Pregnant & He Doesn’t Want Sex? JP Sears Says This Could Be Why

Pregnant & He Doesn't Want Sex? JP Sears Says This Could Be Why

Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want Sex?

Are you pregnant, and your partner doesn’t want sex or closeness? 

Is your partner closing down emotionally, and not interested in intimacy?

A woman’s libido during pregnancy can be a bit of a roller coaster.

In the exhausting fog of the first trimester, some pregnant women drop sex down a notch on their priority list for a bit (or even the whole pregnancy in some cases).

However, in the much more enjoyable second trimester, some women find their libido either returns to normal… or goes through the roof.

They can’t think of anything better than being close and connected to their partner.

But in some cases, women are faced with their partner being disinterested in sex.

Some men don’t want to touch or connect with their pregnant partner at all.

These pregnant women might feel like their partner seems completely disinterested in them.

This can create feelings of sadness, rejection, resentment and anger.

Any woman in this position, pregnant and feeling rejected, would understandably have an emotional reaction, especially when it becomes an ongoing issue.

So, what could be the real reason behind a father-to-be’s disinterest?

Has he suddenly found you unattractive?

Is something else going on?

I asked the very wise JP Sears (who shares amazing life advice as well as humour on his awesome YouTube channel, AwakenWithJP) if he could give us a deeper insight into what’s really going on, under all the outside layers.


Ps. The book JP recommends in his video is The Shadow Side Of Intimate Relationships by Douglas Moseley.

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