39 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect This Week

39 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect This Week

You’re 39 weeks pregnant!

This means your baby is officially full term.

Each day you’re closer to your due date.

You’re getting very excited to meet baby.

And probably really over the whole pregnancy thing too!

39 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect This Week

In addition, you might be getting lots of interest from family and friends about now.

Very likely a lot of messages and phone calls asking if you’ve had the baby.

Everyone is excited too, but it can feel like pressure to be constantly on notice.

It’s okay to remind everyone you’ll inform people of baby’s arrival when it happens.

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39 Weeks Pregnant – Preparing For After Birth

Often pregnant women in the last few weeks will start ‘nesting’.

This means cleaning and preparing for baby’s arrival.

Stock up on groceries and meals for the freezer to prepare for the first few weeks after baby is born.

If friends have asked what they can do to help, a meal donation roster is a good suggestion.

Each friend can take it in turns to deliver a home cooked meal in the first few nights/weeks after baby is born.

You may feel a little uncomfortable about asking.

But if they’ve offered to help, they’ll be happy to do it for you.

And, once you’re home with a new baby, you’ll be very happy you don’t have to worry about meals.

If you haven’t planned a post-natal month after birth, now might be a great time to start thinking about it.

If you need to organise someone to care for older children or pets while you are in hospital, check they’re still available.

Make sure to have all the details necessary so you don’t need to worry.

Preparing Partners After Birth

It’s also pretty normal for dads to wonder what they’ll do in the early days after baby is born too.

BellyBelly mums have come up with a great list for how partners can help after birth.

Fo example, partners can organise practical help that allows the new family to rest and bond.

Generally partners feel they can’t do anything as the baby seems to need mama more.

But that shouldn’t stop any dads from being as hands on as possible when they can.

39 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms

At 39 weeks pregnant your body is essentially feeling more of the same.

You may have swelling in the feet and ankles, particularly if the weather is warm.

In addition, you may be feeling tired and cranky, ready to have your baby and pretty ‘over’ the whole thing.

You are dealing with aches and pains, especially in your pelvis and lower back as your baby settles lower.

In addition you’re likely to be experiencing more frequent and stronger Braxton Hicks contractions.

Every little twinge and ache might have you wondering ‘is this it?’

Braxton Hicks contractions are usually irregular and stop after a while, but don’t feel too disappointed, they are a sign that your body is preparing for labour.

You won’t be pregnant forever!

39 Weeks Pregnant Signs Of Labor

At week 39 you’re so close to the end of pregnancy and on the constant look out for labor signs.

You might even be experiencing prelabour at 39 weeks pregnant.

This is often called the warm up phase, where your body starts to get ready for the real thing.

Prelabour can be tiring if it goes on for a few days or longer.

If this is you, try reading about why pre labour sucks for a laugh – who knows, having a giggle might help things along!

You might start to experience a bloody show.

This is a classic sign your cervix is beginning preparations for the big day.

Mucus tinged with blood might appear and this can be really exciting.

Another sign labour isn’t far away is your waters breaking.

This is when the amniotic sac ruptures and the fluid which has cushioned and protected your baby for nine months leaks out.

Sometimes women ‘feel’ the sac rupture as a popping. Or you might not notice anything until you can feel the amniotic fluid.

It’s pretty common for contractions to start before or soon after your waters break.

Always let your doctor or midwife know if your waters break and the fluid is green or brown, or there is an odour.

39 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Your baby at 39 weeks is continuing to practice breathing and gaining more fat this week.

Baby’s skin is no longer pink as a fat layer has covered the blood vessels.

His lungs will continue to produce surfactant this week.

That busy brain is still laying down nerve connections.

Take some time to talk and sing to your baby, letting him know you are ready to meet him.

If you’re having a baby boy, when he’s born it’s likely his testicles will appear quite large and swollen.

This is due to your pregnancy hormones and the swelling will settle down quite soon.

Have you thought about what your baby is going to experience during labour and birth?

We often focus so much on the labour from the mother’s perspective we forget there’s another person involved.

BellyBelly’s article Birth From Your Baby’s Point Of View takes you through the way your baby is likely to experience labour and birth. 

It’s fascinating to understand how you can connect and work with your baby as they are birthed.

Babies grow little in length during the last couple of weeks.

But he will continue to put on weight until the very end.

Your baby’s weight is likely somewhere between 3 and 4 kg now, around 47-53 cm long, and the size of a watermelon.

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