Addicted To Cloth Nappies? 30 Signs Of Addiction

Addicted To Cloth Nappies? 30 Signs Of Addiction
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So, you have a few cloth nappies about… or maybe a few more than you care to admit. But before you know it, you can’t even close your nappy draw, no matter how hard you try to stuff them in. Look out, you’re in the clutches of a cloth nappy addiction!

Could it be true?

Read on and find out if you’re addicted to cloth nappies. Don’t forget to share with us what you score in the comments section below.

Signs You Could Be Addicted To Cloth Nappies

1. Your changing bag is actually about three times the size of everyone else’s.
2. You instantly become friends with every other cloth nappy addict you meet.
3. You panic when you realise there are only two clean nappies left in the house…
4. …So you rush out to buy some more cloth nappies. Oooh, look at that new design!
5. You start using the word ‘stash’ in the least Breaking-Bad-way possible.
6. Your everyday bag has a slight whiff of wee about it.
7. You say to others, ‘I wont be getting any more after this lot.’
8. You don’t worry about your baby falling over because she has a permanently cushioned bum.
9. Your baby has a different coloured nappy to match every outfit.
10. You develop an unhealthy appreciation for your washing machine.
11. Your baby has the biggest bum in the room.
12. You look forward to the new season so you can check out the latest styles. Of nappies.
13. You can’t tell anyone about how much money you saved by using cloth nappies, because you spent it all on new and even more beautiful cloth nappies.
14. You spend at least half of your conversations waxing lyrical about the benefits of using cloth nappies.
15. You secretly want to delay potty training because you will miss the cloth nappies too much when they’re gone…
16. …Oh, what the hell, maybe it’s time to try for another baby!
17. Your baby has a festive nappy for Christmas. And one with Easter bunny on.
18. You decide to look up how to make your own cloth nappies.
19. Your clothesline is a multi coloured masterpiece to be admired.
20. Nothing pleases you more than the sight of a pile of freshly laundered, folded, neatly arranged colourful cloth nappies.
21. Buying a new cloth nappy has become a payday treat, for you, not the baby.
22. The smell of the disposable nappy bins in baby changing rooms make you gag.
23. You use the terms fluff and fluffy mail.
24. Your stash is the most expensive thing in your house.
25. You secretly wish your underwear had plush woodland creatures embroidered onto them.
26. Saving your stash is written into your family fire escape plan.
27. The money you used to treat yourself to luxurious matching lingerie in your past life, is now spent on cloth nappies.
28. You have had more than one conversation with your other half about how cloth nappies are more an investment, really.
29. After reading this article you can’t help but check your favourite cloth nappy sites… Thought so.
30. You read this article and add a few of your own tell-tale addiction signs in the comments.

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  1. You know your addicted when not even a 3rd of your stash fit on your washing line. ( I have 3 rows of line in my garden and still can’t fit all my nappies on)

  2. Oh my gosh, some of these are so true. We were potentially going to have to evacuate the other day if a fire broke out (someone hit and broke an electrical pole by the house and it was leaning toward our house) and all I was thinking was “Grab the important papers folder and the beautiful CLOTH DIAPERS!!!…oh, and the baby!!”

  3. When u get pregnant again and find yourself havin a girl but currently own a boy or gender neutral. Stash n rush about getting girl stash

  4. Feeling superior to woman using disposables. Adding them on cloth diapering groups on Facebook.. Going through each and every query and replies and replies for these replies on Facebook.

    Secretly wishing your partner is not at home when the new stash arrives through Amazon, if ordered online

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