Could Your Fitbit Know You’re Pregnant Before You Do?

Could Your Fitbit Know You're Pregnant Before You Do?

The traditional way to find out you’re pregnant is to pee on a stick, wait three excruciatingly slow minutes and then look at the test results.

But for one expectant couple, their pregnancy discovery took a slightly more unusual route.

It wasn’t a line on a test window that broke the good news, instead it was a forum full of Reddit users.

Thanks to an unsuspecting piece of technology, a couple received the surprise of their life.

Could Your Fitbit Be The First To Announce Your Pregnancy?

When Reddit user YoungPTone posted in the Reddit fitness forum, he was just looking for some advice for how to fix his wife’s Fitbit.

He took to the site to ask fellow Fitbit users if there was a way to reset the device after noticing that his wife’s resting heartbeat had been unusually high for a couple of days.

Instead he ended up finding out that he was going to be a daddy.

Another poster immediately commented to ask if his wife was pregnant. As an expectant mama herself, this helpful user knew only too well that pregnancy can raise the heartbeat even during the very early stages. You’ll have to imagine what went on behind the scenes, but it wasn’t long before YoungPTone was back to confirm that he indeed was going to be a daddy.

The story has since gone viral with people across the world marvelling at the wonder of the technology and the extra special way this couple discovered they were to be parents.

YoungPTone later updated his original post to include the following, “The outpouring of love has been incredible! Thank you to everyone who took the time out to share in the joy with us. It’s crazy to see our story pop up on news sites all day long. We have let our family in on the news and they couldn’t be happier. We are still very early on in the process, but we did have our first doctor visit today and all is well.”

According to Buzzfeed, the couple were trying for a baby.

The couple, David and Ivonne, have decided to keep their last name secret so as not to out themselves too early into the pregnancy. The couple have already informed close friends and family about the good news, however. The expectant parents have set up a Twitter account so that interested people can track their progress as they embark on this new journey.

Baby Fitbit (hopefully not the baby’s actual name) is due to join the world in October 2016.

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