Michelle’s Two Week Wait Diary

About Michelle

My name is Michelle (Mishy in the forums). I am 27 years old and live in a South Western Sydney suburb. I am married to a wonderfully supportive hubby, Chris who is also 27. Together we have one son Lachlan, who will be 4 on March 30, 2004 – my how time flies!

I am a full time working mum and long to be a SAHM for at least 12 months, having had to return to work when Lachie was just 4 mths old due to financial reasons. We have been TTC #2 for almost 12 months, commencing in January 2003, in the hope of conceiving a Tulip Baby – I love Tulips and September is Spring Time when all the Tulips come out to play, however it wasn’t to be So now here we are 12 months later still TTC and having an attempt for a ‘Tulip Baby’ in 2004.

My health is not without it’s problems, I have Endometriosis (diagnosed in 1991, but probably had it since the day I first got AF at the age of 11) and was diagnosed with PCOS in April 2003 due to high testosterone and borderline diabetes.

For my Endometriosis I have had 3 laparoscopies, the 2nd one resulting in the conception of Lachie due to BD’ing in the “no sex for 2 weeks period” after the Lap. We had thought what the hell…!! I was all cleaned out, and surely the one BD would not lead to a baby and hey! We were still newly weds!!! The doctor grossly misinformed me by saying that pregnancy would cure my Endo – but since having Lachie I have discovered this is not true… it came back with a vengence!

So here I am on the 2WW. This is a brief run down of how my cycle should look if it were perfect: I have 29 day cycles every month 🙂

12/19/03 – First day of your cycle
12/31/03 – A little bit fertile
1/01/04 – Fertile
1/02/04 – VERY fertile
1/03/04 – time to ovulate
1/17/04 – End of cycle
1/16/04 – A home pregnancy test may work now
1/20/04 – No period? Maybe you’re pregnant!
10/03/04 – If you are, this is your approximate due date

Saturday, 3rd January, 2004 – CD16

I don’t chart or take temps or anything like that, however I do observe my mucous each cycle. Basically I need to watch out each month for EWCM – egg white creamy mucous. This EWCM is the most fertile of mucous and once it stops or I become dry that apparently means I have ovulated. Hubby and I have been BD’ing almost every day of my fertile period this cycle. I also experience Mittlesmerchz which is german for “middle pain” or in the context of this diary “Ovulation Pain”.

We BD’d so far on CD (cycle day) 10, CD 12, CD 13, CD 14 & CD15 – which brings us to yesterday so we may get one or two more in to make sure we have covered all bases – the middle 3 days of BD’ing were all days where I experienced EWCM, although because we started BD’ing early this cycle, I have a hard time of distinguishing EWCM from semen – sorry if TMI (too much information)!

BDing when trying to conceive can get very monotonous, though hubby is loving it! We as women tend to get very emotional and everything revolves around our attempts to TTC. No longer are we BD’ing for enjoyment – we are BD’ing for a purpose – sometimes I have to stop and think about what I am doing because before long the enjoyment is depleted and I have to find ways to bring back the enjoyment. Having had holidays over this christmas break has been just the medicine I needed I think. I go back to work on Monday the 5th but over this time it has been great not to have the stress of work and the stress of TTC taking it’s toll. Actually on reflection this cycle has not been stressful at all… 🙂

AF started on my last day at work, and ended before Christmas Day and then BD’ing commenced over the “silly season”, maybe just maybe we are in with some luck 🙂

Today, is the day I am supposed to ovulate if I have not already done so, which makes it CD 16! Will give it another 1 or 2 days but anything past CD18 will not allow me enough time to sustain a pregnancy because my LP will be less than 12 days. I am in high spirits thinking of my chances this month… I feel that everything just seems to be going right 🙂

Sunday, 4th January, 2004 – 1DPO

Well today being CD17, I feel as though I quite possibly did ovulate yesterday on CD16. We went shopping late yesterday arvo and I had quite a few ovulation like pains – short, stabbing type – so fingers crossed! I have had no more EWCM, and seem to very dry.

