This Silly But Important Video Could Save Your Baby’s Life

This Silly But Important Video Could Save Your Baby's Life

Few things strike fear into the heart of parents faster than the idea of an emergency situation.

Would you know what to do in a life or death situation?

Would your instincts kick in and take over or would you be paralysed with fear?

It’s something that keeps new parents awake at night and is one reason why so many news parents choose to take a first aid course to arm themselves with important safety information.

The UK’s leading first aid charity, St John’s Ambulance, have created a short video to teach parents what to do in case of an emergency. The short video teaches parents how to do baby CPR, giving them the skills they need to perform potentially life-saving first aid in an emergency.

Comedians Tim Key and Adam Buxton were amongst those who leant their voices to the nursery rhymes characters in the video.

According to the charity, their baby not breathing is the emergency situation parents dread most. Yet only a quarter of parents would know how to respond if their baby stopped breathing. St John’s Ambulance wanted to create a short video that would teach parents baby CPR.

The memorable video features some of your favourite nursery rhyme characters as they try to write a catchy song that will help people remember how to perform baby CPR. You may know how to administer adult CPR, but first aid for babies is something different.

The video is catchy, concise and fun and hopes to educate parents about the importance of baby first aid. The video has already been watched hundreds of thousands of times, so hopefully some more parents will be feeling more confident about what to do if the worst happens.

If your baby stops breathing, you should:

  • Phone for emergency help – if others are with you, ask them to call for help whilst you begin CPR. Don’t leave your baby unattended.
  • Give five puffs – place your lips around the baby’s mouth and nose to create a seal, then blow steadily for up to one second. Give a total of five puffs.
  • Give thirty pumps – you’ll need to use two fingers to press on your baby’s breast bone. Find the point one finger width above where the bottom ribs meet, that’s where you need to make the compressions. You should aim to compress the chest by a third with each compression. Repeat for 30 pumps at a rate of 100-120 per minute.
  • Repeat – this time, you just need to give two puffs followed by 30 pumps. Repeat this until help arrives.

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