27 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body and Your Baby

27 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and What To Expect

You’re 27 weeks pregnant — the third trimester is so close now!

Your body is continuing to change, and most of your symptoms are related to weight gain and the strain of carrying baby.

Hormone fluctuations continue to play a significant role, too. The good news is that you’re almost on the home stretch now.

This is the last week of your second trimester. Congratulations! You’re doing an amazing job growing this new baby of yours.

27 Weeks Pregnant — Your Body

At 27 weeks pregnant, you are probably experiencing some gassiness now. It’s caused by a loss of muscle control around your rectum because of the pressure that the growing baby is creating. There’s really nothing you can do other than avoid foods that cause gas. You can find out what to avoid and what can help give you some relief in our article, Gas During Pregnancy.

You may also be experiencing more frequent urination. As your baby grows, your bladder is under more pressure. You may even have some bladder leakage when you sneeze. Be sure you visit the toilet frequently to avoid this.

Restless leg syndrome often becomes a problem around 27 weeks pregnant. If your legs feel tired and jittery, especially at bedtime, this is likely the cause. It can be very uncomfortable. In addition, it can make getting to sleep more difficult, and you’re probably already having enough trouble with that! There are a number of ways to relieve restless legs which you can read about here.

You could also be experiencing some dizziness and feeling faint. This is due to constriction on your blood vessels. The pressure may be causing some oxygen deprivation to your brain. If you feel dizzy or faint, take a seat immediately. You don’t want to have a fall.

Nasal congestion is also common around this stage of pregnancy, which happens due to hormones causing swelling in the membranes of your nose. Drink plenty of fluids, sleep with your head elevated or try saline drops to get some relief.

27 Weeks Pregnant — Your Baby

Your baby is starting to show brain activity now. This will continue to develop in complexity over the next few weeks. Baby’s lungs are developing rapidly, and though they won’t be completely developed until the very end of your pregnancy, if born now baby’s lungs would be able to function with medical assistance.

Braxton Hicks contractions are happening more frequently and you might sometimes wonder if baby is making her appearance a little too soon. Keep in mind that Braxton Hicks contractions don’t continue for hours on end, they don’t become more rapid in succession, and they generally are not painful. If you experience contractions with these characteristics, you might be in early labour. Call your doctor immediately if you suspect this.

As your baby grows bigger, averages become more inaccurate. Genetics take over and she develops at her own unique rate. Therefore, your baby probably weighs somewhere between 600 grams and 1.3 kg, is 35-40 cm long and about the size of a lettuce.

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