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Thread: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pregnancy #1

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    Hey there - i am only just PG just got my BT results yesterday and as soon as i did i started spotting - freaked out a bit - it is brown and appears to have gone - spoke to the specialist nurse and she said that i should just rest and if it becomes red then get to the Dr fast - so yeah - pretty scary for the first real day of pregnancy. Both my mother and sister had regular spotting through pg - could it be genetic?

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    I am now 18 weeks preggers and continuing to bleed! Have only had 8 days free of it since I found out I was pregnant back in January!

    So far the baby seems to be doing fine. My Ob still thinks it's all a bit of a mystery. My placenta is not low and my cervix is long and thick - all apparently good signs.

    It seems that as my uterus grows it bursts blood vessels. This result in a flood of fresh bleeding (like completely soaking between 4 and 6 maternity pads every hour for a few hours) which gradually tapers off to being like a heavy period and then to old blood spotting over the next few days and then another blood vessel must burst - and the cycle begins again! Lots of ultrasounds later - we're really none the wiser as to why this keeps happening. Hope none of you have to go through this sort of bleeding 'cause it's pretty unpleasant. Think I'm getting nappy rash from all this pad wearing! LOL.

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    Would any of you be happy to share more detailed stories to add to the main site? If you could please email your story to me at [email protected] that would be great. Thanks ladies
    Kelly xx

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    Cynthaz Guest


    I had light bleeding for the whole of month 2. It was the most horrible feeling I've ever had, convinced that something was wrong. We were sent for an ultrasound at week 7 to see that baby was healthy with no visible problems. You can imagine how wonderful we felt coming out of that appointment!

    The bleeding stopped at the start of month 3 and hasn't reared its ugly head since. I have a feeling that this does run in the family, as my mother reported the same symptoms when she was carrying me.

    I wish I'd read this thread back then, I might have felt there was a little more hope. My doctor at the time wasn't too positive about it.

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    Bleeding during pregnancy is such a scary thing!

    I have had 4 pregnancy's. I had some bleeding with the first starting at 8 weeks. I had a scan which revealed a perfect tiny baby with a precious beating heart. I was given a 5% chance of miscarriage. The bleeding or rather spotting, continued and after a week the bleeding became red and heavier with clots. A repeat scan showed our tiny baby with no heartbeat. I was devestated.

    I have had three pregnancy's since and I had some spotting with all if them from 6 weeks to about 10 weeks. I understand this can happen when the pregnancy hormones are not high enough to prevent bleeding and once the placenta has formed and taken over the production of pregnancy hormones from the ovaries, the bleeding stops.

    It was always very scary bleeding when pregnant, but with each pregnancy I became a little less afraid as I came to realise it was my 'normal.'

    All the very best to you all,



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    Well i found out last week that i was pregnant and i started spotting a couple of days ago. The bleeding has been getting a bit heavier each day, (bright red blood mixed with CM, not dark like it normally is with AF) yesterday I had some horrendous stomach pains and cramps, this morning i passed what looked to me like a blood clot. The doctor is monitoring me but she said i've almost deffinately miscarried and I'm not holding up too much hope. I've had a couple of days to get my head around the idea, they estimate i would've only been 3 weeks along but its still very hard emotionally.....

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    Oh Boo, matey, I am so sorry. I hope everything will still be ok.

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    boo, that it such devestating news. I hope you have a good network of support close by to help you through this. Hugs to you.

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    kat girl Guest

    Default sub chorionic haemorrhage - scary stuff

    Hi everyone I am 13wk 3d and have been diagnosed 2 weeks ago with a large sub chorionic bleed (under the membranes that surround bub). Lots of rest and having weekly US. Sorry if TMI but I'm constantly LIMP when ever there is a icky feeling: dark brown gunk and low grade constant ache. My OB tells me to get checked out if things go bright red and crampy. Bub looks good lots of FM. DH is upset no sex til 20wk Pg! Not sure how many weeks it will take for the clot to go, before I have amnio i hope.

    Stay positive TTFN

    Kat girl

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    I hope everything will be ok Katgirl. Make sure you do rest heaps.

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    Ok here's my story so far... :-)

    After 19/24 cycles TTC, finally got that BFP, told family & few friends straight away, couldn't help myself.

    14/8 5wks 2d: fell over, grazed/bruised knees/elboes/palms & also landed on belly, on concrete. Rang IVF clinic & was told everything will be fine as there's alot of padding this early. Felt like I had been doing situps/pushups.

    19/8 6wks: Spotting & mild cramps, at hospital 8pm-1am. Few tests, to come back in morning for u/sound.

    20/8 6wks 1d: Back to hospital 8:30am-12pm. u/s fine (115bpm). Given antibiotics for severe u/tract infection, potential to cause miscarriage. To take it easy (off to NZ next day). Stopped next morning. Lady in ward next to me wasn't as lucky, hers started 3 days earlier.

    31/8 7wks 5d: 2nd u/s fine (157bpm).

    9/9 9wks: Same thing as 2wks ago, spotted again: 3rd pm, 4th pm, 7th pm - 8th am, 8th pm - 9th am. Several nightmares/night for last 2 nights (bees&wasps,spiders,sharks,burglars,kidnappers).

