10 Bloggers Share Their Ultimate Pregnancy Survival Tips

10 Bloggers Share Their Ultimate Pregnancy Survival Tips

Every pregnancy is unique.

Some women love pregnancy and spend the whole nine months in a loved up, blissful state, while others, well… don’t. At all.

Whether you’re a lover or a hater, you’re bound to face some challenges along the way.

It could be crippling morning sickness, hormonal rage, or the frustration at not being able to tie your own shoelaces.

Whatever your complaints, know that you are not alone.

Ultimate Pregnancy Survival Tips

We asked some top pregnancy and parenting bloggers to share their ultimate pregnancy survival tips:

#1: Relax

Alice, a professional single mama to two children, who blogs at More Than Toast says:

“Relax as much as possible. Take long baths, nap when you need to, light candles, get a pregnancy massage. There’s nothing like the feeling of being relaxed when you’re pregnant – stress is good to no-one. Oh, and almond oil for the bump! Mine got horribly tight and itchy so I used to massage it with almond oil. Smells gorgeous, stopped the itching and I got no stretch marks.”

#2: Join A Yoga Class

Molly, a mama, journalist and broadcaster, who blogs over at Mother’s Always Right says:

“Do pregnancy yoga! It was a serious game changer with my second pregnancy and I truly believe the relaxation and breathing techniques I learned in my classes played a huge role in me having such an incredible (and pain relief free) water birth. Obviously you can’t control what happens with your body during labour, but having those relaxation techniques did help me feel a little less panicked second time around.”

#3: On Surviving A Second Pregnancy

Gillian, a mama to two daughters, who blogs at A Baby On Board says:

“Second pregnancies are completely different to first ones. You can’t take it easy and nap when you want, with an older child running around, and it’s hard to avoid carrying them. Try and plan lots of activities that involve sitting: reading, painting, anything that involves stickers and so on. However, staying so active right until the end has its benefits too (I really think this helped me have an incredibly quick labour and a much speedier second recovery).”

#4: Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Fritha, mama to one with another one the way, who blogs over at Tigerlilly Quinn says:

“If you are planning a home birth, look out for local home birthing groups where you can go and chat to others wanting the same experience. Also to midwives or doulas who are passionate about that type of birth and can answer any questions you might have. It’s also a great way to get your partner on board; it was amazing how much more interested Tom was in the subject after we’d chatted to a bunch of like-minded people about it.”

#5: Keep An Open Mind

Eleanor, a working mama to one, who blogs at The Bristol Parent, says:

“My advice is, of course, to be prepared in birth for all eventualities. Stay calm, accept that your preconceptions of how you thought you’d feel might change as labour progresses, and put your trust in those who are there to help you and your baby. Most of all, stay joyous if you can; your baby is coming, and it won’t be long!”

#6: Seek Out Positivity

Adele, a gentle parent to two girls, who blogs over at Circus Queen says:

“Surround yourself with positive thinking and supportive people. For some reason a lot of people like to tell pregnant women their horror stories about pregnancy, birth and babies. Avoid negativity where you can but where you can’t, it needs to be balanced. This is your journey. You don’t need to carry someone else’s baggage. Find your local positive birth movement or connect with one online, take a hypnobirthing class, and consider going to your local La Leche League meetings while you’re pregnant.”

#7: Listen To Your Body

Polly, a homeschooling mama of four, who blogs at Enchanted Pixie says:

“My big tip would be to listen to your body. Rest, if it needs it, and sleep as much as you can. And read lots of positive, empowering birth stories while you’re pregnant.”

#8: Give Yourself A Break

Sarah, a stay at home mama of two, who blogs over at Let Them Be Small says:

“My oldest was only seven months old when I fell pregnant again, and it was hard. You’re still reeling from the sleep deprivation of having a baby, and then you’re hit with pregnancy fatigue. My top tip would be to nap when your child naps; the housework can wait! I also found swimming really helped because it gave me time to clear my head, whilst also being gentle exercise.”

#9: Lower Your Expectations

Rachel, a mama of one, who blogs at The Little Pip says:

“If this is your second pregnancy, reduce all your non-essential commitments, and at least once a week go to bed when you put your toddler to bed. And carry a small box of plain biscuits with you at all times.”

#10: Maintain Your Friendships

Fiona, a BellyBelly contributor and mama of one, who blogs over at Watching You Grow says:

“Make sure you keep in touch with your friends during pregnancy. I know you’re exhausted, and really don’t feel like going to any parties when you could be sleeping on the sofa. Suggest some pregnancy-friendly activities for you and your friends to do. Or even just invite them round for a brew, or make sure you catch up regularly on the phone. Your friends are the ones who will reply lovingly to the endless picture messages you send them of your new baby; they’re the ones who will sympathise when you’re exhausted, and they’re the ones who will rush round at a moment’s notice to help you out when you need some support. Make sure they know how much you love them.”

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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