina during orgasm. I still remember the cervix actually dipping down into the pool of sperm! Quite profound!
    Thank you for the article!

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