Gender Reveal Ideas – 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

Gender Reveal Ideas - 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

16 Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties have been around for a few years, and they seem to have originated in the US. But now, the gender reveal party has hit Australian shores, with photos documenting gender reveal parties popping up on Facebook feeds everywhere.

Many couples see a gender reveal party as a great excuse for the family to get together and celebrate the pregnancy, or even as a replacement for a baby shower. Some critics have condemned the gender reveal party as being an excuse for getting gifts, but most couples I know (or have heard of) who planned a gender reveal did not request gifts. And many of us have those friends or family members who you practically have to beg if you want them to stop buying their newest little family member all those cute baby clothes!

If you’re interested in throwing a gender reveal party, here’s plenty of great gender reveal ideas to help get you started. If you’d like to check out some gender reveal party accessories — from balloons to scratch cards to all sorts of great ideas — you can find plenty HERE on Amazon.

But firstly, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to find out your baby’s gender at the same time as your guests or not. If you want to make it a reveal for yourselves as well, you’ll need your sonographer to write the gender on a bit of paper, pop it in an envelope and pass it to the relevant professionals who will be responsible for the creation of the gender reveal features. But if you’ll find out first, it wont matter!

Gender Reveal Idea #1: Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal Ideas - 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

The gender reveal cake is a very popular option for gender reveal parties! You can either try your hand at making your own gender reveal cake or have one made for you. Some couples choose to have their cake decorated in neutral colours like white, yellow or green, or alternately they may have a pink and blue theme. Some couples add a big question mark on the cake or some sort of cryptic message. The middle can either be a coloured centre (pink or blue) or it can include sweets or chocolates in the middle like this one! Photo credit: Betty Crocker.

Gender Reveal Idea #2: Box o’ Balloons

For the box of balloons, simply find a box big enough to hold a bunch of helium filled balloons. Usually removalists stock pretty good quality boxes of decent size if you can’t find any. You can decorate the box with question marks, splashes of pink and blue, pictures of girl and boy babies “ whatever you like! In front of your family and friends, the boxes can be ceremoniously opened, with the helium filled balloons in the colour of your baby’s gender floating away

Gender Reveal Idea #3: Lantern or Piñata

Who doesn’t love a good piñata?! Hang up one of these filled with lollies and sweets in the colour of your baby’s gender, or for something healthier you can use confetti, streamers, bows or anything else “ even a mix of all of those things. You’re only limited by your imagination. You could even baby theme it with pink or blue dummies!

Gender Reveal Idea #4: Balloon Release

For a balloon release, buy a bunch of both blue and pink balloons filled with helium then gather all your friends and family around. Mum-to-be and dad-to-be can choose what colour balloons they want to hold. On the count of three, the person holding the incorrect gender can release their bunch of balloons, leaving you with the colour related to the gender of your baby.

Gender Reveal Idea #5: Silly String

Gender Reveal Ideas - 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

Silly string is so much fun!

There are a couple of ways you can do this, either way you’ll need to cover up the outside of the cans, so no-one picks the colour of the spray.

To announce the gender, you can:

a) At the announcement time, mum and dad-to-be count to three and spray each other with silly spray in pink or blue; or

b) Have a countdown, after which all the guests spray each other with pink or blue silly spray

Photo credit: unknown

Gender Reveal Idea #6: Paint Splash

Similarly to the silly string idea above, some expectant couples cover up a tin of paint, and at reveal time, face each other and throw a can of pink or blue paint at each other! Yes, true story. Wearing a white tee will help for effect, and be sure someone is taking photos and you use non-toxic paint!

You might like to make up your own paint with flour, water and food colouring “ just don’t wear your best clothes!

Gender Reveal Idea #7: Balloon Pop

For the balloon pop, some couples use a balloon which has been filled with confetti or glitter reflecting the colour of the baby’s gender. When you’re ready to announce the gender, simply pop the inflated balloon with a pin!

Gender Reveal Idea #8: Sibling Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Ideas - 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

A no-fuss, no mess way of doing your gender reveal that can involve your other child(ren).

This reveal involves having an older child wearing a cute tee like the one above. They can get changed right before announcement time or you could sneak the tee on at a random time, then let the child roam around until someone notices!

Something to note: if you have several children already, be aware that this could end up in fights as to who gets to wear the tee, so make a decision thats best for your family on this one!

The less party meltdowns the better!

Gender Reveal Idea #9: Vote!

You can have a fun gender guess/voting competition at your gender reveal party, which can be the main event for the reveal or as an additional fun game for guests. You can let your imagination run wild with this one, but to get you started, you might like to put a small chalkboard on an easel or table, or alternately a beautifully decorated poster, where you have a list of guests names and some chalk, so they can cast their vote. At the end of the event you can do the reveal and see how many guests got it right!

To help your guests, you might like to set up a display of ultrasound photos, belly shots at different weeks or a chart of chinese gender predictions, circling all the symptoms that you’ve experienced.

Gender Reveal Idea #10: Balloon Blow-Up

The idea behind the balloon blow-up is simple “ at announcement time, mum-to-be and dad-to-be stand in front of their guests and have a pink or blue balloon each, ready to blow. On the count of three, the person with the colour of the gender you are having should blow up their balloon.

