Excited Sisters Find A Baby Brother Under The Christmas Tree

Excited Sisters Find A Baby Brother Under The Christmas Tree

It’s not uncommon for children to ask Santa to bring them a sibling for Christmas, and that’s exactly what happened to three sweet little sisters in Texas.

The heartwarming moment Chloe, Emma and Maci stumbled across their new baby brother under the tree was captured on film.

Mama Courtney Solstad decided to surprise her daughters with the newest member of the family, their adopted brother Nathan. The beautiful sleeping baby was positioned under the tree, sleeping peacefully next to an elf on the shelf toy.

One of the sisters had asked Father Christmas for her parents to get the baby they deserve, and this had been copied out onto a chalkboard next to where Nathan was sleeping. When her three daughters arrived home, Courtney met them at the door and told them she’d been doing a bit of Christmas shopping and had hidden a gift for them under the Christmas tree.

A Baby Brother Under The Tree

Chloe, Emma and Maci had no idea about baby Nathan until they discovered him under the Christmas tree. The lovely moment was captured on film and uploaded to YouTube where it quickly went viral, and it’s not hard to see why. The youngest daughter is the first to see the surprise, and she immediately clasps her hands to her mouth to hide a squeal. The older sisters soon do the same, as they all start fighting back tears of joy.

“I’m Going To Wet My Pants”

One of the sister announces, “I’m going to wet my pants,” as the sisters try to contain their excitement so as not to disturb the sleeping baby. The girls are especially thrilled to discover that the new baby is a boy and they have a baby brother.

After the video went viral, the Solstad family started receiving well wishes from people all over the world. Mama Courtney wrote on Facebook, “We prayed big things and God answered in big ways! Our little guy is so incredibly perfect! He is healthy and happy and just the sweetest thing you have ever seen.”

After seeing that beautiful welcome, it’s apparent Nathan is going to be pretty well looked after in his new home. What a lucky little boy to have three big sisters who already love him so much.

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