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Thread: 27 weeks low kicks - Painful

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    manda77 Guest

    Default 27 weeks low kicks - Painful

    Hi everyone. My first post here, so hope I'm posting in the right area?

    I am 27 weeks pregnant (due in November) and my baby seems to always kick me low down, sometimes it feels like he's going to kick his way out of my cervix (also lots of movements in my bum/back area). This is very uncomfortable and I need some reassurance that this is normal? I have yet to feel any kicks up high - the highest kicks I have felt are when he's in a tranverse position and I feel a few next to my hips.

    When he kicks me at the front (just above my pubic bone) this is painful and gives me brief but sharp pains, am I the only one who finds these movements painful?

    Just wish he'd flip around, all this lower activity is leaving me paranoid and a tad uncomfy. I have an appt with my m/w later on during the week and will ask her then, but for now, would like some input as to whether or not this is all normal.


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    Hi manda,
    I am sorry i can't help you with the lower kicks, but hopefully someone else can. If you are really to uncomfortable and it is concerning you alot and you can't wait for your appointment see if you can ring them and talk to them or maybe change your appoint. They may be able to give you some tips on how to ease the pain a little or maybe there are some different positions you can get in to see if you can help to move the little one around to a more comforable position for you.

    Best of luck

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    Melody Guest


    Hi Manda,

    I had exactly the same thing..... Hunter stayed 'low & brutal' for the first 30 weeks I didn't get any kicks up high until he actually went 'head down' & there was no room to turn (at around 31 weeks) & then we merely swapped the discomfort to my ribs.

    Unfortunately, it is just 'one of those things' (insert a sigh noise here)

    It did cause me a lot of serious back pain so I did cold packs & every now & then I would crumble & have a panadol or two but I guess I was just happier to know he was kicking about..... my sister had NO movement until she got to nearly 7 months & that would be worse I think.

    Chin up

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    Melinda Guest


    Hi there Manda,

    Welcome to BB and congratulations on your PG!

    I think what you are experiencing is normal. Jacob was head down very early but I too would experience sharp pains from time to time and it felt like he was punching my cervix LOL. I used to joke that he was trying belt his way out of there!!

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    Hi Manda - I'm having exaclty the same thing to the moment!! Mine kicks me in the one spot all the time on my right side - about where you would get a stitch and it really hurts... One thing that kind of helps is to make a fist and push it into that area (don't thump yourself though! just apply preassure...) That tends to make the baby move over a bit. I asked my midwife why it was all happening so low down as I had been told to expect some "rib-kicking by now, and she said hat this baby obviously just likes it better down there, but it's nothing to worry about. Any momvement is good as it shows bubs is ok, even though it might hurt like hell sometimes!

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    manda77 Guest


    Ahh what a relief it is to read your replies. And a thankyou for the Congrats and Welcomes

    I've been doing a fair amount of reading this morning and I'm going to be giving up all the slouching and prepare this bub (and my body) for optimal positioning. Still early days yet, but the movements make me gasp - and in public with me clutching at my belly when it happens is not a good thing.

    Fingers crossed he turns soon, it's the most horrible feeling when the cervix is being stomped on constantly :-s Bring on the rib kicks!


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    Lee-Ann Guest


    Hi Manda

    Welcome to BB.

    Although I don't really have any pain my bubs is kicking me down low too. She has only just started to kick above my belly button.

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    Hi Manda!

    I had exactly what you described! I thought she was going to poke a foot out of my butt sometimes!!

    As Melody suggested, once bubs turns head down, which could be anytime now, you will have some relief for your lower body, and instead your ribs, diaphragm and upper abdomen will be pummelled!!

    Best wishes to you - trust me, you will miss the movements once your baby is out! I do!! And Zahra was a little pummeller inside!!

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    manda77 Guest


    Thanks so much for the input!

    Kellie D - Zahra is a beautiful name, very unique. Congrats to you.
    My husband and I are having the hardest time coming up with names we both agree on for our expected bundle of blue. I love unique names too, but my suggestions are being met with [-( each and every time.

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    Custardtart Guest


    I guess you don't need any more reassurance at this stage, but I had exactly the same sort of pains that you are describing with my first child and it all sounds perfectly normal to me - it means you have a strong, healthy, active child growing in there!
    By the way, be careful what you wish for... once I started getting kicks in the ribs, during two of my pregnancies (1st and 3rd) the baby actually bruised my diaphragm, which can make breathing rather uncomfortable!

    Look on the bright side - strong baby movements mean your baby is alive and well, and building reflexes and muscle tone. It's also a good practice run for labour - breathe through the pain


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