Baseball Crazy Couple’s Unique And Totally Cool Sex Reveal!

Baseball Crazy Couple's Unique And Totally Cool Sex Reveal!

Expectant parents are coming up with more and more innovative ways to share the news of their baby’s sex.

After that 20-week scan, parents who choose to find out the sex of their baby often can’t wait to share the news with friends and family.

Rather than being told by the sonographer, many parents-to-be are now choosing to discover the news in cool and unusual ways.

This could be cutting into a plain iced cake to reveal the pink or blue coloured sponge beneath, popping a balloon filled with pink or blue coloured confetti or opening a box to reveal a hidden baby outfit.

Cool Baseball Gender Reveal

By asking the ultrasound technician to write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper, the couple can choose to stay in the dark and enjoy the big reveal along with their friends and family. Expectant couple Monique Teller and Stephen Stattor decided to plan a sex reveal party that would celebrate their love of baseball.

Guests were asked to wear pink or blue depending on their prediction for the baby’s sex. The two teams stood on either side of the pitch, making for the perfect photo opportunity for David Swayze, the professional photographer who had been invited along to capture the reveal.

Monique’s sister, Marissa, was charged with organising the props for the reveal. Marissa filled a clear plastic Christmas bauble with powdered chalk and then painted the bauble to look like a baseball.

Monique and Stephen then invited all of their friends and family to join them for a game for of baseball. Monique pitched the ball to Stephen who hit it and released a cloud of baby pink powder, announcing to the world that the couple were expecting a daughter.

“One Of The Best Gender Reveals I’ve Ever Seen”

Writing on his photography Facebook page, the photographer wrote, “One of the best gender reveals I’ve ever seen. So honored to be a part of this amazing announcement!”

His images have been shared over 50,000 times, as people across the world congratulated the couple on this epic way to reveal the sex of a baby. Lots of commenters were keen to find out how the couple had done it, so you should expect a few more baseball sex reveals in the coming months!

The photo of the ball exploding into a cloud of pink is pretty perfect. The pink puff of powder looks magical, and it will be a great photo to hang on the wall of the nursery.

Baseball Crazy Couple's Unique And Totally Cool Sex Reveal!

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