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The last 12 months of my life – brief run down: I started trying to conceive in December 2002, my Dad (51) passed away in December 2002, got married in March to Kieran, our beloved cat Jack (3.5) passed away in April, got a new car (which I love) in April, started share trading in August, sold my mum’s house privately for her November, my mum turned 50, on the 3 of this month. We renovated our house we did all the work ourselves even installed the kitchen, which took from October 2002 – March 2003 (boy was that hard work!).

Sunday, 7th December, 2003 – 2DPO

I don’t have much to report today being only 2 DPO, although Kieren and I have had a casual day and just been chatting in general about the fact that we really want it to happen this month as if we don’t get a BFP we will be in the TTC for over 12 months category, which is a bit scary. We tried really hard this month to get the BDing right! So here’s to hoping.

Monday, 8th December, 2003 – 3DPO

CD 20, 3 DPO confirmed by FF today, I ovulated later than previous months, usually 14-16, no biggie. Temp went up only slightly from yesterday, but it’s up right and that’s what counts.

Pretty neutral day in general as it’s soo early in my TWW, I really wanted to try not to test until AF is due but I don’t know when that will be seeing as I have ovulated later than previous months!!

Worth mentioning is that I woke up very grumpy this morning, then becoming very warm and fuzzy feeling this arvo and have cooked up a storm which isn’t really like me. I have also been having slight cramps but that is fairly normal for me even this early.

Tuesday, 9th December, 2003 – 4DPO

Supposed to be 4DPO but I can’t believe it, FF took away my crosshairs today, don’t know why very confusing, my chart is very similar to the last 3 months of charting only difference being that I ovulated a bit later. This has put me in a most distressed state. Was feeling pretty positive this morning, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe the fact that I’m documenting it and trying to focus on what I am thinking and feeling this could be the month and of course the fact that this is month number 12 and I am now starting to feel a bit like a statistic!!! Kieren is really hoping for it this month too I think.

Physically I have slightly sore boobs and I did have some twingy type pains on my right side?? Think I pretty much get them every month too.

Already I wish this TWW was over for a few reasons; should I be behaving and not having a drink at Xmas do’s or can I go wild? I am really over practising to be pregnant every 2 weeks for 12 months now. Wish I could test NOW!!!

Thursday, 11th December, 2003 – 6DPO

6DPO for me – temp went down again today, still above the coverline though, had to reset my o day and coverline manually in FF. Still baffled as to why they took it away in the first place. Had my fun girl hat on today, had a few laughs at work today which is great! Had quite a bit of watery cm which is usually a sure fire AF sign for me, this TWW just gets more demoralising each day, already at a mere 5 DPO I wish it was over. I am still getting a few crampy twinges occasionally….doodoodoodoo….is it a sign?? Here’s to hoping!

Friday, 12th December, 2003 – 7DPO

Yesterday was 6 DPO for me temp went down again for me for the third day in a row, still above the coverline though getting very close. No physical symptoms at the moment. Just wish it was over AF or BFP which is it tell me noowwwwwwwwwwww……….

This TTC stuff is mind bending, one minute I’m thinking yeh this is it, it has to be this month, then I’m thinking no don’t be silly it’s definitely not this month so just get over it. It could send a person insane.

Saturday, 13th December, 2003 – 8DPO

8DPO for me, temp went up by a whole 0.03 today, yeehee. Woke up this morning with very sore nipples. Oouch!!!

We did most of our Xmas pressie shopping this morning, excellent that is out of the way. I went to work this arvo, I have to say the last two days have been a blast, I have been in a crazy mood and what a laugh it has been, I think everyone at my work thinks I’ve gone troppo, and, well Kieren already knew! I think the Christmas Spirit may have possessed me!! Otherwise no symptoms, feelings, or anything else but the aforementioned nipples.

I suppose one other thing to note is I have been having vivid dreams the last three nights, which is a bit different.

Sunday, 14th December, 2003 – 9DPO

CD 25, 9DPO for me, my temp went up again 0.03 still not much I know. Still got very sore nipples nothing else though, no cramps, don’t expect them for a few days yet though. Not sure what day AF should be due as I O’d late?? Don’t really feel like testing yet, but definitely wish it was over. Mind you I am feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing at the moment.
Had my work Xmas BBQ @ Kings Park today great fun we had a face painter (I had a cat done on me), magician & Santa came!!! It was pretty hot in Perth tody and all my feet and hands have swollen up, that’s normal for me in summer though.

Monday, 15th December, 2003 – 10DPO

10DPO for me, temp went up again today by 0.2. Still got very sore nipples, nothing else, no cramps yet. Really want to test tomorrow as it will be 11DPO, but I am still trying to convince myself not too.

Nothing else interesting happened today. Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 16th December, 2003 – 11DPO

11DPO for me, temps went down only just. Still have pretty sore nipples, have a little bit of creamy cm not other signs or symptoms though and the thing bothering me the most at the moment is the fact that I don’t know what day AF is due.