I have no other signs or symptoms to report, other than that I have turned into a cleaning freak! I hate to clean the house usually because I am too tired, have little time, etc. but yesterday afternoon and today, I just can’t have one iota of clothes/linen washing left or dishes left in the sink! Very, very strange for me – could be a sign though I have never heard of it being one before…LOL

Trying to conceive leaves you clutching at every possible or impossible sign – your thoughts are constantly in the phase of, ‘am I?’ or ‘am I not?’ – nothing will not get noticed in the 2WW! Having said that, I can sometimes taste a metallic taste in my mouth – only been the past 2-3 days, and whilst swimming today, the force of the water was really hurting my BB’s – but perhaps once again it is all in my head…hmmm! Why does 2 weeks have to be such a long time and why oh why can I not think about anything else…?

Tomorrow, hubby and I return to work and our little man returns to pre-school. We aren’t particularly excited about it, but then it is our means of getting closer and closer to our goal of allowing me to be a SAHM once we are successful at TTC#2. I think BD’ing is now on the back burner – hello again to the stresses of going back to work!

Monday, 5th January, 2004 – 2DPO

First day back at work – what a boring day! I was still in holiday mode!

CD18 for me today, and I have been running back and forth to the loo like no other… hah! But it probably hasn’t a thing to do with a BFP as I started back on my Sureslim diet today and drank lots of water… well, only one bottle really! So maybe it wasn’t from the water, who knows?

I have had quite a few twinges in the stomach today and it is making me think whether I did ‘O’ or not, or perhaps my Endo is playing havoc again or perhaps not! I just won’t go there again…hehehe

I don’t really have much to report for today, I just spent most of my time at work day dreaming about “when we have the next bubs, and I won’t have to front up to work” LOL

Oh the joys of the 2WW and what is does to your mind!

Tuesday, 6th January, 2004 – 3DPO

Well still running back and forth to the toilet like no other. BB’s are throbbing on and off and are becoming quite irritating IYKWIM (if you know what I mean)?

CD 19 for me, 3DPO that means – so I doubt the trips to the loo and the throbbing BB’s have anything to do with anything… hmmm….

Other than that I am trying not to get my hopes up too much… I just wish the 2WW would hurry up and end… but not before it’s time I guess…

Wednesday, 7th January, 2004 – 4DPO

Nothing much has changed, no real symptoms, a few twinges here and there.

On the way to work I slipped down the path in front of all the men in business suits at North Sydney. Never been so embarrassed in my life… my right leg hurts a bit but I am sure I will be fine. Of course I was day dreaming about TTC#2 when I slipped… the hill was not even given a thought as I walked down it… LOL

Tonight, I have been very sick, not due to pregnancy though. You see I am lactose intolerant, so what do I do – eat some cake covered in whipped cream and then had a coffee with whipped cream in it – I don’t normally drink coffee and I have not had cream for quite a while… well that will teach me!

I wish I could report more, but perhaps no signs a good sign… though I doubt it… however I am only at 4dpo so it is a little too early to tell…

Thursday, 8th January, 2004 – 5DPO

Ok, once again not much to report… this is getting boring right? Oh gee… wish this 2WW business would hurry up… if only I could give not another thought to it… how something like this can encroach on every part of your life and consume your every thought amazes me… truly it does!

I have had on and off tingling sensations in my BB’s, and whilst it is too early to be PMS… it could also be too early to be considered a pregnancy sign… I have also had twinges in both my left and right sides of my tummy.

On a side note, I have been trying to lose weight through Sure Slim. Lost 7 kilos so far and over the Christmas break I only put on .15 of a kilo! So I am pretty chuffed with myself considering the amounts of food i ate.. !

Tomorrow, we are attending my Aunty’s Funeral… she was only 49 and has died as a result of our local hospitals negligence. She went before her time and the Coroner is going to investigate. So I am sure, not a thought will be given to TTC and the 2WW tomorrow, until I write another diary entry.

Today makes it 5DPO according to the Baby Zone info I originally quoted, and fits in quite well with my ovulation signs… CD21… not long now really. Oh end of next week should be just right…wonder how long I will hold out before I test!

Saturday, 10th January, 2004 – 7DPO

Ended up not feeling much like writing a diary entry after the funeral yesterday… it was really nice and so very sad.

