Baby Shower Ideas – 9 Awesome Suggestions

Baby Shower Ideas - 9 Awesome Suggestions

Baby Shower Ideas

Organising a baby shower for a loved one is a big deal.

You’ll need some top baby shower ideas, because you’re in charge of creating a fun atmosphere, in a beautifully decorated location filled with entertained guests.

No matter what type of party you’re throwing, it’s obvious you’ll want to do the best job possible — and that can feel like quite a lot of pressure.

Now, if the guest of honour is a hormonal woman who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in months (and is constantly being kicked in the bladder), you may feel like you’re sinking under the pressure of making sure she’s happy.

To take some of the strain off you, we’ve compiled a list of fun baby shower ideas to please any mama-to-be.

Rather than focusing on the baby, the traditions below focus on the mother. Women can often feel apprehensive during pregnancy, and may have worries about the birth itself. By incorporating these traditions into the baby shower you can help the mama-to-be to feel empowered and supported.

Baby Shower Ideas #1: Candle Tradition

There are a number of variations of this tradition. Firstly, you will need to make sure you have enough candles for all of the shower guests. You could match the candles to the shower theme, or choose scents that encourage relaxation — or even buy specially made engraved candles for the occasion.

You can use the candles to perform a blessing at the shower. Ask each guests in turn, to light their candle and say a blessing, or wish, for the mama-to-be. Another option is to ask guests to take the candle home, with instructions to light the candle once the mama-to-be has gone into labour. The candles will be lit as a way of supporting the woman through labour.

Alternatively, the candles could be lit once the baby has been born, as a way of welcoming them into the world and friendship circle.

Baby Shower Ideas #2: Bracelet Tradition

This tradition is a nice way of supporting the mama-to-be through labour. A bracelet is made at the shower, that the mama-to-be should wear during labour to remember the love and support of her close friends and family.

Each guest should bring a bead to the shower, and these are used to create the bracelet. You could even make the beads at the shower using modeling clay, this will make the bracelet even more special. Any guests unable to attend the shower, should send their beads in advance so they can be included in this tradition.

Baby Shower Ideas #3: Baby Shower Games

No baby shower is complete without fun baby shower games! One of my favourite baby shower games is called, ‘BABY!’

Every guest is given a dummy on a ribbon to hang around their neck. If someone says the word ‘baby’, the first person to pick them up on it gets their dummy. The person with the most dummies at the end of the baby shower is the winner. Check out our list of 9 fun baby shower games here.

Baby Shower Ideas #4: Belly Casting

This is a great way to remember the pregnancy. Once the bump has gone, it’s easy to forget how big your bump got towards the end. A belly cast will allow the mama-to-be to remember this special time, and how her body changed and grew to accommodate the developing baby. Depending on your budget, you can hire a professional belly caster to attend the party and produce a cast.

A more affordable option is to buy a belly casting kit and do the work yourself. You could even create your own belly casting kit using plaster of paris strips. Another option, is to ask the mum-to-be to make a cast in advance, and ask all the guests to help decorate it at the shower. This won’t work at a surprise shower though!

Baby Shower Ideas #5: Henna The Bump!

Henna is a natural product that is non-toxic and can be safely painted onto skin. Henna bump art is a great way to celebrate the pregnancy – and either a guest can do it or you can hire someone to do it for you.

Baby Shower Ideas - 9 Awesome Suggestions

Be sure to take plenty of photos, so that the mama-to-be can remember her bump for years to come. It is custom for the guests to have henna designs on their wrist too. This will remind them to think of the mama-to-be often in the run up to the birth.

Baby Shower Ideas #6: Gender Reveal!

Obviously you’ll need to run this one by mum and dad to be, but an increasingly popular event called the gender reveal is growing in popularity.

At a gender reveal party, the parents find a clever or special way to announce the baby’s gender, if its been kept a secret! From cakes with pink or blue centres to all sorts of balloon ceremonies, there are some cool ideas if a couple would like to surprise everyone and announce the gender.

Find out more in our gender reveal party ideas article!

Baby Shower Ideas #7: How About A Blessingway?

Have you thought about a blessingway (also known as a ‘Mother Blessing’) instead of or in addition to a baby shower? A Mother Blessing is all about mum. Its a great way to nurture her before her journey to motherhood (even if its not the first time). Check out our article on blessingways for more information!

Baby Shower Ideas #8: Mocktail Magic

Mamma-to-be doesn’t have to miss out on all the fun – check out BellyBelly’s mocktail recipes and have someone play bartender at her baby shower.

Baby Shower Ideas #9: Paint The Bump!

Pregnant belly painting is becoming more popular, and can be done by a professional body artist or by friends and family. Check out our super cool article which includes 25 gorgeous belly painting designs to get your inspiration flowing!

These are just a few ideas for ways to celebrate pregnancy at a baby shower. Baby showers tend to focus on the baby, so it’s great to include some activities that focus on the mum-to-be. These rituals should help her to feel supported, empowered and ready for the birth.

If you’d like something a bit more unique, read our 10 fun and original baby shower ideas article.

Know Any Other Baby Shower Ideas?

Please share them in the comments section below!

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