Oh Yeah I soooooooooo wish this tww was over, Its Xmas time and I want to know if I got my Christmas wish!!!!

Wednesday, 17th December, 2003 – 12DPO

CD 28, 12DPO for me today, very undecided…one minute I think this could be it and the next I think no chance. Just wish I knew now. Starting to get disappointed already, how lame is that??

Still have quite sore nipples and bb’s, pretty bloated, tiny tiny bit twinge crampy and still some (TMI – sticky, creamy sort of CM, not sure if it is discoloured or not).

Not sure when and if to test, don’t know what day AF is expected, I think it could maybe be CD 30 or 31, I say that because when I ovulate on CD 14 my cycle is 26 days, and when I ovulate on CD 16 my CD is 29 days!

Here’s hoping for a BFP…BFP….BFP…….P L E A S E

Thursday, 18th December, 2003 – 13DPO

13DPO for me today, still changing my mind every five minutes…feel positive….feel negative…

Still have pretty sore nipples and bb’s, bloated, no cramps today. I don’t feel grumpy or tired, am not emotional at all really which I normally am. My dad passed away one year today, so I don’t know if that is having any effect, I don’t really think it has, but I don’t know. I suppose also Xmas is upon us so that could have effects too.

Don’t know what else to talk about I feel like I am just repeating myself. It seems that the last 12 months have flown by, I can’t believe we have been TTC all this time and yet it has seems not so long ago?? Sometimes it’s hard at work with two preggo women but I am getting used to it now.

Things just seem to be floating along with not much happening. Oh yeah and my temp went up again today.

Friday, 19th December, 2003 – 14DPO

14DPO Temp Still high! My bb’s and nipples are very sore, feeling a bit sicky today nearly ran to the bathroom and my mouth feels awful…yuck nothing makes it taste any better. No real signs of AF although sometimes she does show up unannounced, had creamy CM again today. Another thing I was thinking I am usually really tired a few days before I get AF but at the moment I am just bubbling with fun, energy and happiness??? (could be Xmas) not tired at all.

Having a really positive day and have decided that if AF doesn’t show by Saturday then that is when I will do a test as I will be 15 DPO by then and hopefully I get a BFP!!!

Saturday, 20th December, 2003 – 15DPO

CD 31 15DPO, temp had quite a bit of a drop this morning, not feeling very positive at all. bb’s still pretty sore, had watery cm this morning and been a bit crampy today. I feel sure she’s not far away. What a bummer if she does show.

Sunday, 21st December, 2003 – 16DPO

Well, 16DPO CD 32, what’s going on? I’d like to know…tested this morning, BFN!!! Feeling pretty negative at this stage, crampy. In the morning I have watery CM then by the arvo it’s creamy again…what the?

Still have sore bb’s and nipples, temp shot up again this morning. No AF yet, but I definitely think she is coming. I calculated all my 11 cycles this year:

No of Days
26 – 1
27 – 2
28 – 4
29 – 2
30 – 1
34 – 1

November – 32 and counting??? Will see what happens tomorrow.

Monday, 22nd December, 2003 – 17DPO

CD 33 17DPO, my temp went up today by 0.15 and it is now at it’s highest for the month. Still a been crampy for most of the day and I keep needing to urinate (didn’t know what word to use here) and just a trickle comes out. Where’s AF… I still don’t know. Now I am totally confused I haven’t had a cycle this long since around the wedding in March which was 34 days.

There’s still a bit of hope left in me, but not much, this is also the longest LP since I have been charting (only 3 months) by 3 days.

Tuesday, 23rd December, 2003 – 17DPO

CD 34, 18DPO for me….getting more confused by the day, if I’m not pregnant then I wish AF would hurry up. My temp went down quite a bit today still above the coverline though. My bb’s seem to just keep hurting more and more each day. Not sure how to describe it, I had a dull achy sort of feeling it wasn’t crampy it more felt like my insides were bruised ???? Weird hey. Otherwise my general focus is on Christmas so my head is something like this….Still haven’t got AF…Have I got everyone’s pressies…wonder if I could be pregnant…what food am I taking for Christmas Lunch…etc.

Wednesday, 24th December, 2003 – 18DPO

Well…this TWW is certainly turning into an unbearable 3 week wait!!!! My longest cycle for 2003…CD35 19 DPO for me, my temp has dropped a lot again but I am just wondering how relevant they are as my last 2 nights sleep have been awful, tossing and turning all night waking up literally every 1/2 hour or so I don’t really know.

Waiting impatiently for something to happen I don’t have any cramps or other other symptoms just sore boobs and I forgot to mention yesterday that I had a big clump of creamy CM and little bits since then. Otherwise I feel like I am in about CD 6-12. What the…?

Thursday, 25th December, 2003

Our wait is over, CD1 for me today, we are both totally disappointed, as you know we have now been ttc for 12 months. Really painful cramps too, which makes it that bit more exciting… not.

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