    12/9 9wks 3d: 3rd (quick) u/s. Obgyn said stop worring 93-95% chance of keeping bubby now.

    15/9 9wks 6d: More spotting: 13th pm to 14th am, 15th pm (worst so far to 16th am, but not enough to change a pad).

    Colour has ranged from pink, pinkish red, brown, dark brown.

    I'm determined to try not to let it get to me this time, as there are many success stories out there, including the few in here.

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    Niki74 Guest


    Hello, I am 9 weeks pregnant and have had spotting and 3 bouts of heavy bleeding in this time. I have been told that it is a perigestational bleed around the gestational sac and it should not affect the baby although it may sometimes take the gestational sac with it ie: miscarriage. All is so uncertain but I am still pregnant with a healthy baby so far.

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    Niki, This must be such a worrying time for you. I hope you're able to take it easy and your little one keeps sticking. :bluestick: inkstick:

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    Default Can anyone offer any advice on HCG levels

    When I had my spotting the other day on Wednesday night, it was just that spotting. I woke at 4am this morning and it was considerably heavier with a red tinge. I was so freaked I couldn't sleep.

    Went to the doctor this morning, and she confirmed for me that my HCG levels were good, but needed to have another on monday (plus progesterone levels), to confirm nothing has gone hay wire from Friday morning (my last blood test) to the early hours of Saturday morning.

    Basically she has told me that Monday will help get a clearer picture, but to expect the worst, bleeding is not great but also some women do bleed and have normal pregnancies. She said it is too early too tell and I just have to wait and let nature do it's thing. It is possible that things could be ok, but she is still putting me in a threatened misscariage status as you really never can tell. She confirmed the scan on Thursday was also good. So if the HCG levels increase on Monday that is good, but if the progesterone is low then that is bad.

    Does anyone know what the progesterone test is, what does it mean, I know what the HCG level tests are and what they mean, just not clued up on progesterone.

    Anyway this doctor was good in that she gave me no false hope, and as much as that hurt, it is what I really needed to hear, so I can deal with it all alot better.

    Does anyone know what there HCG levels were at certain stages, doctor told me mine were good, but I only have my twin pregnancy from last time to compare to.
    HCG levels were:

    19/9/05 - 4 weeks 3 days - 289
    23/9/05 - 5 weeks - 2149

    Does this appear good, she said it was??????

    Any information would be great.

    Thanks again for listening.

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    Rexee Guest

    Default I'm another stress head!

    This is my second pg (5weeks) - I miscarried in January this year.
    About 3 days ago when I wiped I freaked when I saw a little blood. Ever since then I seem to have a radar out that constantly feels everything that is going on in the pelvic region! There has been some brownish colour a few times since then - I am monitoring everything by wearing a pad today. I've had some slight cramps too. Was getting a stabbing pain in the left side but that has subsided - thank goodness.
    DH and I are trying not to worry too much but it is difficult. It is reassuring to read other peoples concerns, so thank you all for sharing!

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    This morning, just under five weeks pregnant DH and I had a little bit of a foreplay session.
    I went back to sleep and at 9:30am I wiped and found, pinky/browny blood.
    Now in the past week since :af: was supposed to be around, I haven't noticed nothing of this sort..

    Do you think I have agrivated something???

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    Hi ladies,

    Well I just had my scan, and the HB was stronger than last time which has given me so much reassurrance. That is what I needed and wanted to hear today, due to the history that plays such a big part in our chaotic minds, and things appear so similar and heading down the same road. Last pregnancy I had already lost one of the twins, and they found a hb of 109bpm with the other of the twins, which they said was way slow, and as it turns out at my next scan I had lost the hb. So this time 128bpm, it needed to be above 120bpm to be normal, and now I am so so happy and relieved.

    The ultrasound is as listed below:

    There is a single gestational sac in teh endometrial cavity of an anteverted uterus with satisfactory surrounding decidual reaction. On the inferior aspect of the sac there is a small subchorionic haemorrrhage. Within the gestational sac there is a normal yolk sac and a single live foetus with a crown rmp length of 4.7mm, equivalent to a gestational age of approximately 6 weeks 1 day with an EDD of 28/5/05. Foetal heart rate is normal and regular at 128 bpm. The right ovary contains a small corpus leuteum.

    So there you have it a single bubba this time, no twins, thank god.

    So they could see what appeared to be the bleeding, I will see the doctor on Thursday and ask her what that all means. But the senographer said it could be an implantation bleed and she can see that there is still some more to fall away yet too, but I didn't think that happened this late. Anyway I am not reading into things too much and just enjoying what it is a safe and determined little bubba that wants to meet Wade and I.

    Hope this helps ease other ladies minds also if they are experiencing something similar as pregnancies are a strange yet wonderful thing, and as the senographer said they are a bizaa science and nothing ever happens like a text book, or as it seems at times.

    Take care everyone.

    Now I can breathe and enjoy.

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    Just wondering if anyone know's much about spotting later on in pregnancy?

    Last night I had sharp craps (like bad gastro), but they went away and then this morning I have noticed that when I go to the bathroom there is some blood on the tp. I am not panicking yet as I have only been to the toilet twice today, but will be keeping an eye on it. Should I be ringing my ob? Should I be worried?

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