So today makes it only 7DPO, and CD23. Can’t say I have felt much different… sore BB’s every now and then… oh and lots of wind… now how is that for embarrassing LOL!

Other than that, I have a flu type cold thingy, have had it for 3 days now and my breathing has been quite bad off and on, especially with these bushfires everywhere and not to mention the heat!

I wish I could say I felt lots of pregnancy symptoms but nope… maybe I should get ready for the disappointment now… though really it is still early days! Will see what tomorrow brings 🙂

Sunday, 11th January, 2004 – 8DPO

Well I am still here…. wish I knew one way or the other…

I am on CD24, 8DPO… hmmm and have not had any real symptoms… just sore BB’s on and off, lots of wind…ewww, and niggling pains… but that could be my endo.. who knows?!??!

Going away with work tomorrow for 2 days, one night and it is a bar tab on the company tomorrow night. So I guess I miss out. I just wish I knew, it is so so frustrating. Will check in again on Tuesday night, maybe I will have some news then… 10DPO… but maybe not. At least the next two days will help to keep my mind off it.

Wednesday, 14th December, 2004 – 11DPO

I am back from the training with work, I was too tired from the two days to be able to write an entry last night.

Last night, Tuesday night – I had terrible pains like AF was coming, but it’s too early and I normally don’t experience pain like that until AF has arrived. So this morning on my way to work, I bought a pregnancy test. I am hopeless with them and could not wait until getting home tonight, so I took the test in the toilet at work. I sat in the cubicle and waited and waited – mind you AF is not due until Friday the 16th January – so today makes me 11DPO or CD27 – and I got a faint BFP!!!

I am so excited, but I will test again in 3 days just to make certain. I am over these pains in my tummy already, but I had them with my son too, so hopefully this really is it… 🙂

I sent an email to hubby after doing the test and said, “congratulations bubby, I think you have made all my dream come true!” Well wouldn’t it be great if this was for real – 12mths of TTC and a Tulip baby as a perfect result…. oh my! I have shown hubby the HPT result and the line is much much darker now… 🙂

I will keep letting you know how I am going until 3 days when I test again, and then get it confirmed with the doctor. But until then I will just keep waiting.

Saturday, 17th January , 2004 – 14DPO

Well, I have been naughty not updating you all, but I have been so incredibly tired. I think this just may be it! I have done 3 HPT’s so far, one on Wednesday morning, one on Thursday night and one this morning, all BFP’s! Woohooooooooooo!!!

Ihad a bit of a scare last night when I noticed blood streaked CM, so tested again this morning at 5.30am, I think I was too tired to wait the full length of time and jumped to conclusions that maybe this was a chemical pregnancy because the line was not as strong, however, I was being irrational and hubby got up a few minutes later and said the line matched the other 2 tests – so why are you worried… LOL – does the worry ever end? No, I don’t think so – well not until you are holding that precious bundle of joy in your arms 🙂

I am having a hard time concentrating at work… all I keep thinking about is this bubby and what he/she will look like and exploring the possibilities of a name for him/her. Pretty typical thoughts I say.

This morning or today some time, I am going to go to the doctors and have my pregnancy confirmed hopefully via blood test. I have told my mum the news but she always errs on the side of caution and says just wait and see. Today would only make me just on 4 weeks – I had promised myself with my next pregnancy I would not find out so early – with Lachie I found out at 5 weeks and it was the longest pregnancy ever… but I guess promises are meant to be broken…LOL. I am just getting so impatient already… hehehehe!!! I will let you know how I go at the doctors, but until then I sprinkle baby dust to each and every one of you TTC!

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  1. BD from the 10 -22 day of my cycle .
    Day 15 had nausea for few days on and off
    Day 17 woke with sore nipples , not breasts , couldn’t bare them in a bra, to touch anything , water hitting them In shower , it felt like someone had wrenched of my nipples !!!! Ouch!!!
    This eased off after a few days to a week and they are just a little tender
    Nausea came back around day 24
    And I’ve had really bad fatigue and constipation . I don’t ever get these symptoms , period due on sat 29th .
    Anyone had these symptoms before AF arrived ?

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