Gender Reveal Idea #11: Photo Shoot Reveal

Gender Reveal Ideas - 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

If you’d like something a little low key, yourself and your partner can have a photo shoot reveal, which needs to be well planned before the party!

Take your partner along to a photographers studio (or even in your own home if you prefer) and dress up in the colour of the baby’s gender. You can use background and balloons for effect “ and you can be as silly or serious as you like.

On the day of the reveal, you can present it any number of ways “ if you have it printed on canvass or in a frame “ simply cover it up so no-one can peek until you’re ready to announce!

The best bit about this one is that you get to keep the reveal item as a memory.

Gender Reveal Idea #12: Pet Announcement

For all the pet lovers out there! Would you like to get your pet involved in the act? If you have a cat or dog for example, you can organise for them to come out to the guests at announcement time “ wearing something around their neck to announce the gender. It might be a pink or blue ribbon or bow, a dummy tied to a ribbon or anything else you can think of.

Gender Reveal Idea #13: Team Pink and Team Blue

Similar to the vote idea above, you can have your guests wear something at the gender reveal to identify what team they are on “ team pink or team blue “ or as some others choose to do, bows or bow ties. Something to identify their ‘team’ might be helium balloons (each guest has to tie a helium balloon to their wrist or waist), stickers, or ribbons. You might even ask them to come along wearing something pink or blue, or a bow or bow tie somewhere on their body!

Gender Reveal Idea #14: Baby Name Suggestion Box

Some couples have a baby name suggestion box on a table they’ve set up for their gender reveal parties. You might get some awful names, some funny names or serious ones “ but you never know, if you’re stuck on a name, you just might have a winner after your reveal party!

Gender Reveal Idea #15: Baby Name Guess/Vote

Another fun idea for gender reveals is a blackboard or poster of baby names. There should be two columns, one side listing boys names and one side with girls. The guests can either guess the name you’ve picked for a boy and a girl, or they can pick their favourite name in your list! At announcement time you might like to share the name you’ve picked.

Gender Reveal Idea #16: Cake Pops

Gender Reveal Ideas - 16 Cool Ways To Announce The Gender

Here’s a cute AND delicious way to announce your baby’s gender.

At announcement time, hand out the cake pops to your guests, telling them to wait until the countdown so they can all discover the gender at the same time. Countdown to 1 and be sure to have someone taking photos of the guests reactions as they try to scoff down the cake pops as quickly as they can!

You could also do this with cupcakes “ and they’re easy to make. By half filling cupcake patty pans, you can put a dollop of a coloured creamy centre in the middle (or you could have coloured chocolates or sweets, then top up the rest of the patty pan. When they bite into them, it will reveal the centre!

Be sure to bake a test run of these in order to prevent any confusion when people can’t work out what was in the middle!

We had one [a gender reveal party] with our second son. After struggling to allow myself to feel excited about the pregnancy after and previous loss, it was not only a way to find out the sex but a celebration of his little life and making it halfway through the pregnancy. We had a cake with just our family and a few friends who are like family. It was so special. One of the happiest days of my life! Our guests were all beyond thrilled, especially our son who found out he was having a baby brother! ” Tabitha

Important Things To Consider Before Your Reveal Party

Before you have a gender reveal party, some things to consider:

  • The sonographer could get the gender wrong, especially in earlier scans. I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but the obvious needs to be pointed out! When you go to such a great deal of trouble, you’d want to be absolutely sure that the gender is right “ and even some great guesses have been wrong before. I’ve heard stories in the forums where after the birth, dad had to do a rush out to buy some blue clothes for bub who only had pink! This was after several scans from an experienced sonographer who said the same gender each time.
  • If you get a cake/other made for you, you’re relying on someone else and hoping there wont be an error! If you don’t know the gender yourself it can be hard to check up and make sure they have it right, but find someone reputable to do it for you “ its pretty much the only thing you can rely on to reduce the error margin!
  • Not everyone might be happy at your announcement. You might expect that everyone will be happy for you, but there can sometimes be that person who has to make a drama or scene that the gender they hoped for didn’t happen.
  • Technically, a baby’s gender will not be known until well after the birth. The baby may be identified as a girl or a boy, but remember, it is just their sex, not their gender. I think its important to remind ourselves of that if we’re ever to change language and beliefs in society to be more accepting of people being perfect just as they are.
  • Some friends may think its ridiculous. Obviously you’d want to invite your best, closest friends and family to your gender reveal. Its best as a small, intimate event full of people who care for you and are excited for you. But you only have to visit uncle google to see huge critics of the gender reveal, who as an excuse to put yourself in the limelight (um, yeah, righto!) and think its just plain stupid. But ignore those people. If they can’t see the reveal as a nice way to celebrate your excitement with those you love, you really don’t want them there anyway.
  • Ultrasounds shouldn’t be taken lightly. While its personal choice to have an ultrasound or not, the least testing possible is always best for baby. Avoid any ultrasounds you don’t need.

Check out gender reveal party accessories HERE.

Did You Have A Gender Reveal Party?

Share your photos with us for possible inclusion on this page! Shoot through your photos to [email protected].


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