Linea Nigra During Pregnancy – What You Need To Know

Linea Nigra During Pregnancy – What You Need To Know

Do you have a dark line, or linea nigra as it’s officially known, making itself known on your pregnant belly?

Pregnancy brings many changes to your body; some you expect, like that growing bump, and others you don’t, such as hair growing in unusual places.

One of the changes you might not be expecting is a dark line appearing up the middle of your belly.

The linea nigra has actually always been present but, around the middle of your pregnancy, it just becomes more noticeable.

What Is The ‘Dark Line’ or Linea Nigra?

There is a line running vertically down the middle of your stomach.

This is where the connective tissue of your abdominal muscles meet and is called the linea alba, which is Latin for ‘white line’.

When you are pregnant, as your baby and belly grow and stretch the linea alba, the line begins to darken and is known as linea nigra – Latin for ‘black line’.

The line usually runs from your pubic bone up to your belly, sometimes continuing toward your ribs.

During pregnancy, thanks to an increased production of estrogen, your body begins to produce extra melanin.

Melanin is a pigment that causes skin to darken, and during pregnancy causes the area around your nipples (areolas), your labia and clitoris to darken in colour.

When Does A Linea Nigra Appear?

The reason why the linea alba begins to darken is unknown, but most women will notice it around the second trimester, although it can happen earlier.

The line is never actually black, but a brown colour, and it’s usually about ½ to 1 centimetre wide. The line usually darkens as your pregnancy progresses.

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What Can I Do About The Linea Nigra?

You can’t prevent linea nigra from occurring, as it’s a natural part of pregnancy.

After the birth of your baby, the line usually fades and disappears, although in rare cases it will remain.

Exposure to the sun can make skin discolourations darker, even if you use sunscreen, so it’s best to keep your baby bump under cover during pregnancy.

Even after birth, sun exposure can cause the skin to darken again.

Research has shown folate can help control skin discolourations like linea niagra.

You should be getting adequate folate, pre-pregnancy, to prevent neural defects like spina bifida.

Good sources of folate are leafy greens, lentils, beans, fresh orange juice, and mushrooms.

Find out the very important difference between folate and folic acid here.

Does The Linea Niagra Predict The Baby’s Sex?

There is an old wives’ tale which says if the line runs from your pubic bone and ends at your belly button, you will have a girl.

If the line continues to the bottom of your rib cage, then you are having a boy.

Another pregnancy myth says only women who are having boys will have the linea nigra.

While these myths are harmless, it’s important to remember not to place too much value on them.

Each woman has a 50% chance of having a boy, and 50% chance of a girl, in each pregnancy.

Even in families where there seems to be a strong tendency toward having one gender, the odds of having a boy or a girl are exactly the same.

This means 50% of the time the old wives’ tale will be right.

What If I Don’t Have A Linea Nigra?

Not all women will actually see a line, particularly if they have very fair, pale skin.

Not having a linea nigra doesn’t mean anything is wrong; it’s simply about your physical make up, and the way your body is responding to higher levels of estrogen and melanin.

Women with naturally darker skin might find the line will appear more pronounced than in those with lighter skin.

It’s important to know the linea nigra is not harmful to you or your baby.

Whether you have a line or not, linea nigra is not predictive of a normal healthy pregnancy.

Of course, if at any time you have any concerns about your pregnancy symptoms, or your baby’s development, speak to your care provider.

Recommended Reading: Boy or Girl? 16 Old Wives Tales And Gender Predictions.


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Sam McCulloch enjoyed talking so much about birth she decided to become a birth educator and doula, supporting parents in making informed choices about their birth experience. In her spare time she writes novels. She is mother to three beautiful little humans.


  1. Why would anyone think negatively about this? Why would one think it is harmful? Is it because it’s black? Do not equate black with negativity nor harm. The color brown and black is more natural in life than white is.

    1. It’s screamingly obvious you have a personal complex with something. Bizarre. Truly bizarre this article could persuade you to reduce the meaning of the article to a “color” issue. Utter nonsense.

    2. This is getting ridiculous. One can’t even make a search for information about one aspect of pregnancy, without stumbling upon someone making an informative article into something racist. Stop it already!!

  2. I had the line from pubic bone to bottom of my ribs with my first pregnancy and I had a girl. I dont have the line (or it isnt noticeable) with my second pregnancy and Im having a boy. So don’t really believe the old wives tales at all.

    1. Same here, I’ve got five boys and I never noticed the line but I’m now having a girl and have the line running all they way to my rib cage.

  3. i dont think having a linea or not should matter at any stage all that should matter is that you a going to have a baby an be a proud mother

  4. I’ve had 3 children in total, first bubs my line stopped at my navel and I had a girl, second bubs my line went to the bottom of my rib cage and I had a boy and third bubs is a girl and yep it stopped at my navel again, so I believe in the old wives tale but every woman is different
    Congratulations to all you lovely pregnant mumma’s out there

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